Bet Shankhodhar confirmed

K800 IMG

Thanks to Sarla VU2SWS for the receipt of my Qsl card for the AS-175 operation. (MØOXO IOTA 529 W 460 C).

Bet Shankhodhar a.k.a Bet Dwarka Island is located at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch and archaeological evidence suggests that it played a significant role in maritime activities in the past. The island of Bet Dwarka is situated in Okhamandal sub-division of Jamnagar district of the state of Gujarat. It is 3 kms. away from the mainland and the nearest port is Okha. It is 13 kms long (NW-SE) and 4 kms wide. The southeastern part of the island consists of high cliffs and clayey beaches, while to the northwest is a low lying area with fine sandy beaches. The vegetation includes shrubs, cactus and a few neem trees.

Thanks Sarla ..

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