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JY9ET – now on LOTW!


I am pleased to say that today I have received the Logbook Of The World (LOTW) certificate for Paolo JY9ET.

Paolo has been active in Jordan now for several months but his radio operating depends on his work schedule which, at the moment is heavy.

Paolo’s full Log is now loaded and showing correct LOTW qso confirmations.

Of course traditional Paper confirmations can still be obtained via MØOXO OQRS with either Direct or Bureau options available.

Escondida Island, IOTA SA-096


The project is based on 16 months of logistical work, with support from numerous LU hams, non-hams and Government of Chubut officials. We are especially indebted to Jose (LU2WAZ), his colleagues from the Radioclub de Puerto Madryn, Federico (LU6KK), Carlos (LU1EBR) and Cristian (LU1WCR). We would also like to express our appreciation to Simon (IZ7ATN), Ezequiel (LU1EEZ) and Mark (LU7CAW), who independently were keen to embark on a similar project 5 months ago and graciously stepped down when they became aware of our plans. Thank you guys for your great sportsmanship!

Our scope is to give everyone around the world a chance to log us. However, we would like to underline that the operation will depend entirely on the weather conditions. Since in case of emergency the team cannot leave the island at night – if staying on the rocks after dark will be deemed unsafe, this will reduce our daily operating time, as the team will have to travel day-light hours between mainland and the island. At this time we have applied for a special callsign, and a website is under construction.

QSL cards will be available through Cezar/VE3LYC, either direct or via the bureau. A call for financial support will be posted on the expedition website in due course.

LOTW DXCC updates

m0oxo lotw

I was pleased to upload to LOTW again today and saw several new DXCC’s being confirmed. This brought my current totals to ;

313 DXCC (W)  271 (C) All time and 310 DXCC (W)  268 (C) Current. That of course was for all modes but mode selection shows that SSB has 294 (W) followed closely by CW on 266 (W).

Its a little sadder on RTTY so more emphasis needed on that mode in the coming months I think!

JA2ZL qrv from Paga Paga

paga paga

Anci, JA2ZL will be active from Pago Pago as KH8/JA2ZLbetween October 23-29, 2012. QRV on 80-10m, CW/SSB/RTTY using a Hexbeam and verticals. It doesn’t look as though 160M chasers will secure a qso as no activity planned on that band.

Only two Band slots here for KH8 so a few more would be more than welcome 😉


Fried Planet

fried planets

An international team of astronomers has caught a star in the act of devouring one of its planets. BD+48 740, a red giant they observed using the 9.2-meter Hobby-Eberly Telescope at the McDonald Observatory in Texas, appears to have the fumes of a scorched planet in its atmosphere. This is consistent with a rocky world, recently destroyed.

Could the same thing happen to Earth?

Researchers who specialise in stellar evolution have long known that the inner planets are in danger. The trouble starts in the distant future when the sun’s core runs out of hydrogen fuel for nuclear fusion. To keep the fires burning, the sun will begin to fuse hydrogen outside the core, in a layer closer to the stellar surface. This will turn the sun into a red giant, at least 200 times wider than it is today. Mercury, Venus, Earth and possibly even Mars could be engulfed.

The fate of Earth is not a certainty, however. Some researchers believe that Earth’s orbit might spiral outward, keeping the planet at a safe distance from the approaching inferno.  This could happen if solar winds carry away a significant fraction of the sun’s mass in the years leading up to the red giant phase.

Click the image for the movie.


Ofcom thanks RSGB for Olympic help

1408281 M01

Letter received from Ofcom by Don Beattie G3BJ;

Dear Mr Beattie,

Now that the London 2012 Games have come to an end I wanted to express my warm thanks and appreciation for the contribution that you made to the outstanding success of wireless communications during the Games.

One of the critical challenges for Britain was to find enough enough people with the right skills in radio engineering and interference management to support the needs of the Games. Ofcom could not have found enough people from our own resources and we therefore sought help from you and other agencies to help us find expert staff.

The radio amateurs who helped us at the London Games were:

  • Roger Dixon, Spectrum Engineer in the South River team
    Roger worked at Greenwich Park and The Royal Artillery Barracks
  • Dave Pick and Jon Lee, Spectrum Engineers in the River Zone team
    Dave and John worked at the ExCel Centre and the North Greenwich Arena
  • John Pink, Spectrum Engineer in the Testing and Tagging Team
    John worked in the Olympic Park
  • Darren Storer and Chris Morcom, Spectrum Engineers in LOCOG’s Technology Operations Centre
  • Richard Meadows, Spectrum Engineer covering activities outside the venues

Your support for this initiative introduced us to people who were very well motivated and with a high level of technical skill and expertise. We could not have provided such good service to our customers without their help. We had the benefit of learning from the experience and knowledge that they brought, and I hope that they too have returned with unique experiences and new skills.

Thank you again for your help in introducing us to these engineers. I think the exchange of knowledge between Ofcom and radio amateurs will be an enduring legacy of the Games. I see this as a model for further fruitful cooperation between us.

With best regards and many thanks again.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Bury


CQWW 2012 is here…

CQWW SSB is days away and there are a number of rule changes that have been introduced for 2012.

Quick summary:

Rule XIV: All entries must be sent WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS after the end of the contest.

Rule III.13: Post-contest correcting of call signs by using any database, recordings or confirming QSOs is not allowed.

Rule XII.2: All sent and received exchanges are to be logged. In addition to the number exchange, the call sign sent by an entrant during a completed exchange, must be logged as sent by the entrant. All QSO exchanges must be logged upon QSO completion.

Rule XIII.3: Unsportsmanlike conduct can be grounds for action by the CQ WW CC. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct includes but are not limited to… modification of a log by using data sources to correct call sign/exchange errors

Rule III.2 – You must not exceed the total output power limitation of your chosen category on any band. Total output power on any band at any time is measured at the output of the active amplifier(s).

Rule III.14 – All competitors are expected to have read and to comply with the rules of the chosen category. The entrant agrees that any violation of CQ WW contest rules makes the entrant subject to either a red or yellow card (see rule XIII).

Rule XII.2 – …All QSO exchanges must be logged upon QSO completion.

An explanation of the changes can be seen at

View the complete rules at

ZL4HR Campbell Island update (2)

zl9hr logo

The HARAOA president and DX’Pedition leader Tommy VK2IR has just finished construction of a 40metre, 2 element Moxon antenna – yes that’s right a two element 40 metre beam is going on the ZL9HR DX’Pedition to Campbell Island (IOTA OC-037) for the activation between November 28th. and December 9th.

The element length is 15 ½ metres long! To see the construction of this monster simply search for ZL9HR on Youtube.

just a month away and all is on schedule. All the equipment has arrived at the storage facility in Invercargill, New Zealand. Some of the team are already in New Zealand, others will arrive over the next few weeks. There will be a quarantine inspection of all the gear and then it will be loaded onto the boat that will take the equipment and team down to Campbell Island

Please refer to the web site ZL9HR.COM for the full, up to date, information about this major DX’Pedition to the Great Southern Ocean.

MX0LDG team airlifted from Lundy

K1024 121

Well the guys on Lundy Island last weekend did a fabulous job and due to an unexpected deterioration with the weather, their stay was extended a little and which ultimately ended with them being airlifted by Helicopter back to the mainland (Photo above).

The team consisting of John, M5JON, Peter, M0ILT, Ant, MW0JZE (pictured above center) used a Elecraft K3 with a KPA500 amp, a Kenwood TS590s with a Expert 1K amp (400W) and a IC706 as a backup radio/3rd station. The antennas were 2 x G3TXQ Hexbeams (supplied and built by Ant, MW0JZE, the main sponsor of the activation) and a 1/4 wave vertical for 40m.

The guys logged 5100 Qso’s in just over 4 days operating. Well done to all, great job and fb operation. (Qsl via MØURX OQRS).