Due to many repeated requests, I am almost ready to confirm contacts with 3B9FR on LOTW (Logbook of the World) for the first time. This is not as simple as you may think.

Robert 3B9FR still uses paper logs and I have to input this data into the PC log when he sends them. He can work between 50 and 500 qso’s a day so this task takes a lot of time. I currently have many paper logs and in the PC I have around 70,000 qso’s. My intention is to upload the 70,000 to LOTW and this will pacify many of you. All future logs will be uploaded as a matter of course.

The problem lies with historic qso’s. I simply cannot accept email enquiries at this stage as there will be hundreds and the only solution is to upload historic qso’s (pre 2014) as and when Direct Qsl Cards are requested. This can be done by Direct Post mail or using OQRS. OQRS Bureau requests can be made but I must stress of course that OQRS Direct & Post Mail Direct requests will have to take precidence. These will be uploaded to LOTW as soon as the request is processed. I am not chasing dollars here guys, searching through paper logs takes a huge amount of time and for each request with more than a few contacts, this can take 15 minutes or longer per request. I simply do not at this stage have the time to answer Log checks enquiries by email so please be patient.

I am sure this will change with the passing of time but please DO NOT send me emails as they may go unanswered.


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Charles M0OXO