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M0OXO QSL service usually has a number of IRC’s For Sale worldwide.


 Currently in stock & available to buy  026 used IRC’s


IRC’s (Correctly stamped & Valid until 31/12/2025) GBP £1.25 each + Postage 
I will post to anywhere in the World. 



If you want to buy IRC’s please email me (click here) I will quote you on the price for the amount of IRC’s that you want to purchase!


The Post Office in the United Kingdom has phased out IRC’s and as a result of that I do not usually stock large numbers of them. If you need larger numbers than what i show available please ask me and I will try to secure some for you from several other sources.



If you enjoy receiving my bureau cards fast, then please

Donate your old out of date IRC’s to M0OXO QSL service

They are a huge help towards the costs of mailing Bureau cards Direct to IARU

Bureau’s Worldwide every 3 months

(date dependent on the weight I have)

Thank you!



Thank you very much in advance for your donations of OLD IRCs.
I would like personally like to thank ;
Mario DJ2MX, Alan EI8EM, Mike K4KKL. Buddy AA4EA, Tony EA8AKN, John K9EL, MGareth M3INO, Paul OM8FR, Elmo EA5BYP, Paco EA5OL, Mario I5BZ, Luis EA1CS, Bob WA1NPZ, Steve OM3JW, Paula KK4OK, Chai HS1NGR, Sergei UX1AA, Juma A71YY, Jun OE1ZKC (ex-JH4RHF), Olaf DL7CX, Anatoly UA1OIW, Bo SM6YRB, Steve G1XOW, Sam LY5W, Dave EI9FBB, Klaus DL1DTL, Vit OK2ZV, Goran YU1EL, Ivan OM3CGN, Ota OK1DM, Lada DK3SN, Dave N7NR, Don YL2GN, Cliff VK9VKL, Antonio EA5RM, Dick GU4CHY, Wolf DL4FCS, Mome Z32ZM, Giuliano IK2VUC, Lutz DL1ROC, Dragan K0AP, Manoj VU2CPL, Lada OK2PAY, Christian EA3NT, Val YO8DDF, Dragan Z32AU, Todor Z31RM, VencoZ36W , Zoli HA1AG, Carsten OY1CT, Oliver DJ9AO, Andy UW5IM, Franky ON7RU, Sam LY5W, Antonio EA5RM, George SV1ENM, Charlie VR2XMT, Andy RG4F, Cezar VE3LYC, Boris EU6DX, Theo SQ9V/SQ9GAI, Les SP9WZJ, Ken N2ZN.
I will return these OLD IRC’s to the UPU in exchange for stamps. You can help by donating your old out of date IRC’s and sending them to me.