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PX8K SA-042 confirmed

K1024 img082

Latest IOTA card to appear through the door this week was from PX8K.

PX8K activated Caviana Island, Brazil, IOTA SA-042 in July 2015 as part of the IOTA Contest.

Qsl applied for via Clublog OQRS and took 6 months to arrive.

Thanks !





3W3MD/P AS-162 confirmed

K1024 img081

Qsl Card arrived today for the Mediterranean DX Club DXpedition to Cham Island, Vietnam.

The team were active from Vietnam 31 October – 9 November 2015 as 3W3MD. Some members of the
team activated Cham Island (IOTA AS-162) as 3W3MD/P for a few hours during their trip.

QSL via Giuliano IK2VUC – tnx !





BY5YAA – Cards mailed

K1024 BY5YAA QSL card Front

QSL Cards for BY5YAA AS-138 have been mailed today.

Anyone requiring a paper qsl card confirmation for AS-138 Pingtan Island, (activated on the 26/27 July 2014 IOTA Contest as BY5YAA) can now do so via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.


Please note the specific date of the operation as dates outside the IOTA Contest itself for BY5YAA will NOT be valid for AS-138 and the IOTA Program.




VK4NM/P OC-142 – reminder…

VK4NM 2011

Andrew and his team will be QRV from Fraser Island (OC-142) as VK4NM/p from January 29th until the 1st February.                         

”Please listen out for us. We have a special QSL card for the activation which can be requested via my Manager M0OXO”.

This station also valid for WWFF Awards.

QSL via M0OXO or Direct Post Mail.





Bureau Mailing – #1 2016

M0OXO Bureau 1

Argentina 50
Australia 58
Austria 223
Belarus 27
Belgium 329
Bosnia Herzegovenia 16
Brazil 96
Bulgaria 109
Canada 103
Chile 3
China 12
Colombia 4
Costa Rica 
Croatia 156
Cuba 3
Cyprus 7
Czech Republic 516
Denmark 55
Dominican Republic 
Ecuador 1
Estonia 18
Faroe Islands 
Falkland Islands 
Finland 202
France 510
Germany 2,588
Greece 99
Hong Kong 1
Hungary 272
Iceland 2
India 6
Indonesia 4
Italy 1,356
Ireland 17
Israel 14
Japan 4,796
Kazakhstan 20
Kuwait 5
Latvia 54
Liechtenstein 2
Lithuania 38
Luxembourg 9
Macedonia 5
Malta 1
Malaysia 7
Mexico 4
Moldova 10
Monaco 2
Netherlands 367
New Caledonia 1
New Zealand 34
Norway 63
Paraguay 2
Poland 657
Portugal 78
Qatar 1
Romania 80
Russian Fed  1,370
Serbia 70
Singapore 3
Slovenia 186
Slovakia 212
South Africa 14
South Korea 21
Spain 602
Sri Lanka 
Sweden 160
Switzerland 99
Taiwan 8
Thailand 20
Turkey 9

United Arab Emirates 2
Ukraine 483
United Kingdom 202
Uruguay 2
W0 –  71
W1  – 66
W2 –  113
W3 –  86
W4 – 45
WW4 – 57
W5 – 63
W6 – 55
W7 – 58
W8 – 61
W9 – 83
WP3 – 3
WL7- 1
WH6 – 7
Venezuela 66






































ISS speak with School Pupils


Pupils from Sandringham School today spoke with the International Space Station and Astronaut Tim Peake via Ham Radio.


Sandringham School in St Albans has made history by making the first amateur radio call from the UK to a British astronaut on the space station.

The children contacted Major Tim Peake as he flew overhead on Friday morning.

Pupil Jessica, who has recently passed her radio exams, led the conversation.

It took a few minutes for the crackle and hiss to die down and allow the students to put some questions to the astronaut, before the ISS then went over the horizon and out of range. Jessica called it an “amazing experience” to be talking to someone 400km above them. Her head teacher, Alan Gray, said it had been an extraordinary opportunity for the school.

.Well done everyone! See the video link here courtesy of the BBC.



isle of man

John GW4SKA will be qrv from the Isle Of Man (IOTA EU-116) in March.

He will be active as GD4SKA from March 15-23 with plans to be mainly QRV on RTTY with some PSK when things slow down.  Listen for him on 3.5 through 28 MHz. He’ll be using a TS590S, Acom 600S amp, Hexbeam, wires and verticals for the low bands.  John also plans to operate in the BARTG HF RTTY Contest as GD0A on March 19 and 20.

Logs will be on Clkublog daily and traditional Qsl via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.



EG1CWO / EG2CWO now Qrv

CW Ops large

Both EG1CWO & EG2CWO are now qrv for CW Operators’ Club celebrations for their 6th anniversary. The club has the main purpose of the promotion of the use of telegraphy and it is the only one that counts, among many other projects, with a CW Academy and a HF “On The Air” AdvisorsProg ram, both, having much international success.

For that reason, several EA CWops members will be qrv using the Callsign EG1CWO & EG2CWO to commemorate the anniversary. More info can be found at: http//

QSL VIA: M0OXO Online QSL Request Service (OQRS) Your Qsl Cards are NOT required so please do not send any cards via the bureau as they will not be receved.