3Y0J Bouvet QSL Policy


QSL Manager – Charles M0OXO

DO YOU NEED A QSL Manager? (Contact me via email to discuss your options).


The website includes a missing/busted callsign facility where you can submit a NOT IN LOG form that will be monitored by Charles during and after the DXpedition. Do not email Charles, but use the automated form at his website. ALL QSL requests to be directed to Charles M0OXO, the pilots/operators do not have access to the log.

Click Logo for the Log search or to request your QSL Card



Sponsors who donate $50 USD or more PRIOR to the DXpedition start will have their QSL card sent directly, as well LoTW confirmation. There is no need to do anything if you are a sponsor of the DXpedition. The timing of the QSL cards and LoTW will be processed according to Sponsor level.


OQRS Direct QSL+LoTW: via paypal $15

Mailed anywhere in the world unlimited number of QSOs, including LoTW.

OQRS Bureau QSL: via paypal $3

Mailed anywhere in the world unlimited number of QSOs. Do NOT request via the normal Bureau card services as these will NOT be answered. Only use the OQRS online service. Option for free bureau cards will be activated at the end when all other cards have been sent out.


Send your card with sufficient return postage via the regular Direct Mail system.

Suggested minimum donation is $5 for direct mail QSLs. Please use the following address:

Send your Direct Mail to:

Charles R. Wilmott (M0OXO)
60 Church Hill
Royston, Barnsley,
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Euro bills accepted in lieu of USD. Direct QSL requests received without a return envelope or sufficient return postage will be answered via the Bureau. OQRS bureau cards will be delayed and processed last.


QSL cards and LoTW in priority order


  • Upfront sponsors >= $50 Direct QSL + LoTW – timing according to sponsor level

  • OQRS Direct $15 – QSL cards including LoTW confirmation

  • Direct mailed cards with sufficient return postage, suggested donation $5 for unlimited QSOs 

  • OQRS Bureau $3

  • Complete 3Y0J log will be uploaded to LoTW within 12 months

  • OQRS Bureau free cards. There will be a free OQRS Bureau card version.

LoTW will be uploaded for sponsors donating more than $50. Timing according to sponsor level

LoTW will be uploaded for those who order OQRS Direct after DXpedition end

Direct mailed cards and OQRS Bureau cards do not include LoTW, only the QSL card. Complete expedition log is planned to be uploaded to LoTW after all bureau cards have been processed.




Sorry but NO eQSL or QRZ confirmations or uploads.


QSO matching for IOTA will be delayed

**Please remember, Dxpedition QSL Policy is set by the DXpediton and NOT the QSL Manager. If you have any issues with the QSL Policy then speak to the Dxpedition Team.
Their Policy is FINAL and will not be changed**