CB0Z – Alejandro Selkirk Island

Licences have now been received by Mike K9AJ & Nando IT9YRE to operate on this brand new IOTA (SA-101new). Dates and more information will follow soon.

Please donate to this Dxpedition and assist them in reaching their target. You can do this via their website on the link below.

Alejandro Selkirk Island (SpanishIsla Alejandro Selkirk), previously known as Más Afuera (Farther Out (to Sea)) and renamed after the marooned sailor Alexander Selkirk, is the largest and most westerly island in the Juan Fernández Archipelago of the Valparaíso Region of Chile. It is situated 180 km (100 nmi; 110 mi) west of Robinson Crusoe Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. (Wikipedia).


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