Ofcom thanks RSGB for Olympic help

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Letter received from Ofcom by Don Beattie G3BJ;

Dear Mr Beattie,

Now that the London 2012 Games have come to an end I wanted to express my warm thanks and appreciation for the contribution that you made to the outstanding success of wireless communications during the Games.

One of the critical challenges for Britain was to find enough enough people with the right skills in radio engineering and interference management to support the needs of the Games. Ofcom could not have found enough people from our own resources and we therefore sought help from you and other agencies to help us find expert staff.

The radio amateurs who helped us at the London Games were:

  • Roger Dixon, Spectrum Engineer in the South River team
    Roger worked at Greenwich Park and The Royal Artillery Barracks
  • Dave Pick and Jon Lee, Spectrum Engineers in the River Zone team
    Dave and John worked at the ExCel Centre and the North Greenwich Arena
  • John Pink, Spectrum Engineer in the Testing and Tagging Team
    John worked in the Olympic Park
  • Darren Storer and Chris Morcom, Spectrum Engineers in LOCOG’s Technology Operations Centre
  • Richard Meadows, Spectrum Engineer covering activities outside the venues

Your support for this initiative introduced us to people who were very well motivated and with a high level of technical skill and expertise. We could not have provided such good service to our customers without their help. We had the benefit of learning from the experience and knowledge that they brought, and I hope that they too have returned with unique experiences and new skills.

Thank you again for your help in introducing us to these engineers. I think the exchange of knowledge between Ofcom and radio amateurs will be an enduring legacy of the Games. I see this as a model for further fruitful cooperation between us.

With best regards and many thanks again.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Bury


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