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BA7CK AS-143

K1024 img033

Qsl Card recieved today.

This was from Chen’s recent activation of Yongxing Dao (Woody Island) IOTA AS-143 baqck in July of this year.

Thanks Chen for the fast despatch!









As already announced Da Nang city-Vietnam will be the next destination of the Mediterraneo International Dx ClubTeam and so it will be soon on air any mode/any band. With the call-sign: 3W3MD

Antonio, IZ8CCW the leader and the co-leader Gabriele, I2VGW will share this new adventure with 24 dxoperators coming from 9 Countries
Save the dates because from October 31 to November 10 , they will be on air from the beach of Da Nang.
According to the evaluations that they have done, they are confident to give to a lot of dxers the possibility to work this Country in the Low bands, Warc and especially in the Digis modes. Any donation will be very very appreciated by the team.



RT9K/0 AS-203NEW


The expedition team continue their way to IOTA AS-203NEW. 

Follow their track here. Upon arriving Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky the team will wait for a ship (0-7 days) and then leave for AS-203. This 1500 km voyage should take 1-2 weeks. So expected QRV is the beginning of September. Team plans to stay on AS-203 for about a week.. activation of Kambalny (Toporkov) Island (AS-142) is very much possible on their way back.

The image above shows the plaque to be affixed one the island once AS-203 is activated (courtesy DX





Bureau Mailing (August 2015)

Total Cost £317.76 / per kg £4.71
Average postage cost 1.9 p per QSL card.

Andorra 1
Argentina 28
Australia 64
Austria 225
Belarus 56
Belgium 355
Bosnia Herzegovenia 21
Brazil 53
Bulgaria 112
Canada 152
Chile 4
China 5
Colombia 1
Costa Rica 
Croatia 182
Cuba 5
Cyprus 4
Czech Republic 590
Denmark 53
Dominican Republic 
Ecuador 3
Estonia 28
Faroe Islands 
Falkland Islands 
Finland 163
France 583
Germany 3,127
Georgia 3
Greece 83
Hong Kong 
Hungary 303
Iceland 1
India 7
Indonesia 7
Italy 1,153
Ireland 31
Israel 24
Japan 1,806
Kazakhstan 28
Kyrgystan 1
Kuwait 2
Latvia 36
Lebanon 1
Liechtenstein 3
Lithuania 29
Luxembourg 19
Macedonia 6
Malta 3
Malaysia 4
Mexico 4
Moldova 14
Netherlands 392
New Caledonia 3
New Zealand 28
Norway 82
Panama 1
Peru 2
Philippines 2
Poland 882
Portugal 80
Qatar 1
Romania 113
Russian Fed 1,850
Serbia 96
Singapore 1
Slovenia 247
Slovakia 119
South Africa 1
South Korea 87
Spain 897
Sri Lanka 
Sweden 209
Switzerland 148
Taiwan 4
Thailand 41
Tunisia 1
Turkey 9
Ukraine 916
United Kingdom 169
Uruguay 2
W0 –  35
W1  – 75
W2 – 86
W3 – 87
W4 – 72
WW4 – 24
W5 – 55
W6 – 63
W7 – 55
W8 – 66
W9 – 66
WP3 – 15
WL7- 3
WH6 – 3
Venezuela 87



V31MA – Belize antenna

K1024 image1

A recent photo from Marc showing the Panoramic Antenna view at V31MA.

160M: 36 m vertical with 3 elevated radials 50 m each at 3m height.
80M: half wavelength wire to tower top, end fed from ground.
40M: three quarter wavelength wire @27 m end fed from ground.
30M: three quarter wavelength wire @18 m end fed from ground.
20M-15M-10M Dipole @20 m
17M-12M Dipole @15 m


YF1AR/2 OC-186

K1024 img026

Qsl Card received today from Budi from his recent operation from IOTA OC-186.

Budi was qrv from Nyamuk Island in May 2015 and Qsl Card for this trip was received today via his Manager.

Thanks Budi (and N2OO Qsl Manager).







VY0M – NA-248


Cezar VE3LYC is now qrv from Melville Island IOTA NA-248.


Melville Is. is an uninhabited island with an area of over 42,000 km2. It is divided by the 110th meridian west, with the eastern half belonging to Nunavut and the western half to Northwest Territories. While the eastern part is characterized by plains, the western part includes some of the largest mountains in the western Canadian Arctic, with heights reaching 1,000 m.

The island is named for Robert Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville who was First Sea Lord when Sir William Parry was the first European to reach the island in 1819. 2881366Freezing-up of the sea forced the British explorer to spend the winter at what is now called “Winter Harbour”, just west of the 110th meridian west, until August 1, 1820. In the search for Franklin’s lost expedition, its east coast was explored as far as Bradford Point (see Boat Reach on the map attached) by Dr. Abraham Bradford in 1851, while its north and west coasts were surveyed by Francis Leopold McClintock, Richard Vesey Hamilton and George Henry Richards in 1853. In 1930, a large sandstone rock marking Parry’s 1819 wintering site at Winter Harbour, approximately 5.5 m long and 3 m high, was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.



S79C AF-119New


November 15th to 23rd will see Christian EA3NT, Dave EI9FBB, Col MM0NDX, Ronald PA3EWP, Jacek SP5APW & Craig VK5CE come together for the first ever activation of Coetivy Island AF-119NEW.

Situated 300km south of Mahe – Seychelles, Coetivty Island is home to an active prison for low security prisoners and a rehabilitation center for drug abusers. Visitation is strictly controlled and access is only possible by private airplane charter, using the short 550 meter airstrip.

The cost of staying for just one night on the island is extortionate – we are staying for six nights! We have no choice but to pay these staggering costs if we are to activate this Brand New IOTA for the 1st time.

Using the callsign S79C, the experienced team (with over 160 DXpeditions between them) will be QRV from 40m through 10m CW, SSB & RTTY and if special permission can be granted, 6m too!

We are calling on all DX clubs, Foundations & the IOTA / DX community to kindly consider donating to our ‘Support’ page on where full information can also be found.