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6Y5/JA0RQV – Jamaica NA-097


Masa JA0JQV will be qrv from Jamaica as 6Y5/JA0RQV between the 24th October & 9th December 2015.

He will be on a business trip and his primary location will be a Hotel in the Capital Kingston. Masa may also move locations for the CQWW SSB Contest between the 24th & 25th October and use the Callsign 6Y5WJ from St. Elizabeth although he does tell me ”not a full time serious effort though!”. 

Qsl is via M0OXO Direct or OQRS. Bureau Cards are NOT required so please use OQRS for ALL bureau requests.




IOTA Database ‘attacked’



From the IOTA website;

At 04:48 UTC on Sunday morning, an automatic bot gained access to the IOTA website database and was able to exploit a bug in the IOTA code in order to reset the password for every user on the site. This is why you might not have been able to log into the site. There is no sign in the system logs that any data was read or that personal data was compromised. Once the IT team was aware of the issue, they immediately took the database offline for analysis, restored a backup, and corrected the bug. We have now been able to re-enable access to the site.

M0BLF, 27 Sep 2015


FT4TA – Tromelin Video


During the last months we have been very glad to present our DX expedition on Tromelin Island, FT4TA in a large number of countries. We have shared with many of you this amazing adventure during DX conventions, meetings and hamfest. Each time, our team has been warmly welcomed, thanks.

In addition to our book (available online since a few months), we are very proud to announce the publication of the video “FT4TA Tromelin 2014″ on You Tube. You will (re)discover the beautiful landscapes of this extraordinary island.

The Tromelin chapter is now history and we focus 200% on Juan de Nova 2016. You can trust in our team to make this project a new success.

Click image to view Video. Thanks DX World, Daily DX.


SV5/MW0JZE – Kos

K1024 img041

Listen for Ant MW0JZE as he operates holiday style from the Island of Kos.

Ant will be qrv from Kos from this weekend 19th September for around two weeks. He will be SV5/MW0JZE and his operation will be primarily RTTY on whichever bands are open.

K1024 img040Kos is a Greek island, part of the Dodecanese Island Group (IOTA EU-001) in the southeastern Aegean Sea, off the Anatolian coast of Turkey.

The island measures 40 by 8 kilometres (25 by 5 miles), and is 4 km (2 miles) from the coast of Bodrum, Turkey, (the ancient Halicarnassus) and the ancient region of Caria. It has a population of around 35,000.

Qsl Cards are already printed and are available via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Mail to M0OXO home address.


VK4AAC/5 OC-139 confirmation

K1024 img038

VK4AAC/5 QSL arrived today.

This card confirmed the activation of Kangaroo Island, South Australia, IOTA OC-139 from the recent activation during the IOTA Contest 2015.

I have been looking to confirm this one for some time after a previous contact failed to get confirmed so really pleased to receive the card today.






Great antennas, great price!



Are you looking for an antenna that has great performance, easy to build and at a very competitive price? Then check out the range of Hexbeam antennas and accessories available from Ant MW0JZE.

MW0JZE – G3TXQ Broadband 6 band Hexbeam 6 bands: 20m – 6m 2 Elements on each band No traps or coils Ideal for portable or fixed station.

The Ultra Lightweight D-HEXpedition Portable Hexbeam 6-KG 30 min set-up time No tools needed Packs away to 100 x 20 x 20 CM.

Unlike some manufactures his antennas are plug and play, no assembling spreaders or cutting wires, DX right out of the box!!

No hidden Paypal charges, what you see is what you pay. For more information click the image (left) to be directed to his website.


OC-241 & OC-247 confirmed

K1024 img034

2 new IOTA confirmations received today.

Confirmations were from Adhi YB3MM for his activations earlier in the Year.

They were YB3MM/8 from Sailus Batar IOTA OC-247 and YB3MM/9 from Rote Island IOTA OC-241.

All were confirmed by Direct Post mail from Manager Ant IZ8CCW (Thanks!)





S79C – Press release (2)

press release 2

The S79C Team have just made another Press release for their upcoming activity to Coetivy Island IOTA AF-119NEW.

Please click the image to view the document.













After several days of traveliing, RT9K/0 are now on Dobrzhanskogo Island.

IOTA AS-203NEW is a first time ever activation and the team were qrv from yesterday evening from this rare and remote island.


Qsl via RX9KM