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Understanding OQRS

DXpeditions need funding before the team depart to pay for expensive shipping of equipment and for the charter of a vessel to get to the island. Quite often these expensive costs need to be paid at least by means of a deposit up to 12 months before the DXpedition. The best way that we can raise these funds is by using the teams Donation page on their website. This not only helps the teams funds but also if you are in the log your QSL and LoTW will be sent for you automatically.

To help you understand some changes we have made on OQRS, you may find this helpful.

The Pre-DXpedition Donation
Once you fill in the form on the donation page, the data on that form is automated onto an Excel file. Once the DXpedition sends me the first log update. I upload the Excel file to OQRS, this file is then populated to the relevant QSL address fields and your QSL is queued, while your LoTW QSL is automatically uploaded to LoTW. This is repeated for every log update that i receive. ALL your QSOs are covered by the donation. It is the DXpeditions IT team that must prepare the Excel spreadsheet correctly. I will provide the Excel spreadsheet to the team with all the needed fields laid out correctly. High end DXpeditions may attract 1,500+ personal donations and this has to be automated by the team. As you can imagine doing this manually would not be possible.

Express LoTW” In recent times some DX’ers have said that they do not want a QSL, but want to request an early LoTW and not have to request a QSL card. So for this reason Express LoTW replaces the QSL request. You are not forced to pay for the LoTW upload and neither is it an extra QSL charge.
DO not use Express LoTW if you want a QSL card. You will NOT get one.
Express LoTW will upload all QSOs in the log so far…. It will NOT upload any Qs you make tomorrow so better waiting until the end of the Dxpedition before requesting may be a better solution for you?.

“OQRS Direct + LoTW” If you want the QSL and LoTW this is the option you should use.

“OQRS Direct” – NON-DXpedition logs are normally uploaded to LoTW when the log updates arrive either by me or the log owner. 

“Busted/Missing Call Requests VERY IMPORTANT. Please do not send ANY busted or missing call emails – Use the NOT IN LOG Button on OQRS. All inquiries are handled on the system. NO EMAILS.

I provide daily updates of all Log and LOTW uploads on my Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, this is the place to keep bang up to day with activities surrounding the Stations & Dxpeditions whom I manage.

Please also remember, OQRS is self-funded so it is not always possible to do upgrades that you may think are relevant and/or worthwhile. A lot of thought is given to upgrades and in particular the cost implications that surround them.

(Thanks to Tim M0URX for his input)

7O8AD & 7O8AE – Socotra Island, Yemen

Two operators will be QRV Nov 3rd to Nov 16th , licenses issued are 7O8AD (Ken) and 7O8AE (Shani)
This is a ‘Tent and generator” operation, limited facilities at Dhihamri, grid locator LK72CQ
7O8AD Ken: 1x CW + 1xFT8 (SO2R light) & 7O8AE Shani: 1xSSB
It means 7O8AE is the SSB call and 7O8AD is the CW/FT8 call.
100W RIGs: Three 100W stations. No amplifier due to weight restrictions.
Band: 160-10m. No band plan, use the VFO. FT8 will be WSJT-X F/H or MHSV – never on standard frequency.
Antennas: Verticals and VDA close to saltwater, clear beach take off.
All antenna support material will be constructed on the spot by material we can source locally. For that reason 40-10m will be installed first, then 160+80m.
Especially for 160/80m it means splicing wood poles and make a temporary support structure for the (toploaded) wire – so please be patient for low band.
Media officer/WW Pilot: Steve N2AJ , <>
ALL questions during the operation to Steve, team will not monitor or answer any emails. We have no internet access, as we only have satellite connection to pilot via Garmin + HF (!). Updates will be posted here
QSL manager M0OXO – LOG will be uploaded AFTER DXpedition.
OQRS will open once Charles receives the logs. ALL QSL questions to Charles, team will not answer any questions related to QSL or LOG.
Donations/OQRS for both callsigns is via paypal – <> All upfront supporters will get their LoTW + Direct QSL cards automatically.
OQRS Direct, OQRS Buro or Direct mailed. No paper buro cards. Complete log will be uploaded to LoTW.
No busted callsign enquiries for FT8, if your computer gets lost, work us again.
I will personally make a humanitarian donation to UNCHR Yemen once I return home – anyone wanting to support this humanitarian fundraiser can use the PayPal address – and please label that separate donation “Humanitarian aid”. 500 houses in Socotra, Yemen were partially or fully damaged during a cyclone last week. All humanitarian donations will be transferred 100% to UNCHR Yemen, and everyone who contributes will be listed and thanked.
Thank you!
73 Ken