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How to request your QSL Card(s)



Satellite QSO’s
If you have had a Satellite QSO and require this confirming by QSL Card, you must email me and inform me BEFORE making the OQRS request otherwise your card MAY contain the incorrect information.
OQRS does NOT cater for Sat Frequencies (HF ONLY) and therefore the label has to be produced from different Software.
I no longer wish to deal with certain people who send rude, abusive and threatening emails regarding Satellite QSO’s. I thought I was helping the SAT Community by confirming their QSO’s but clearly this is not the case and several of them have spoilt it for the others. For this reason and from January 1st 2021, I will no longer confirm any new Satellite QSO’s. 
I have started to get a huge amount of cards Direct through Post Mail where people only send 2 Dollars for postage for more than 1 QSL Card.
Any underpaid envelopes received WILL be returned by the bureau.
Please read below and get the costs correct. You only have yourself to blame if the cards are not returned Direct.


1 x IOTA number = 1 Qsl Card
2 x different IOTA numbers = 2 Qsl Cards etc etc

Your choices for Direct :


1 – OQRS – Paypal

(Request your Card(s) On-line [OQRS] and pay for Postage via Paypal)


 1 QSL only by Paypal $3.00USD


 2 to 4 QSL’s by Paypal $4.00USD

 5 to 10 QSL’s by Paypal $6.00USD

11 to 20 QSL’s by Paypal $8.00USD

 21 to 30 QSL’s by Paypal Please email me for cost




2 – Direct via Post Mail


Please DO NOT send me Postage Stamps I cannot use them



(Send SAE [with minimum $2 USD see postage costs below] and your Qsl Card via Post Mail to;

Charles Wilmott
60 Church Hill,
South Yorkshire
S71 4NG

United Kingdom




      Direct via Post Mail QSL Costs

 1 QSL only by Post Mail –  2 US Dollars (No IRC’s)


 2 to 4 QSL’s byPost Mail –  3 US Dollars (No IRC’s)

 5 to 10 QSL’s by Post Mail –  5 US Dollars (No IRC’s)

11 to 20 QSL’s by Post Mail –  8 US Dollars (No IRC’s)

 21 to 30 QSL’s by Post Mail –  Please email and ask cost


Please DO NOT send me Postage Stamps I cannot use them.
Letters with Postal Stamps on will be returned via the Buro

Bureau :

OQRS – Bureau

(Request your Cards(s) On-line [OQRS] and returned via Bureau)