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IOTA/Clublog Matching – Please read..



For those of you that have trouble using the IOTA/Clublog matching system, please check out this new information.

When you have logged in to the IOTA Site and have selected ”Add QSO’s from Clublog”, you will see that several questions have now been added. These questions are for you to work through to try and assess why you cannot match your QSO in the Log Matching system. Here is a summary of what you will see;



1) Is your callsign in the Log Search of the operation in question?
2) Is the DX callsign in the Log Search of your own log?
3) Do the frequencies and modes in both Log Searches match?
4) Is the operation listed in the list of ‘Accepted Activations?’
5) Have 30 days passed from the time and date of the QSO?
6) Is the IOTA Group you are trying to match, already in your pending QSOs or accepted QSOs list (You can’t have it twice)?
7) Did you check the UTC of your QSO? It is not allowed to differ more than 15 minutes from the UTC in the activations log.
8) Are you sure you used the correct credentials to connect to Club Log?
9) If you cannot login to Club Log from the IOTA website then get a one time password from Settings -> App. Password. Use this on the IOTA website to get QSO matches.

I am hopeful these will help you determine the cause of your failure to get the matching credit. Of course it will also help to reduce the ”none matching” emails to the IOTA Support Desk, hopefully enabling me to give a faster response to other questions on the Support desk and not solely matching enquiries.


DX Feile 2019

Ireland’s DX Féile (DX Festival) – Now in it’s 3rd year, this year’s line up has already been confirmed.
See: for full details of the weekend’s happenings.
Limited numbers so be sure to get in early.
Not to be missed.
 dxf 2019

RA1ALA/8 Shokalskogo Island


RA1ALA/8 Shokalskogo Island, Kara Sea, Russia
(IOTA AS-083 Kara Sea Coast East group)

”Tomorrow, August 8 2019, I am going to Shokalsky Island in the Kara Sea. It is not easy to get to the island!

I will have to take a flight to Novy Urengoy first, then about 500 km to the oilmen-shift workers- settlement at Yamburg. ‘Kartesh’ (which is a research vessel adapted for Arctic scientific research), is picking me up on the August 9. It will go there both to refuel and also to replace the crew.
Having passed a special medical examination I was given the sailor’s medical book so I became a sailor!

Shokalsky Island is a specially protected zone, since it is part of the Gdansk Nature Reserve – the state nature reserve in the Tazovsky District of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. I had to get special permission to visit the island.

You should bear in mind that there is a limitation on the weight of luggage! Every extra kilogram will costs 500 rubles! It’s not cold there…. but at night, temperature may be 0 degrees centigrade.

I hope I will be able to operate there by​ August 20 2019. MI-8 helicopter should arrive on the island in order to pick up a team of environmentalists and me at around the same time.

So, RR-06-05 AS-083 SHOKALSKOGO Island will soon in the air!

Shokalsky Island is located in the Kara Sea, at the entrance to the Gulf of Ob. It belongs to the territory of the Tazovsky district of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area. Its length’s about 30 km, its width’s up to 20 km, its height’s up to 27 m, the square’s 428 km². The island is separated from the Gydan Peninsula with the Gydan Strait. The surface is a plain covered with tundra vegetation. The island was called Agnes until 1926. The modern name was given to it in honor of M. Shokalsky

I wish everybody good luck and see you in the air!

RA1ALA/8 Mike”

Tillamook Rock, Oregon (IOTA NA-211)


Our team will attempt to operate from Tillamook Rock between Sep 6 and 9, 2019. The owners graciously allowed us to carry out this activity, and we are firmly committed, in exchange, to help them conduct repairs during this period of time. Transportation to the island will be provided by helicopter service, and it will require a recce flight, followed by several flights to bring all people and materials there, and then several more to being everyone and everything back. Additional costs associated with this project, including airfare, land transportation, hotel accommodation, rental of generators, food, camping gear, etc., bring the total project cost to $20,000.

This is a very expensive and challenging project, and we are actively looking for possible support from IOTA chasers and DXers at large. All donors will be promptly acknowledged on this website!–support.html


OH0UDG Aland Islands EU-002


Bert Katzmann (DK3BK) & colleagues (DO5JD – DK3CKM) are all now qrv from the Aland Islands (IOTA EU-002) in Finland. They are active on HF until the 16th August.

First log upload will be later today and will be here;


SV8/IW7EGQ Zante EU-052


SV8/IW7EGQ Zakinthos (Zante), Greece

Mike will be qrv from Zante (IOTA EU-052 Ipeiros/Dytiki Ellas Region group) Greece, between 20th and the 28th of August. 2019.

Also valid for Lighthouse LOTA GRE017.

Qsl via M0OXO OQRS