TI9A 2020 – Isla del Coco


”Two years planning. Best Team. Two camps. 20 antennas. Eight radios. CW, SSB and FT8”

With all the best operators in the World we can not do it without your support. We are ready to operate almost 24/7 and will do our best to give you a chanse to make that ATNO or band-slot contact. We are planning to be on every band possible to make that happen.

The Operation will be conducted from the Chatham Bay. First CW and SSB camp will be located on top of the hill. Open to almost 360 degrees around. Three element RR-33 antennas with 13m masts, Four Square antennas for 40 and 30 meters bands, Verticals for 80 and 160.

Second camp will be located next to the water, right at the shore. All VDA and Vertical antennas for FT8. Clear direction pass to EU & US & JA.

Read more on the official website here TI9A 2020

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