DX Code Of Conduct – 1 Year on…….


This report from the DX Code of Conduct Committee – Randy W6SJ;

We have received over 12,700 unique visitors to our website.  This is a significant accomplishment given that we have now been “in business” for just a year and our budget is zero. Over 80% of the visitors are NOT from the U.S.A. so we are achieving our goal of having this be a truly universal, international movement.

We have added more clubs and more DXpeditions who endorse the Code. Feedback from some DXpeditions suggests that we are making good progress.

We have recently developed a new logo. We should have done this a year ago but getting it translated into over 30 languages seemed more important at that time.  So here it is top left of this report.
I hope each of you will put this on your website or QRZ.COM page and use it as a link. Ideally, every DXer, particularly the ones who NEED to align their operating practices with the Code, will see it and realize how strong the support is.

To that end, it is incumbent on each of you to carry this message

1. to your HF operator friends, particularly DXers,

2. to  your club, especially if it is a DX club,

3. to your national society and encourage them to send information about the Code to their memberships and to post the logo at their society website.

Get EVERYONE to put the logo up on the web so we can increase our visibility.

We have a Power Point that is intended for use at Club meetings.  It is available with an audio track, or you can narrate it yourself.

Finally, we have a new publication at the website THE NEW DXER’S HANDBOOK by K7AU at http://dx-code.org/newdxer.pdf I think you will find in enjoyable, even if you are a pro.  Tell your club about it and make sure that new members get a copy. After all, it’s an e-book and it’s free.

I want to thank the many who have written encouraging words of support to me. It means a lot to the Committee and I know this project means a lot to you too. I always am delighted to get feedback so keep the e-mails coming.  Respond to w6sj@arrl.net ….

For the DX Code of Conduct Committee Randy W6SJ

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