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ZF2NQ Cayman Islands

Bruce K3NQ will be qrv from Grand Cayman (IOTA NA-016) in the Cayman Islands as ZF2NQ, between the 11th – 20th December 2023.
He will be active several hours each day whilst on his Scuba Diving vacation. Logs will be available on Clublog during his trip and then on M0OXO OQRS when he returns home.

Peter I Island Dxpedition 2026

Peter I Island DXpedition 2026 preparation has started!

Peter I is the #8 DXCC in ClubLog most wanted list.

We have secured a vessel, and we’re now building a team of 19 operators that will go to Peter I Island in February 2026 and stay there for 14 days. The vessel is a proper Antarctica vessel with 2 helicopters, two Expedition leaders and with all permits needed.

We are working closely with the Norwegian Polar Institute to obtain the landing permit. A website has been created and additional information about Peter I Island DXpedition will be released shortly. Fundraising is expected to start 2024

Team leader Ken LA7GIA, Co-leader Adrian KO8SCA, Co-leader Cezar VE3LYC and Co-leader Dave WD5COV.

Media Officer: James Gallo KB2FMH.

Because we are running the two DXpeditions through the same organization (Delta-Xray Group) there exist synergies as for the equipment, logistics and resources committed to execute these.

3Y0K – Bouvet Island Dxpedition 2025

We’re building an organization of 25+ experienced DXpeditioners committing to and capable of executing some of the rarest and most difficult entities to activate. In the pipeline we have two exciting DXpeditions planned.

  • 3YØK DXpedition to Bouvetøya January 2025 (#11 most wanted)
  • We will stay up to 21 days on the island
  • A team of 3 operators + support team of 4 persons + remote team
  • Budget $440,000 where 2/3rd of budget is already secured
  • $150,000 in support still needed

We have signed a contract with a vessel owner with a proven track record in Arctic and Antarctic waters. The experienced Captain has been supporting expedition teams since 1997 and before that has been managing his own fishing trawler for decades. We’re also teaming up with Peter as responsible for landing us safely on the beach, similarly to what he did this year. We are three persons with previous experience from landing at the island. Peter’s experience, skill and determination is again an important factor for success!

We have been through some 3YØJ lessons learned where everything have been scrutinized to improve the next attempt. This time we plan 3YØK based on our previous Bouvet experience! We will go only with smaller Honda gasoline generators, and it will be a lightweight DXpedition but still with some yagis and amplifiers. Weight is reduced from 7 ton to 2 ton. Peter will be leading the support team of total 4 younger persons, that comes in addition to the radio operators.

We will also engage a remote team where AA7JV George will be involved with tons of remote experience from his Pacific trips. George will design, test, and supply the remote radio system adapted to Bouvet environment and we’re grateful for his contribution. The remote radio system will be Pelican Cases with radio and power supply, where we will taking four remote radios and 5 radios with amplifiers for the local operators. In addition to the 7 members that will be on the island there will thus be additional remote members providing you with QSOs.

Operators: Dave WD5COV, Emil DL8JJ and Ken LA7GIA

Media Officer: James Gallo KB2FMH

Visit our Facebook page and our website

IOTA 2024 IOTA Honour Roll/Annual Listings

As always, the IOTA Team would like to take the opportunity at this time to wish all IOTA enthusiasts the very best of Seasons’ Greetings.
IOTA enthusiasts are reminded that the last date for submitting applications or score updates to checkpoints for inclusion in the 2024 Honour Roll and Annual Listings is 31 January 2024. If submitted after that date, they will be processed in the normal way but the scores will be held over to the following year’s listing.
Where packages with cards are involved, these need to be posted/dated before 31 January and, in countries where the postal service to the checkpoint is occasionally subject to delay, it is best to mail them early so as to avoid missing the final date for completion of the exercise. It is important that participants who have not updated since the 2019 annual listings and wish to remain listed within the five year window should make a submission on or before 31 January 2024.
If you have not logged into your record for more than two years, you will need to revalidate your registration through Do not leave it to the last moment as you may run out of time.
G3KMA and the IOTA Team, 14 December 2023