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E6AG – Nuie


Update from Grant VK5GR;

This will be a one man holiday style Dxpedition with family, and so operating will be at times limited. I will try and plan some days when I will definitely be active (working around solar storms etc if needed) and publicise them at little closer to the day. Other days will be family time, and completely dependent on what we are doing while exploring this island paradise.

The plan is to take a 500W station with a vertical folded monopole for 40m – 6m, which with a tuner may prove partially effective on 80m as well. The principle activity will be on digital modes (so I can operate when the family is asleep) but there will be some SSB activity as well. The rigs will be an Elecraft K3+KPA500+KAT500. The antenna has been designed and built by Steve VK5SFA.

The trip will see us arrive in Niue on September 12th (Niue time) and I expect the station to be active by end of day on the 13th (VK stations please remember Niue is on the other side of the date line, so this will be well into the 14th of September for VK/ZL). I am in particular planning on being active during the CQ WW RTTY contest on the weekend of the 23rd/24th of September. Last day will be Monday 25th of September (as we fly home on Tuesday 26th via New Zealand).

Good luck Grant!

 Qsl via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail



Qsl Cards for the above Callsigns are being prepared by the VK Team. They will be available in due course but this may be a little longer than my usual service due to logistics.

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EJ3HB – EU-121


Jeremy, EI5GM and Col, MM0NDX will be active from Bere Island IOTA EU-121.

They will be qrv as EJ3HB during the IOTA contest (July 29-30, 2017).

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A91HI Qsl Manager change

A91HI Final
Please note that from immediate effect, Qsl requests for the activation of Hawar Island AS-202 will now be transferred to Fawaz A92AA.

Please direct all Bureau & Direct QSL card requests and enquiries for LOTW to Fawaz , thank you.







YJ0G Vanuatu


Michael G7VJR has announced his will visit Vanuatu in 2018.

He will be qrv as YJ0G between the 2nd March 2018 to 19th March 2018 from Epule in Vanuatu in CW mode.


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GD4SKA EU-116 Isle of Man


John will make another visit to the Isle Of Man (IOTA EU-116) later this month.

He will be QRV as GD4SKA between the 29th June and the 9th July. Look for him running RTTY and JT65 modes on the HF Bands.

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A25UK QSL Card preview

A25UK 1

All Direct Mail/OQRS Direct Qsl Cards have been mailed today 7th June 2017.

We have a really nice 4 sided (Folding) Card which will be sent to all who have made a donation
or requested a Direct Card via OQRS or Post Mail. A 2 sided card has also been produced which
will be sent to all those requesting a Bureau Card.

Thanks to Gennady UX5UO for the printing of the card, showing a selection of the time we spent in Botswana.

We hope you will like the card once received, thank you.

A25UK 2 3


Logsearch is now on Clublog and our OQRS pages are now open.A25UK single front

The team really enjoyed their stay in A2 and the pile ups were amazing! We would all like to thank everyone that called us.

You enabled us to pass our target of 40,000 qsos and finish with a total of over 44,000 qso’s from 151 DXCC’s and all 7 Continents!

Thank you de A25UK

QSL via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post MailA25UK 4


Bouvet 2018


Like in 2006 at 3Y0X Peter 1st Island DXpedition, EME will be deployed at the Bouvet 3Y0Z DXpedition for 50MHz and 144MHz. In 2006 we made 114 EME QSO on 2m with digital modes and CW giving a lot of hams Peter 1st an ATNO!
This time we have improved the set-
up’s: SDR radios, EME tuned antennas, a minimum of 1KW SSPA power per band with low noise preamps and additional BPFs inline to avoid HF- QRM, low loss coax cabling, automatic Az and El moon tracking system, improved WSJT modes, heavily involved experienced EME pilots (Chris PA2CHR and Lance W7GJ) and back-up of the EME community.

The 3Y0Z EME operator team consist of Craig K9CT, Just LA9DL and Michael PA5M. Therefore technical and operational knowledge to work EME from such a remote, challenging location is assured.
To speak in Bouvet glacier term, the icing on the cake will be excellent EME condx during our stay with a Perigee at 31 January 2018. Giving the opportunity to work as many as possible light equipped EME stations.

We will have an on-line log and submit our logs to LOTW within six months after our return.

Everything is in place except our financing. Our total budget for this DXpedition is $740,500 where 50% of the budget is paid for by the 20 operators. 5% of our total budget is related to EME. This is where we need your support!

Club/Foundation and individual EME donors can be seen on our website:

Will you support us making your ATNO possible?

73e Craig, Just and Michael
3Y0Z Bouvet island EME DXpedition team