VY0ERC Nunavut, Canada

VY0ERC Nunavut, Canada
VE3KTB/VY0 Nunavut, Canada
Pierre VE3KTB will be back in Eureka on Ellesmere Island (NA-008) in Nunavut, Canada from the 15th of March to the 12th of April 2023.
He will be QRV from Eureka Amateur Radio Club as VY0ERC and VE3KTB/VY0 on HF bands as well as FM and linear satellites by SSB, Digital & CW.
QSL via M0OXO. Logs will be submitted at the end of activation.

V26EI Antigua

V26EI Antigua Island (IOTA NA-100)
11 members of the EI DX Group will be QRV from the 24th of March to the 2nd of April 2023 from Antigua Island, using the call V26EI. It is hoped to have the station built in time for the “CQ WW WPX SSB Contest”. The team will be running four IC-7300’s when fully setup and expect to operate all modes over the nine days. We hope to be QRV on 60m & 6m also subject to propagation.
FT8 Operating will use MSHV only!
Team members include;
Jeremy EI5GM – Team Leader, Thos EI2JD, Enda EI2II, Alain EI2KM, John EI4L, Dave EI4BZ, Jim EI4HH, Padraic EI5IX, Declan EI6FR, Declan EI9HQ, Dave EI9FBB

VK9NT VJ9N Norfolk Island 2023

VK9NT VJ9N Norfolk Island 2023 – DXpedition Bootcamp
A reminder that Chris VK3QB, Luke VK3HJ, Alan VK6CQ and Patrick VK2PN will be active from Norfolk Island as VK9NT (and VJ9N) between 17-31 March 2023. They will be joined by Guest operators Matt K0BBC and Tom VK3FTOM.
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VK6/G0VJG Australia

VK6/G0VJG Australia
VK9CVG Cocos Keeling Islands
MM0UKI Rockall (IOTA EU-189)
A reminder that Nobby (G0VJG) will be Qrv as VK6/G0VJG between the 11th & 16th February 2023. He will be operating from The NCRG Northern Corridor Radio Group about 20km from Perth. He will be using a Kenwood TS-990 with a SPE Expert 2K-FA amplifier and a Ultrabeam UB-04EL-640 antenna at about 100 feet.
Between the 17th and 23rd he will qrv as VK9CVG from the West Island, Cocos Keeling Islands (IOTA OC-003) where he will use a smaller set up of a Yaesu FT-857 and Juma (1000) PA into verticals (80 thro 10m) on the beach.
A huge shout our and thanks to the NCRG Radio Club, Perth, Australia for allowing Nobby the opportunity of using their station and operating from VK6.
Don’t forget that Nobby is a Team Member of MM0UKI, the team heading to Rockall in May 2023. Please check out their Website to keep abreast of plans for the activation of a very rare and dangerous IOTA alongside team mates Emil Bergmann (DL8JJ) and Cam Cameron.
Qsl via M0OXO OQRS.

V26EI Antigua

Members of the EIDX Group will be active as V26EI from Antigua Island, (IOTA NA-100), between the 24 March & the 2nd of April 2023.
This is a change from their previously announced Dxpedition to Montserrat. The team plan to run several stations across all bands from 160m through 10m on SSB, CW and Digital modes.
Qsl via M0OXO OQRS

3Y0J Bouvet update

26 Jan 2023 at 10:00 UTC – 3Y0J

Team Member Adrian KO8SCA reported that Marama is now 780 nautical miles from Bouvet Island. If they maintain their current speed of 8 mph they will arrive at Bouvet in four days time.

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3Y0J Bouvet Island 2023 ..They’re off!!

3Y0J Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA says, “Technically speaking we have departed Stanley as the ropes came off at 22:56 local time (01:56 UTC). We will stay anchored and then continue to Bouvet tomorrow. Wx forecast is 4 days with calm seas to South Georgia.”
73, Ken
Today was a busy day for the 3Y0J Team. The much awaited RAF flight came into RAF Mount Pleasant Base. All the missing bags and cases arrived and were accounted for. They were picked up and delivered to the boat by VP8 ham friends Sally and Chris along with their friend Kenny Laurie. They arrived at Marama with the precious cargo at 8:00pm. Sally is on a work assignment at Mount Pleasant Base and managed to work the ranks to get our gear. The team had a safety briefing with Captain Oliver and Peter. Earlier Oliver and Nina brought the team’s passports into town to the Customs Office and the team was cleared for departure. There was also some last minute shopping for some more supplies.
Now that the team has left Camber Dock, and will be departing Port Stanley Harbor for Bouvet Island in the morning, once again here is the link where you can follow the team by GPS.

VK9NT Norfolk Island (2023)

Bootcamp 2023

Hello budding Dxpeditioner’s Have you ever wondered what DX-peditioning is all about?
Would you like to dip your toe in the water without a full-on commitment?
Would you like to join a DX-pedition but are unsure of how to get on the invitation list?
Do you want to experience being on the business end of the pileup and build DXing skills?
A DX-pedition is a great way to improve your operating skills as well.
Well, the Norfolk Island DX-pedition Bootcamp might be for you.

Experienced DX-peditioners will be on Norfolk Island for 12-14 days in the second half of March 2023 (est 15-28 March – NOTE: dates subject to fine tuning) . The format of the event will be hands-on, with some presentations and a Bootcamp dinner (or two). Most importantly, you’ll get hands-on experience in a safe, friendly environment. Read more on the website here: