New International Reply Coupons

The new International Reply Coupons with a sale and redemption period of 4 years (until 31.12.2025) are now in circulation.
All others designs are now unusable and only the ones in this image are now available in exchange for the minimum postal charge equivalent to an International basic letter or International Air Mail to any UPU Member State.

Significant reductions in Mailing Costs

With the significant changes to International mailings now being enforced by world Customs areas, it has meant that this also effects QSL management and I believe that we are the only QSL management team in the world that has been working with our national mail provider, Royal Mail, to discuss mailing solutions and secure access to the right products to keep the direct and bureau QSL cards posted.

The products that we had been using for many years were getting more expensive and were not suitable in the current Covid and customs climate.

Royal Mail had made the decision that these products were going to be removed and replaced by a new stream of mailing products that had to be accessed only by an online mailing solution to give us the correct customs clearance for the Bureau dispatches, however we urgently still require IARU to discuss a unique commodity code to reflect the “0” value at customs of QSL cards. It is quite clear that we are a long way off from this if it happens at all, the result of this no action is that Bureau boxes are now attracting TAX and handling fees around the world which some IARU Bureaus are failing to understand and refusing to pay the TAX and i have to say that I predicted this as far back as 2017, which begs the question why has no action been taken to secure the future of QSL’ing?

For “Direct QSL cards” we are proud to announce that we have secured access to a new mailing product which secures a better package for our daily mailing of direct QSL cards around the world. Prices are considerably more competitive and means that there will be no price rises for your QSL requests going forward into 2022.

This is great news for those that enjoy QSl’ing and excellent news for DXpeditions using our QSL services. We are very confident that our UK QSL managers are the only worldwide QSL providers that work with our national providers to give you the best QSL service out there today.

Please contact us for further information on the service we offer.


MM0EAX Orkney Islands

I have just uploaded the full log from Dave MM0EAX to M0OXO OQRS.
Dave has joined the M0OXO Community from his home in the Orkney Islands (IOTA EU-009). Logs are available on the link below where you can request your QSL Cards either Direct or via the Bureau.
Dave is a keen supporter of LOTW, so you will also find his up to date logs on the ARRL LOTW system. Thank you also to Jamie M0SDV for his work as Dave’s previous Manager.

Raivavae Island DXpedition (OC-114)

Seven experienced DXpedition / contest operators will activate Raivavae (Austral Islands) OC-114, French Polynesia as TX5N from April 16 to April 28, 2022. Team members are: Rob N7QT, Walt N6XG, Heye DJ9RR, Gene K5GS, Steve W1SRD, Melanie N7BX and Doris K0BEE.

Current plans call for Elecraft K3 / amplifier equipped stations. Beach mounted verticals and one hexbeam round out the antenna plan. They will operate 10 – 160m, CW, SSB and Digital. The QSL manager will be Tim M0URX
The team will meet in Papeete, Tahiti on April 12th and fly to Raivavae on April 15th. As with all international travel, Covid restrictions may require us to reschedule or cancel.
This self-funded project welcomes your donations through the website. Donations will be used to off-set the equipment shipping expenses.
Please direct questions to:

9N1DX Nepal

Finally some good news!
Over the past few days I have manually entered over 1100 new QSO’s into the 9N1DX Logbook at M0OXO OQRS, (link below). The Log contains the 6m QSO’s made before she went QRT. This upload now completes her full logbook which I have been trying to obtain for the last 6 months.
I do not have any documentation from 9N1DX, nor do I have her written permission which would allow ARRL to supply me with an LOTW certificate. As, if, or when this situation changes, of course I will inform you but for the time being there is no LOTW available. QSL Cards are available on the link below.
Anyone who still has a Missing QSO enquiry after searching the new log should make a new report on M0OXO OQRS by hitting the on-line ‘Not In Log’ Form (find it below the Log Search box).
Happy New Year!

3Y0J Bouvet Island – Press Release #7

We’re happy to inform about some news related to the upcoming Bouvet DXpediiton.
We have selected the Norwegian brand Arctic Lavvo who will supply us with their Venor Gamme tent. Arctic Lavvo will deliver custom made tents to the project that includes three tents for radio operation and sleeping. The manufacturer having its factory at latitude 70N is taking the extra step to ensure their high-quality products will sustain the Bouvet climate. The tent having been tested at JW Svalbard in extreme conditions up to 40 m/s will be improved further by adding extra guying levels and by strengthening the aluminium frame. We’re confident selecting a Norwegian manufacturer with huge experience from this kind of climate is a wise decision.
We also would like to inform about the selection of SILCOM as the sponsor of our yagi antenna masts. SILCOM will deliver custom made antenna masts rated for the Bouvet climate. They will be named ALU-3Y0J and GLV-3Y0J where we will use the alu mast for the tribanders and the smaller steal mast for the dualbander yagis. All masts have been through detailed engineering to optimize the technical specification and rating to fit our InnovAntenna/Wimo Yagis. The masts being a square telescopic mast with tilt-over functionality and winch can easily handle 35 m/s at 10m level.
We’re taking the preparation to the next level by procuring a milpro Zodiak. The strategic decision to buy the milpro Zodiak will enable us to train continuously on the critical beach landing in Norway. Having access to the exact same zodiac we will use at Bouvet, is just another step we have taken to ensure the success of this DXpedition.
We also have a change in the team. 3 team members are leaving the team due to various health and personal issues. Sandro VE7NY, Laci HA0NAR and Dima RA9USU are unfortunately leaving the team. We are happy to inform that we have already onboarded Cezar VE3LYC and Otis NP4G in the team. Their experience will be a great addition to the team.
So far the team have spent more than $130,000 out of the total budget. We have reached an income level of $500,000 but still critically need additional $160,000 support to be able to make it. Going to Bouvet is a huge undertaking financially as all our expenses are upfront. If you want to have the opportunity to work the rare #2 DXCC Bouvet island, please consider to donate upfront. We ask all clubs and individuals to support us so that we can put on a 3 weeks DXpedition show from Bouvet.
You can follow our plans from our website and the 3Y0J Facebook pages:
Thank you, Oslo December 2021
Ken Opskar LA7GIA, Co-Leader
Rune Oye LA7THA, Co-Leader
Erwann Merrien LB1QI, Co-Leader

Dream Big and Dare to Fail

New book by Cezar VE3LYC
”The book has just been freshly printed and shipped from the printers. Those who may be interested in a copy will be able to order it in a couple of weeks. Until then, a first short introduction to it is available at;
Feel free to email me or (M0OXO) directly any inquiries and/or expressions of interest you may have.”

Christmas Greetings de M0OXO

With just a week to go to the Holidays, I would like to wish all my Friends, Family and colleagues a very merry Christmas and Best Wishesfor a peaceful 2022.
2022 looks uncertain but rest assured the M0OXO QSL Service will still be here. With Bouvet (3Y0J) and Rockall (MM0UKI/p) on the horizon let’s hope that a start to getting back to a new normal is on the way, we can but hope.
Many people have lost loved ones in the last 12 months so spare a thought for these people as you enjoy your own celebrations in the nest few weeks.
M0OXO will not be here on Christmas Day but he will be working throughout the rest of the Holidays to ensure your requests are still met in a timely fashion.
73 (& 88 where appropriate) to you all and thanks for your continued support in both this and the forthcoming New Year.