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Dog Island, Florida NA-085


Bruce K5TEN will activate the pretty rare Dog Island in Florida NA-085 later this year.

He will use 40 thro 6m with the possibility of 60m also. 30 and 40M will be used through the nighttime hours and his provisional dates are 3rd until the 10th June 2017.

Listen for Bruce as K5TEN/P who will be working with ”contest style exchanges”.

Qsl via K5TEN.







MDXC 20th Anniversary


MDXC “20 years award”

The Mediterraneo Dx Club, on the twentieth anniversary of its foundation, He wants to celebrate the event with all members and sympathizers.
We will do it with a series of special stations that should be recognizable by their name, from 1 to the 30 April 2017.
To enjoy ourselves more ‘we still decided to organize “20 years award”.

Three step caratterizzaranno the award:

20 years bronze
Will be released with at least 50 QSOs with special stations. Each first connection with an MDC station, for band and mode, It is counted as a valid QSO. With the same special station can be carried out 3 QSO on each band (SSB. CW e RTTY) . The stations will have at least 50 QSO can request a free diploma will be sent by e-mail in PDF format.

20 years silver
All those who connect at least 4 Special stations, one for each continent (Africa, America, Europe and Asia), may request the 4 beautiful qsl which combined with puzzle modes will form the ‘award

20 years gold
Who will link at least 20 Special stations, of which at least one for each continent (Africa, America, Europe and Asia) potra ‘require the plaque GOLD, handmade wooden with your callsing.

Cost of plaque € 25,00 including shipping

20 years TOP
Reserved for activators of special stations. Special station who has totaled more ‘QSOs, It will be appointed TOP, It will receive a handmade wooden plaque, for achievement.

All requests, for qsl and award, must arrive at ‘award manager:

19123 SPICE SP

It specifies that :
The bronze degree It is free and you will receive, on request, via e-mail;
The diploma silver managers can be requested by sending the list of contacts by mail or e-mail;
The diploma gold and ‘it is requested to the manager by post or e-mail, together with a contribution of € 25,00 also via paypal to ‘address
The diploma TOP It is free for the station receiving the highest total QSO.

Other operators by special stations may apply for the manager, the cost of the diploma gold, by sending //” target=”_blank”>mail request.

Poles of Saturn

IMG 20170227 174526

The north pole of Saturn sits at the center of its own domain. Around it swirl the clouds, driven by the fast winds of Saturn. Beyond that orbits Saturn’s retinue of moons and the countless small particles that form the ring.

Although the poles of Saturn are at the center of all of this motion, not everything travels around them in circles. Some of the jet-stream patterns, such as the hexagon-shaped pattern seen here, have wavy, uneven shapes. The moons as well have orbits that are elliptical, some quite far from circular.

This view looks toward the sunlit side of the rings from about 26 degrees above the ring plane. The image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft wide-angle camera on Dec. 2, 2016 using a spectral filter which preferentially admits wavelengths of near-infrared light centered at 890 nanometers.

The view was acquired at a distance of approximately 619,000 miles (996,000 kilometers) from Saturn. Image scale is 37 miles (60 kilometers) per pixel.

The Cassini mission is a cooperative project of NASA, ESA (the European Space Agency) and the Italian Space Agency. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington. The Cassini orbiter and its two onboard cameras were designed, developed and assembled at JPL. The imaging operations center is based at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

For more information about the Cassini-Huygens mission visit and .


The ‘Hexbeam Tilt’


Fed up of fighting with your antenna when installing on the mast or tower or for that yearly maintenence? Have a look at this new product by Ant MW0JZE.

The Hexbeam tilt is a simple but effective tool to ease the process of lowering the Hexbeam to a safe position to work on or to mount to the tower or mast.

Hexbeam Tilt will also work for other antennas such as:

Hexbeam antennas
Cobweb antennas
Cubical Quad antennas
Moxen Antennas
Yagi Antennas
and many more

For further information visit the Hexbeam Shop by clicking here or the image to the left.


9N7EI Press release


Latest press release from the 9N7EI Team Leader EI9FBB;

In just 2 weeks from now, 12 members from the EI DX Group will begin their travels to Nepal for their 10 day operation from the hills high above Kathmandu. The 9N7EI team report that they have located a different QTH which has truly spectacular views in all directions. Sited at over 6,000 feet above sea level, “we now have the clear path we were looking for towards NA/EU.”

 The team are delighted to announce that their requested 9N7 ‘Echo India’callsign is confirmed and their licenses have now been issued.  The packing of over half a ton of equipment has already begun with final plans being well underway.  For more information, photos and latest news please visit their webpage at


C6APY NA-054


M1ACB, M0VFC and M0IDA will be QRV as C6APY from Little Harbour Cay, Berry Islands (NA-054) next month. 

They’ll be flying to C6 on March 2nd and after several days of travel they plan to begin operations “around the 4th March“, depending on weather.  They will have three stations running 100 watts with most of their activity on 40-15 Meters on SSB and CW.  Plans are to be QRV until March 10th or 11th, as they fly back home on the 12th. 

QSL via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.



H74B & H74W NA-013


Thanks to Nuria Font Soler EA3WL & Josep Gibert EA3BT for the fast dispatch of the H74B & H74W Cards.

 Cards arrived today for their recent trip to Big Corn Island, Nicaragua NA-013.

Many thanks to both! 73/88






TM1CEZ EU-157…mailing…


QSL Cards for this event arrived from the Team’s Printer yesterday & will be mailed later this morning. The team asked me not to preview the Qsl design so it would be a surprise when you open the envelope

Thanks to Gil F4FET, Alain F5JTV, Antoine F5RAB and their colleague Jean Claude for their operation from Cezembre Island.

QSL Card available via



A71AM A71SS QSL preview


Qsl cards have now been printed for Saif Alkhayarin for his two Callsigns A71AM and also A71SS.

Saif lives in Dukhan, Qatar and is QRV on all bands using SSB and digital modes but mostly on cw. He is a member of QARS and the A73A Contest Team.

Qsl via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.

A71AM olb