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W8S Swains 2023 – Recovered ‘Lost’ QSO’s


After questions about missing QSO’s on the 15th of October on 30m FT8 we have carefully investigated the logs again. We noticed some problems with the integration of WSJT-X and N1MM on a laptop in camp Red.

We have corrected this issue which resulted in 2000+ more QSO’s being added to our log.

Charles, our QSL manager, has added the missing QSO’s to his OQRS, Clublog and to LOTW (if applicable).

Sorry for this mistake, but finally the QSO’s are found and will be confirmed.

On behalf of the W8S Swains 2023 team,

Ronald PA3EWP”

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W8S Swains – QRT

As we all noticed W8S Swains is QRT.
”With a QSO number of almost 90K we can safely say this goal is met.
Here we have the team, tired but satisfied, having their final meeting in base camp on the island.”

XW0LP Laos

Qsl Cards are currently being printed by Gennady UX5UO on behalf of Simon XW0LP in Laos.
Simon, a School Teacher in Laos has just moved to a new QTH in Luang Prabang, which has a large garden. He is also back on top band with an inverted L antenna and FT8 on 1840 KHz, (but this top band antenna is not yet optimised). He has installed an elevated quarter wave fan dipole for 40m/20m/17m/12m and 10m (15m and 6m are resonant from the other elements).
He is also authorised to use 6m because he is a resident in Laos, not a visiting tourist. This new QTH has a much clearer path to EU, which was previously all but blocked by a high hill next to my house.
Simon’s first Log is available on M0OXO OQRS now, Qsl Cards are expected in 3-4 weeks. All donations made will go to providing Text Books for Children in the Schools where Simon teaches and for other needs in the educational charity which he runs in Laos.