NL0H St Lawrence Island, Alaska NA-040

Some of you will have worked Henry Parker (originally from Nome, Alaska) earlier in the year when he operated as NL0H/P from St.Lawrence Island, Alaska (IOTA NA-040).
Henry has relocated to St. Lawrence in the Bering Sea and now as a permanent resident there, thus providing more activity on the Bands from the Island. There will be three separate logs on M0OXO OQRS relating to Henry’s past activity and his Callsign moving forward;
NL0H (from when Henry lived on the mainland)
NL0H/P NA-040 (His initial portable operations from the Island)
NL0H NA-040 (His current Callsign but now as a resident on the Island).
If you are unsure of where you worked Henry, check all three logbooks or email me.
New full colour Qsl Cards are currently in Print and will be available via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.


Radio ‘sparks’ in the Battle of the Atlantic WW2

When Nazi Germany invaded neutral Norway in 1940, most of Norway’s merchant fleet was at sea, Although the Germans ordered them home, not one turned back. King Haakon VII and his government went into exile in London. From there, they formed Nortraship (the Norwegian Shipping and Trade Mission), which administered the Norwegian merchant fleet outside German-controlled areas. Nortraship operated some 1,000 vessels and was the largest shipping company in the world. It made a major contribution to the Allied war effort. 

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Sunspot for Election Day!

One of the biggest sunspots in years is emerging on the sun today. Hours ago it produced a C-class solar flare and a minor radio blackout over the Indian Ocean.
This sunspot, if it holds itself together, will face Earth for the next two weeks as it rotates across the face of the sun, potentially setting the stage for a sustained stretch of solar activity.

8Q7CQ Filaidhoo Island, Maldives

Nobby, G0VJG will be active again as 8Q7CQ, this time from Reethi Faru, Filaidhoo Island (IOTA AS-013) on the Maldive Islands.

He will operate on the 80 – 10m Bands using SSB & Digital modes, the operation being between the 14th and 29th of January 2021.

QSL via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail


This weekend sees the biggest Contest of the Year arrive again with the CQWW Contest running between October 24-25, 2020.
By far the best place to find the runners and riders of the Contest is the NG3K Website (link below) where Bill provides us with all the information necessary, to see who is participating and of course their contact and QSL routes.
Thanks Bill as always for this great service……

IOTA Awards Manager – News

I am please to announce 2 x 1000 Islands Trophies have today been mailed, one to Ukraine and the second to Germany.
Congratulations to the two recipients, a great achievement!

Satellite QSO’s

If you have had a Satellite QSO and require this confirming by QSL Card, you are advised to email and inform me BEFORE making the OQRS request otherwise your card MAY contain the incorrect information.
This is because M0OXO OQRS does NOT cater for Sat Frequencies and was primarily written for HF only. If requested on OQRS the Band will show as 13m and not 13cm. To confirm any Satellite QSO, the label has to be produced from different Software. This is fine, I was happy to do that and/or correct the error with a new card when notified either by email or other social media source and at no further cost to the customer.
However, I no longer wish to deal with certain people who send rude, abusive and threatening emails regarding Satellite QSO’s. I thought I was helping the SAT Community by confirming their QSO’s (often as a new DXCC entity) but clearly this is not the case and several of them have now spoilt it for the others.
For this reason and from January 1st 2021, I will no longer confirm any new Satellite QSO’s  (unless the owner of the log specifically and personally asks me to do so). 

No Sunspots, just ‘Froth’ !

There are no sunspots on the sun today, but there is a lot of magnetic froth. Philippe Tosi sends this picture from Nîmes, France.
“I inserted a picture of Earth for scale,” says Tosi. “The active region is quite large.”
The frothy sea of magnetism in Tosi’s photo is called “plage”–French for beach. Bright plage often surrounds large sunspot groups. There was a sunspot at this location a few days ago, but it abruptly decayed after unleashing a C1-class solar flare. Only the froth remains.