International Women’s Day Contest 2021

For the 8th time, the DARC YL group is organizing an international YL event on International Women’s Day. Goal of the event: to encourage YLs to be active during the 3 hours of this activity.
Date: Monday, March 8, 2021
Time: 1800 to 2100 UTC (1900 to 2200 CET)
Band & Mode: 40m and 80m in SSB & CW.
The points per QSO are awarded according to the following scheme. There are two categories of participants: OM and YL.
Points per QSO: YL/OM1 point ; YL/YL 3 points ; OM OM 0 points Each station can be worked once per band.
The following applies to SWLs:
1. All logged QSOs between YL and YL (3 points)
2. All logged QSOs between YL and OM (1 point)
Logs: The logs should be submitted in chronological order and include the QSO date, time (in UTC), band, mode, callsign of the QSO partner, name of the QSO partner, RST and the included points claimed.
The deadline for entries is March 25, 2021.
The log should be sent as an Excel file in the following format (callsign as file name): DATE Time UTC Band Mode Callsign Name Report Points Surname: Callsign: E-mail:
An Excel and Open Office log template can be downloaded from Alternatively, logs can be submitted in CABRILLO format, ADIF files and paper logs Will not be accepted. The participants send their log to Karin DL2LBK ( and receive a certificate in PDF format by email after the evaluation. The list of results will be published in the CQ-DL and on
We wish all participants good luck and many successful contacts!
33 + 73 + 55 de Karin DL2LBK & Heike DL3HD

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NL0H St Lawrence Island, Alaska

Well, after the first lot of cards entered the UK on the 8th December, somehow Royal Mail managed to lose them (despite them having a Tracking Number). I then had the cards re-printed and the second journey seemed to take an eternity but, they finally arrived yesterday.
I did do the LOTW upload some weeks ago so at least most of you would have got the match via the LOTW/IOTA QSO Matching system (NA-040) by now but for anyone still awaiting the card, all Direct requests for traditional Paper Cards will be out in tomorrow’s mail.
My sincere apologies for the delay, any queries drop me a line please.

VK5IR Adelaide, South Australia

Theo VK5IR will be the next station making his Cards available via M0OXO Qsl Service. Theo, a resident of Adelaide, South Australia will make his logs available on M0OXO OQRS in the coming days.
New Qsl cards are currently being printed by UX5UO Qsl Print and they will be available in due course.

3B8M Mauritius 2021

G0CKV and KX7M are planning to operate in this year’s CQ WW DX CW Contest, 27th-28th November, again using the Callsign 3B8M as a multi-op.
There may be others joining the Team but at this stage, although flights are booked, the Team is yet to be confirmed.
Qsl via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail

ZS1SBW & ZS0RR South Africa

Shawn ‘Billy’ Williams from Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa has added his logs to the M0OXO QSL Service.
As well as his home Callsign of ZS1SBW, also added is the Roman Rock Radio Club, Callsign ZS0RR (image above Roman Rock Lighthouse).
Qsl Cards are currently being printed by UX5UO QSL Print and will be available in a few weeks time (depending on any Pandemic delays on postage).
You can search the logs and request Qsl Cards by using the Direct Links below;

VK5KI Expedition (2) Announced

After a successful trip in July 2020, Grant VK5GR will be returning to Kangaroo Island in January 2021 again as (VK5KI) for a longer break. This will be a part time holiday style operation, while  we spend 2 weeks over the summer holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The nature of the station that will be taken hasn’t been decided yet. As we get closer, details of what bands and modes will be active will be announced.

M0OXO QSL Manager – Update

It took a full weekend but for continued integrity and security, 757 logs backed up to three devices in three locations.
As well as the Logbooks themselves, just under 5 million QSO’s are currently held in The Cloud, safe until the next time.

VE3KTB/VY0 – Nunavut, Canada

The above operation, first done in 2014 (and still continuing) has been added to M0OXO OQRS. This was from Ellesmere island (IOTA NA-008).

Please don’t confuse the above operation with the 2016 operation VE3KTB/VY0 on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut (IOTA NA-043).

Both Logs are available on M0OXO OQRS and identifiable by the IOTA number at the end; na-008 na-043

WP3C & NP4DX Puerto Rico

I am pleased to inform you that the Callsigns WP3C & NP4DX are now being catered for by M0OXO QSL Management.

Alfredo WP3C resides in Puerto Rico (IOTA NA-099) and also runs the Atlantic Contest Station NP4DX from the same location.

New QSL Cards are being designed and will be printed in due course. Logs are now available on M0OXO OQRS (links below). Please DO NOT send any bureau cards, they are not wanted and they will not be received.

M0OXO QSL Service

Well, as the end to another year approaches, 2020 seems a year for most of us to forget. DXpeditions, Radio Events and almost all other social activities have not happened this year due to the Pandemic. M0OXO QSL Service has been running throughout the year, maintaining to keep the Ham Radio World supplied with the Cards  still being requested, as more  and more of you stayed at home. I also had the pleasure of welcoming several new stations who have joined our Community.

So, looking towards 2021 we are still not sure how it will pan out but if you are considering using a QSL Manager, then here is the basics of what I can offer you as the DX’er from the Bespoke OQRS.

Whether from the initial concept of your Dxpedition or if you are just a busy station with a big volume of Qsl requests then I can help you with the planning, Social Media, facilitate all logging enquiries, LOTW and, with the final product, the printing and management of the QSL Cards themselves.

You will have use of an advanced OQRS with built in PayPal facility for postage contributions, a real time Logsearch and a Band Activity Module. Express LOTW and a Busted/Missing Callsign facility are integrated into the OQRS module for ease of access. Security and Back-up facilities (local & Cloud based) ensures Security & Integrity preservation.

Also available are detailed Statistics including a list of Dupes, Operator based, Band, Mode, Country and much much more.

As the name suggests, the ‘Bespoke’ OQRS can be tailored to your exact needs so please drop me a line if you are interested or have any questions. As well as being very efficient, using a Qsl Manager gives you the time to enjoy the hobby again without the dark cloud of QSL worries hanging over your head each time you are active.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families in 2021.