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IOTA Honour Roll – I made it !!


I am pleased to see that I finally made it onto the IOTA Honour Roll!

I squeezed onto the latest Honour Roll list, just published for 2015 (click here).

My first application for IOTA was around 10 years ago and I hadn’t submitted an update to my score until the RSGB 50th Anniversary IOTA convention in 2014. As well as passing the 600 (granted) Islands, I succeeded in achieving the Asia, British Isles, Europe, North America, Oceana and West Indies Awards, the next challenge being the 750 Islands Shield, a few years away yet. Honour Roll

If you haven’t tried the IOTA programme, give it a go. It’s very addictive but makes a change from DXCC, as well as making you an aficionado in Geography!

It’s just a shame there is no Award for reaching Honour Roll, disappointing 🙁


IRC’s currently in stock….


Does anyone need Iinternational Reply Coupons (IRC’s) for claiming their Qsl Cards?

M0OXO QSL service usually has a number of IRC’s For Sale worldwide. IRC’s (Correctly stamped & Valid until 31/12/2017) GBP £1.20 each + Postage and I will post to anywhere in the World.

Please see this page for more information.






3A – Monaco

K800 Capture

Diego and Gils will be qrv between the 2nd & 5th April 2015 as 3A/F4HAU and 3A/F4FET from Monaco.

Qsl will be via their home Callsigns.

GL !!







EP6T Iran … from M0URX

From Tim M0URX (EP6T QSL Manager)….

3,008 Direct letters have been posted for EP6T delivery is between 3 – 7 days.
Packages also sent to GDXF, DDXG & SDXG.

ALL Bureau cards requested before the 8th March have now been sent to all World Bureaus on our mailing today.

I would like to thank Charles M0OXO, who helped me process the letters over the last few days. It has taken over 100 man hours since the arrival of the cards from the printer last week to label cards, fill the envelopes & package the directs and bureau”.

Thanks Tim, happy to help!

Bureau Mailing – 01st of 2015

big one


Andorra 2
Argentina 13
Aruba 214
Australia 63
Austria 225
Belarus 11
Belgium 436

Barbados 1
Bosnia Herzegovenia 102
Brazil 66
Bulgaria 137
Canada 107
Chile 7
China 2
Colombia 7
Costa Rica 
Croatia 144
Cuba 5
Czech Republic 520

Dominican Republic 1

Ecuador 4
Estonia 35

Faroe Islands 

Falkland Islands 
Finland 150
France 425
Germany 2,630
Greece 66
Hong Kong 1
Hungary 227
Iceland 1
India 1
Indonesia 10
Italy 1,290
Ireland 17
Israel 14
Japan 1,956
Kazakhstan 16
Kuwait 1
Latvia 42
Lithuania 38
Luxembourg 11
Macedonia 4
Malta 3
Malaysia 2
Mexico 10
Moldova 28
Netherlands 400
New Caledonia 
New Zealand 21
Norway 48
Poland 672
Portugal 40
Romania 106
Russian Fed 1,803
Serbia 96
Singapore 1
Slovenia 162
Slovakia 159
South Africa 6
South Korea 8
Spain 852
Sri Lanka 1
Sweden 90
Switzerland 139
Taiwan 6
Thailand 21
Turkey 8
Ukraine 952
United Kingdom 273
Uruguay 5
W0 –  58
W1  – 83
W2 – 92
W3 – 73
W4 – 67
WW4 – 36
W5 – 48
W6 – 64
W7 – 39
W8 – 53
W9 – 68
WP3 – 1
WL7- 3
WH6 – 2
Venezuela 71


3W2JK – IOTA AS-130


Jacek SP5APW holiday style IOTA activation – Con Son Island, Vietnam between March 11-17, 2015.











H44NT – Callsign changes

H44NT Logo

Breaking News from EA3NT;

”Hi from Solomon islands guys, the weather here is bad. Seas are rough and even the Maritime Department has launched a note not allowing smaller vessels to sail until it gets better.

I am currently in Honiara. I could find a boat to Russell islands, despite the high price of the charter I have decided to go ahead, so now I am waiting for the boat owner to call me when he is ready to sail. I have no idea when it will happen though.


Please note that my callsign from Russell island (OC-168) will be H41NT !!!!! Also, for Bellona island my callsign will be H42NT (OC-127),….and when I will be operative from Honiara, Gaudalcanal my callsign will be H44NT (OC-047)

My internet connection is very limited. No signal in my telephone, and I doubt I will be able to send you any message again, until I get back to Brisbane on Tuesday 17th…..”




As if we didn’t know this was a common problem nowadays.

Thanks to Tony EI2KC for posting this video on You Tube showing SSB QRM and pile-up behaviour that most of us detest.

Are you one of those calling when you are not being called? Shameful.

 Click the image to view the video.



Qsl’in – An overview


Are you new to the hobby or returning after a few years of absence?

Maybe you need a quick refresh on how the Qsl service works and how best to use it to tailor ir to your needs?

Check out this link…. The How To Guide..  It will give you a quide to Qsl’in including information on the Bureau service as well as Logbook Of The World (LOTW).

I hope the information is of help to you.




VK7FG – OC-195 this week…


Christian EA3NT, Chris VK3FY, Tim VK4HFO will be active from Flinders Island (IOTA OC-195) this week as VK7FG.

Qsl via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Mail.

Please do NOT send cards via the bureau, they will NOT be received.