NASA to test supersonic spacecraft

DiscoveryNASA announced today that its second Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) test will launch next Tuesday, 2nd June, from the the U.S. Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii.

The LDSD mission is part of the agency's preparation for sending humankind to Mars. Mission commanders aim to test new technology designed to land a spacecraft with a large payload on the surface of the Red Planet.

NASA is investigating the use of atmospheric drag as a method to safely land the large spacecraft on Mars; the spacecraft will only need to access its limited supply of fuel during final landing procedures. According to NASA, three different supersonic vehicles are under development.


K800 MT0IXDMS0IXD-FRONTThe Qsl card for the DX Interceptor's is now complete and being printed.

MT0IXD was the Callsign used on their recent trip to the Isle Of Man IOTA EU-116.

Qsl Cards will be available soon for MT0IXD EU-116 or their Club Station Call of MS0IXD. OQRS is already open and you can request your card by clicking here.

You can also view their website by clicking the image above.




M0OXO QSL Service


Here is a full list of the Stations that I am currently (as of 1st May 2015) Qsl Manager for.



You can request Qsl Cards for any of these stations using my OQRS system and you can find a link for this in the sidebar or at the bottom of this page.

If you are requesting multiple Qsl Cards via the bureau, please consider donating a few Dollars by PayPal. Cards sent via the bureau still have to be designed, bought and mailed and for bureau cards this is done at my expense. If you are requesting 5 - 20+ Qsl Cards at a time (and many of you do!), don't be tight and just ask for them because they are 'free' as this is clearly not the case. Please consider a small donation towards the costs of running this Qsl Card service. There is a PayPal Donation box to the left of this message - Thank you.

2E0AVF England **Qsl cards NOT required
2E0DJB England **Qsl Cards required
2E0KYI England **Qsl Cards required
2O0IJK England London 2012 Olympic Games **Qsl Cards required
2Q0IJK England HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee **Qsl Cards required
2R0KYI England Royal Wedding UK 2011 **Qsl Cards required
2SZ England **Qsl Cards required
2V0IJK England RSGB Centenery celebrations **Qsl Cards required
3B9FR AF-017 Rodriguez Island **Qsl Cards not required
3B9WR AF-017 Rodriguez Island by G3LZQ (SK) **QSL Cards NOT required

(Click here to see a full list of the Callsigns I manage).

Read more: M0OXO QSL Service

YB4IR/8 OC-249

K1024 YBIR 001

QSL Card received today from Imam YB4IR for his operation from Wamar Island IOTA OC-249 back in April.


Fast service via OQRS, thanks Imam.







SWL's Callsign database

swlDespite what many people say, SWL (Short Wave Listening) is as popular as ever.

Many people think that there aren't that many SWL's active in hobby nowadays and that it is a dying pastime but they couldn't be further from the truth. I receive several requests every week for confirmations of contacts from Short Wave listeners and it is a pleasure to confirm their reception reports.

One thing I would ask though is that SWL's please add their contact details to the Callsign Databases such as Quite often I have the need to contact them for a query with the card they request or the Qso they have heard and it is very frustrating not to have an email address, Skype or other way of contacting them other than the traditional Post Mail.

My plea is that SWL's add their details to our databases to make this easier. It is possible to add your SWL Call just as easy as any Ham Call. Take a look at the example set by Patrick F59706 and add your SWL Call today!


Little Saltee Island EU-103


May 23rd to 25th EJ9FBB & EJ5GM will be QRV from Little Saltee Island EU-103.

QRV on 40m through 6m SSB & CW only.

QSL via homecalls, EI9FBB & EI5GM respectively.



F/DL8JJ/P EU-081 Saint Marcouf Island

dj8ppMW0JZE Hexbeams are very excited to announce that Emil DL8JJ has chosen the Ultra-Lightweight Portable Hexbeam to activate EU-081, one of Europe’s Most Wanted IOTA Saint Marcouf island. Emil will be signing F/DL8JJ/P and the activation will take place from the 5th - 10th July 2015

This is a solo trip but by no means is a lightweight expedition, Emil is taking this very seriously. His equipment list is quite impressive for a solo operation!

•    Flex-6300 (main RIG)
•    Kenwood TS-480SAT (standby)
•    Elecraft KX3 with 60Ah  (standby)
•    Acom 1011
•    Arlan Radiosport RS60CF headset with M350-ADJ Electret Mic (for SSB) against the loud noise of the choral seagulls
•    Bose QuierComfort  25 (for CW) Noise Cancelling headphones against the loud noise of the choral seagulls
•    LowBand Dipol 2x27m with Palstar BT-1500A
•    G3TXQ Ultra lightweight portable Hexbeam
•    12 mtrs portable tower
•    Genartor Einchell 2500
•    Honda EX7 (standby)
•    150 Ltr. petrol
•    3 Notebooks
•    N1MM Plus Software
•    FLDigi
•    K1EL keyer
•    Scheunemann single DX-pedition light paddle
•    Technical tools
•    Provisions to survive one week on the island

We wish Emil the greatest of success and a safe trip both on and off the island and a big thanks for choosing the all new Ultra-lightweight D-Hexpedition Hexbeam.

More info can be found on Emils site:


H42NT, H44NT, VK7FG in the mail this week..

QSL VK7FG FRONTJust back home from a small vacation and was pleased to see that the H42NT, H44NT and VK7FG Qsl Cards were sat waiting from the Printer Gennady UX5UO (Thanks G !.).

Qsl Cards are being processed and will be mailed Friday 23rd/Saturday 24th May. Sorry for the slight delay with these cards, I hope you will find the delay worth it ;-)








The First Martian Marathon

marathonOn Earth, a fast runner takes a few hours to complete a marathon. On Mars, it takes about 11 years.

NASA's Opportunity rover crossed the finish line of the first "Martian Marathon" in 2015

See more of this incredible story on you tube by clicking the image above.





'Three Amigo's' Tour of P40


The following Callsigns wil be qrv from Aruba (SA-036) between 19th - 26th May 2015;
Peter (VK3FN) as P40FN, Chris (VK3FY) as P40FY and David (K3LP) as P40DC will operate from
from the late Carl Cook (AI6V - SK) P49V QTH on the Island.

They will be qrv on the HF bands.





Need a efficient & reliable Qsl service?

Here in the UK we have the best facilities to provide your DXpediton with the very best in QSL management.
We have a team of QSL managers ready to work for you and the deserving. We can offer dedicated OQRS systems as well as our own Outgoing QSL Bureau for the fastest Bureau shipments by Priority Air Mail. We have an Online Business Account for all our International mailings so your DXpedition gets the most competitive postal rates. We also offer you high quality Qsl Cards by QSL designers who are ready to put their mark on your QSL card.

For more information contact Charles Wilmott M0OXO or Tim Beaumont M0URX as attention to the finest detail is important to us.

We not only support DXpeditions and provide QSL routes for many rare and interesting call signs, but we also support organisations like the CDXC Chiltern DX Club, ARI and several UK QSL managers.

oba 2014In the year up to 31/03/2015 the team have posted 30,930 items to almost every country in the World and supported a large number of DXpedition teams and single operator stations. The table shows you some of the statistics on our postage volumes over the last year!

Are you a UK QSL manager? Are you planning a DXpedition and want to manage your own QSL mailings from the UK? Then we can help you too!




Here is the AX8AA QSL Card design.

The station was one of many comemorating the 100 years of the ANZAC activities. AX8AA was operated by David VK2CZ.

Qsl via M0OXO OQRS






Messenger to crash on Mercury

planet mercury by messengerThe Messenger Spacecraft which has orbited Mercury since March 2011 is running out of fuel.

It is going to crash into the planet sometime this spring - possibly around the end of April.

The Messenger team keep tweaking the orbit by using methods such as creating additional thrust by squirting cold pressurised Helium through the thrusters to raise the orbit. However this will only delay the inevitable crash whose exact time remains uncertain.


Click the image to read more about 'Messenger'.







H44NT QSL Card preview

K800 QSL H44NT FRONT 01Qsl Card designs received today from the Team.

Images sent to the Print Shop at UX5UO also today.










H42NT QSL Card preview

K800 QSL H42NT FRONTQsl Card designs received today from the Team.

Images sent to the Print Shop at UX5UO also today.










VK7FG QSL Card preview

QSL VK7FG FRONTQsl Card designs received today from the Team.

Images sent to the Print Shop at UX5UO also today.

K800 QSL VK7FG REAR fotos









YB4IR/7 OC-252

Lemukutan oc-252The latest Card from IOTA activator Imam YB4IR arrived today.

This Qsl card confirmed Lemukutan Island, IOTA OC-252, worked back in March 2015.

Thanks Imam 73 !







3W2JK AS-130 Qsl Card

3w2jk frontQSL Card received from Jacek SP5FPW this morning for his recent operation from Con Son Island, Vietnam, IOTA AS-130.

Thanks for the Qso, Qsl Card and new IOTA Jacek, 73 !

 3w2jk back2







7 Band Broadband Hexbeam by MW0JZE

WP 20150409 004The new version of the MW0JZE Hexbeam was tried today for the first time on SSB.

This new antenna replaced the original 6 Band Hexbeam as it now offers wider spaced elements (increased vertical spacing between the wire elements eliminating any chances of inter band interaction) and also a folded dipole for 40m with a separate feed-line allowing it cover 7 Bands (6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 & 40M). I erected the antenna a few weeks ago but this was the first real 'CQ' tests on SSB.

The results today were extremely good. I had an hour on 20m SSB and the first reply was KN4YZ/AM. Lynn was at 38,000 ft in a Boeing 767 flying over California (where his temp was -53.C), a nice start.
Further calls from W0, W4, W5, W6, KH6, ZL2BAQ, VK2, VK3FN (thanks Pete !), PY8, AL7 and across to RA. The final contact was Din YB8RW/p on IOTA OC-273 (20 CW). All in all very happy indeed and a good hours work.

If you are interested in any of the Hexbeam Antennas by Ant MW0JZE (including the new Ultra-Lightweight (6Kg) D-Hexpedition Antenna) then take a look at the website on this link


P40 Aruba SA-036


The following Callsigns wil be qrv from Aruba (SA-036) between 19th - 26th May 2015;
Peter (VK3FN) as P40FN, Chris (VK3FY) as P40FY and David (K3LP) as P40DC will operate from
from the late Carl Cook (AI6V - SK) P49V QTH on the Island.

They will be qrv on the HF bands.





Pluto - NASA need your help!

PlutoWhen NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flies by Pluto this July, the spacecraft's high-resolution cameras will spot many new landforms on the dwarf planet's unexplored surface.  There could be mountains, craters, rilles, valleys and, of course, the unknown.

They are all going to need names—and NASA wants you to help.







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