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8R7X Guyana – QRT

The 8R7X Team in Guyana went QRT @ 11125am on the 25th of February 2024 having amassed an amazing 70,000 QSO’s.

The Team (consisting of Jamie M0SDV, Philipp DK6SP, Sven DJ4MX and Tomi HA8RT) deserve all the accolades sent their way. For a youth Team on their first Dxpedition and with only target of 15/20,000 QSO’s, this operation was impressive in many ways. The Pile ups on Day 10 were just as massive as on Day 1 and their skill in operating is also deserving of a mention.

Normally, (from a Qsl Managers prospective), I would expect the list of Busted/Missing QSO checks for a 70,000 QSO log to be in the region of 500/600 enquiries at least. However, the 8R7X crew’s accuracy in logging left me for most of the trip with just 34 enquiries.

It was a pleasure working with you on this one. I hope in the wake of the Dxpedition everything turns out positive for you and that your futures in the hobby progress to higher levels.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to act on your behalf as Qsl manager, it was indeed a pleasure. Thanks Charles….

Bureau Mailing February 2024

QSL cards have been posted to World Bureaus – Friday 23rd February 2024.
Total amount of QSL cards dispatched: 19,584
Via M0OXO 14,697, Via M0URX 4,887.
Total Weight: 91.586 kg gross weight
Total Shipping Cost £478.60: £5.22per kg. (91.586 kg gross weight)
This mailing is a joint mailing between M0OXO Charles & M0URX Tim. (also thanks W3KX Frank & G1VDP Chris)
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus or received by hams around the world?
Delays are due to issues caused by the World Customs Organisation regulations. Please remember that with the new customs tax we cannot guarantee that the parcels will get through to your bureau. We now suggest sending only direct QSL route. All bureau requests are at your own risk.
The parcels are sent by Priority Business Mail to get to the Bureaus quickly.

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AU2RS – Nachungunta Island (AS-199)

Warm greetings from the Republic of Dayof, from the DX Team of QRZ India!
QRZ India DX Team, a passionate group of 15 experienced amateur radio enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce their upcoming IOTA (Island On The Air) re-activation on Nachugunta Island (AS-199) as AU2RS. The event is scheduled to take place from February 23rd to February 25th, 2024.
The QRZ India DX Team is committed to creating a memorable and pioneering experience for the global amateur radio community. The team will operate from the picturesque Nachugunta Island, leveraging their skills and expertise to establish 5 active stations on all HF bands. The modes covered will include CW, SSB, FT8, and QO-100. Notably, the team aims to be the first to activate AS-199 on Digital Modes and QO-100.

8R7X Guyana

The team are on schedule to be qrv in the coming days from their QTH, 35km South East of the Capital City, Georgetown.
Please keep a check on their Facebook page and Website for news as their Dxpedition gets underway and the team get settled in. You will find they are using Clublog Livestream if their internet is stable enough.
Please see the links below that may assist you throughout this much anticipated Dxpedition.

5H3VJG Tanzania

Nobby, 5H3VJG (G0VJG) will be qrv from Zanzibar Island, Tanzania (IOTA AF-032) between the 7th and 20th March 2024. He will be on vacation with family but operate when possible on SSB, some CW and also FT8 Modes using 100w into a Butternut HF6V from an FTDX3000.

Nobby will also try to be QRV for the Commonwealth Contest.

Qsl Cards and LOTW will be available after the Dxpedition via M0OXO OQRS and Direct Post Mail. If you need a Bureau Card, please request it via OQRS as any incoming cards will not arrive.

Request your QSL Card here ; M0OXO OQRS

Clublog Logsearch here ; Clublog

YJ0VV Vanuatu

This is the DXpedition you have been waiting for. For this two week DXpedition we are mixing Holiday and Serious DXing. We have limited openings but no matter what your style, you will be welcome. We will be in Vanuatu during several contests including the CQ World-Wide SSB Contest. We will be in Vanuatu from October 16 – 30, 2024.
Timing will allow us to take advantage of the excellent Southern Hemisphere springtime propagation on top of the best sunspot activity in years. Since Vanuatu is #74 for most wanted phone on Clublog there should be plenty of pileups.
This DXpedition is open to all hams and their spouses. We have contracted with Vanuatu Luxury Holiday Homes on Efate Island for the Asana home just outside of the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila, and have sent a deposit. It sleeps nine in five bedrooms and has four bathrooms. For eight guests it will only cost $1,500 US per person for two weeks. Each person should have an additional budget of $1,000 US for food, island transportation, and incidentals. Flight cost is not included which would fluctuate depending on departure city, class of flights, insurance and baggage. Shellback Cruises, 843-762-3888, is providing my flights at 33% of Google Flights.
In addition to operating as a DX station we will have the opportunity to operate POTA and IOTA. We have secured a QSL Manager to handle the over 40,000 expected contacts. If interested contact Van, N4VGE / YJ0VV, as soon as possible, only three more hams are needed.
Patrons (individuals and companies that have donated more than $100)
Tommy Billings, AA4TB BuddiPole
Friends of the Vanuatu DXpedition (individuals that have donated more than $50)