Archive - July 2020

IOTA Contest 2020

The RSGB IOTA Contest will take place over 25/26 July. Entrants intending to enter as DXpedition stations should note this year’s rules at The RSGB Contest Committee posted a notice on 25 April 2020 saying that in line with “Stay at Home” guidance, to minimise the impact of Covid-19, the IOTA Contest in 2020 is exclusively for Single Operators using their home stations. Single Operator Fixed “Island” or “World” Stations are eligible to enter but the RSGB will not be awarding trophies in 2020; downloadable certificates will be available to winners. IOTA Ltd confirms that island contacts made over the weekend will count for its IOTA Programme in the normal way.

G3KMA, 16 July 2020

ORARI 52nd Anniversary

It was very interesting last weekend to be invited to join the 52nd Anniversary of ORARI (Organisation of Amateur Radio in Indonesia), this year presented as a Webinar due to the Pandemic situation.

Interesting presentations by several people not least Adrian Ciuperca KO8SCA who discussed the 4U1UN United Nations HQ Operation and also his participation in the A50BOC Dxpedition. Also discussed were Awards, Qsl Managing and IOTA by Djoko YB1TJ/Emir YB0LBT.

Thanks to Dani YB2TJV for the preparation and success of the event.


Commencing forthwith, all Qsl Cards for Phillip 3D2TS & FK1TS can be now requested via M0OXO OQRS or by Direct Post Mail to M0OXO.

Phillip will no longer have the facility to answer any card requests so please use M0OXO OQRS whenever possible. Please do not send cards to the bureau, they simply will not arrive. New cards are currently being printed by UX5UO QSL Print and will be issued upon receipt. Cards already requested by the old route on Clublog will also be processed and sent out by M0OXO when cards arrive from the Print Shop.

Direct links for the OQRS Service can be found here: