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NL0H Alaska

Henry NL0H is now very active again from St. Lawrence Island / Sivuqaq (IOTA NA-040 ITU Zone 1/CQ Zone 1).His recent antenna upgrades have given him quite a boost on the air and his signals are now being received Worldwide. Henry uses a 2014 Honda Rancher 420 mobile power supply, Yaesu FT-891, and portable super antenna. Usually only on 20, 30 & 40 meters. Also now using a end-fed for radio in the village with decent results thanks to finding a somewhat quiet location although still electrical noise bothering receive.

Henry’s mode of choice is SSB but sadly under current conditions, his 70/100 watts on SSB doesn’t always do the job and he finds himself dropping onto FT8 just to get his rare IOTA and Zone out to the many Chasers who need it.

His antenna modifications have now seen him log VK, ZL, ZS, 3W and many stations in EU including the UK.

Please support Henry by giving him a call when you hear him but again, please be patient, weather conditions in Alaska can be very hard work in the cold weather he is trying is best to accommodate everyone around his busy work schedules.

You can find his Log available to search and request QSL Cards on M0OXO OQRS (Click Logo on the right side of this screen).

Solar Storm Forecast 02/05/2021

Goodbye Trio of Sunspots Hello Fast Solar Wind.
This week multiple bright regions rotate into view that have been launching solar storms. Question is, will they launch something Earth-directed?
It looks like the fast solar wind we expected has fizzled to a great degree. We’ve had some aurora at high latitudes, but at mid-latitudes, aurora has been rather fleeting. Luckily, amateur radio has seen a boost, despite the low solar fluxes. I have gotten reports of increased activity on 10 meters, which is welcome news indeed. On top of that, we continue to have new regions rotate into Earth-view. These regions are continuing to launch solar storms (including one more non-Earth-directed launch today) so we may have more activity waiting to reach out to us, just over the horizon.
Dr. Tamitha Skov

MDXC – Indonesian Islands Hunting Marathon – IIHGS

In association with the Mediterranean DX Club we are pleased to announce the Indonesian Islands Hunting Marathon.

Indonesian Islands Hunting Marathon is designed to promote IOTA activity, both Indonesia and World in specific time periods.  Indonesian Islands Hunting Marathon is a 4 months activity, beginning at 0000 UTC June 1 and ending at 2359 UTC September 30.