Over 4.5 Million QSO's in QSO Database!

K1024 M0OXO Logo 2017Stats show that the QSO's held in the M0OXO Database has now passed the 4.5 Million QSO mark!

We now have a total of 4,505,419 QSO's.









Our lopsided Moon was likely hit..

MoonsfarsideLRO....By a Dwarf Planet!

The familiar lunar vista humans see when they look up at night reveals a face with dark “seas” and bright craters. The mysterious far side, which wasn’t revealed until humans started sending probes and then people in the 1960s, is far more heavily cratered, with few of the dark plains of the near side.

But what caused the two sides to be so different? That’s been a matter of debate.

Now, researchers led by Meng-Hua Zhu, from the Macau University of Science and Technology, say that a dwarf planet striking the Moon sometime after its initial formation could have caused the lopsided world we see today. They published their research May 20 in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.
A series of planet-sized collisions.

Click here to see larger image and

Read more: Our lopsided Moon was likely hit..


8TOperated by Members of West Bengal Radio Club (Amateur Club) VU2WB, Sodepur, Kolkata, India (http://wbrc.in/) between 10th & 17th January 2020
Supported by National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR), Hyderabad, India (www.niar.org) & Indian Institute of Hams, Bengaluru (www.indianhams.com)
Previous callsigns for Ganga Sagar Mela:

2019 : AU2HAM (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb4fZjJe90I)
2017, 2018 : AU2WBR
2016 : 8T5GSM 2015 : 8T5MQT 2014 : AU2MQT

V55A CQWW CW 2019

v551The full log from Uli ZR2A (working the CQWW CW Contest from the V55A station in Namibia), has now been uploaded to M0OXO OQRS.

Qsl Cards are being prepared which will cover both the CW and the SSB Contests a few weeks ago.

Please report any Busted or Missing Calls using the online form in OQRS, simply click on ''Missing Call'' button.
Do not send reports via Social media or by Email. - Thanks


9J2LA Zambia

9J2LAMarch 5th - 15th 2020 is the date of the DXpedition by Rune LA7THA and the team of LA operators, following their success as 7P8LB earlier this Year.

This time the LA chaps will be joined by other Ops and the full list now reads, LA3BO, LA3MHA, LA8OM, LA9KKA, LA9VPA, LB8DC, DK6SP, OE5CWO and OE7PGI.

They plan CW, SSB, FT8 and “some RTTY” on 160-6. The team will make use of the Leaderboard facility on Clublog. Qsl & Logsearch will be via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail. Do NOT send your cards via the buro as they will not be received.



3B8M Mauritius - Update

3b8mAn update to my post a few days ago regarding 3B8M and its entry in CQWW CW this weekend. The op list is G0CKV, N6VI, W6XD, N6AA, KX7M and K1ZZ. All will likely be active having fun on the air in the days leading up to the big competition, and maybe a few on afterwards.

This multi-multi will have three stations, all K3s, plus two SPE amps and one THP amp. G0CKV and N6VI are already there with most of the rest arriving later today and K1ZZ arriving Thursday straight from the World Radio Conference being held in Egypt.

3B8M will have a toploaded “umbrella” vertical for 160 and an inverted L for 80 were put up yesterday. Both are using Spiderbeam 18M poles. They tested them at sunset Sunday and again at this morning’s sunrise. They will try to be on the air every sunset and sunrise (their time of course). Today they are putting up the 40M vertical and hopefully VDAs for 20, 15 and 10, but Olof says they “need to go hunting for some hardware for those.” He says the location is excellent, right at the water’s edge with miles of water to the northwest and a whole ocean to the north and east. The location is quiet but QRN from tropical high-intensity lighting storms can be a challenge on 160 and 80.

QSL only via M0OXO OQRS; no cards through the bureau.

C U on the bands this week before, during and after CQWW!


V55A Namibia CQWW CW

V55AV55A will be in the CQWW DX CW this coming weekend, Uli, (ZR2A/DM5EE) will be operating, single op all band high power.

QSL via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail. Please do NOT send cards via the bureau as they will never arrive.

4S7DLG Sri Lanka

4S7DLGBernhard (DK7TF) will be active from Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka starting this week as 4S7DLG.

He will be active mainly on SSB and FT8 modes.

Qsl for this activity will be via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail. Please do NOT send any cards via the Bureau, they will not arrive here and you won't get a reply.






Worked All County Plaques

All England 2 0190In association with Most Wanted DX Plaques (http://dxwanted.net/) these will soon be on offer to anyone interested in County Hunting. Plaques will be available for;

Worked All Counties of England

Worked All Counties of Ireland

Worked All Counties of Scotland

Worked All Counties of Wales and

Worked All Territories of the United Kingdom

Further details will be released in the near future but until then, start working those Counties!


Click on ''read more'' to see more images.








Read more: Worked All County Plaques

3B8M Mauritius

3B8MOlof G0CKV, Martin N6VI, Arthur W6XD, Dick N6AA, Denny KX7M & Dave K1ZZ will be active from Mauritius (IOTA AF-049) before, during and after CQWW CW Contest next weekend as 3B8M. Expect activity on all Bands.

Qsl via M0OXO OQRS only, Please DO NOT send cards via the Buro.


A35JT - Expedition Story

a35jt-logoIn the beginning…

The idea for this DXpedition began after I returned home from Vanuatu as YJ0AG in April 2018. Up until this point, I had been trying to combine a family holiday with Amateur Radio, having also operated as E6AG on Niue in 2017 and as VK5GR/P on Kangaroo Island in 2016. The lure of the pileups and the resulting impact on family time meant it just wasn’t working. A new formula was needed. It was time to “upgrade” to the next level!........

...read the full account on the image above......

Qsl Cards can be requested by clicking here


FH/DL9HAL Mayotte

fhStephan is now back from his trip to Mayotte (IOTA AF-027). He operated from there mainly on FT8 for which he has now submitted his Log.

Please see the link below for Log searching and for QSL Card requests Cards are currently being printed and will be available in the next 10-14 days.

Pitcairn Dxpedition

pitcairmSept. 29, 2019: We are pleased to announce our pilot station network for the Pitcairn Island DXpedition. Our pilot station system is in place to relay your reports, concerns, and advise to us through our pilot stations. Initially, the information most important to us will be when we are being heard in your area. This is especially true if there are openings to more than one geographical area at the same time and one of those areas has strong signals that obscure stations calling from the other areas. We need to attend to those weaker signals and your reports will help us do that.

With time your band and mode needs will be relayed to us through our system. Constructive criticism is welcome as well.

Our system is somewhat “Eurocentric,” with north, south, east, and western Europe each having a representative in our system. We do this because needs for a VP6 contact are greater in Europe and European signals may be “under” stronger signals from other geographical areas.

Our chief and North American pilot is Jerry, WB9Z. He will be supported by JJ3PRT, OG2M, R7LV, G3XTT, EA3AKP, IK0FVC, NP4G, ZS1C, and ZL3IO. Please go to our Pilots and Off-Island Team Members page for more details.
We want you in our log and we want you to have fun working us.



Earth from Saturn

saturn and eartthNo words!

















IL7MP Trementi Islands

il7mpQsl design has been printed (by UX5UO QSL Printer) for Mikes recent trip to Trementi Islands (IOTA EU-050) and will be available soon.

Please use OQRS to request your card.



ECLIPSEAs NASA goes forward to the Moon and on to Mars, new opportunities to learn about the Sun-Earth connection abound.

But it’s not just basic science. The Sun’s influence fills the space around us — the very space that future #Artemis astronauts will have to navigate and understand.

All about it: https://go.nasa.gov/2McngZS










N5C & K5P

IREFN5C Cat Island (Mississippi)
K5P Isle au Pitre (Louisiana)

Both teams under the IREF umbrella are doing a great job since they became simultaneously active yesterday from both Islands. Great signals on 20, 30 and 40M here is the UK.

Good luck to all who need the islands!

IREF - Island Radio Expedition Foundation



6O7O Somalia

6O7O 3The QSL Card for this trip has been sent to the Print Shop at UX5UO QSL Print - Tnx Gennady!

Please request your card on the link below and remember, any donations will go directly to Kens humanitarian fundraising. You can donate here;

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Logsearch & Qsl Card requests





EJ1D EU-006

EJ1DFollowing the DX Feile on Inis Mor (IOTA EU-006), the full log is now available from the station they operated and can be found on the link below.








a35jt-logoFolks from all of us at A35JT it has been a pleasure bringing this DXpedition to you. We just went out with a bang on 17m calling Europe, Japan and everywhere. We have made over 15000 contacts and worked over 132 DXCC entities since arriving in the Kingdom of Tonga 2 weeks ago. Thanks everyone for your support, encouragement and most of all your contact with us in one of SSB, FT8, CW, PSK, RTTY or EME.

A special thank you to our sponsors and donors too. Without your help we would not have made it to Tonga in the first place. In particular a hige thank you to EUDXF, GDXF, SDXF, CDXC-F, CDXC-UK, RSGB, SpiderBeam, RF Solutions (Brisbane), HF Radio Solutions (Riverland), Messi & Paoloni, UX5UO Print and the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group. We must also thank our off island team, Charles M0OXO our QSL Manager, Bjorn ON9CFG our chief pilot, and our regional pilots in Steve N2AJ, Joe JJ0PRT, Ricardo PY2PT, Jim AC3EZ and Chris VK5SA. Without that off island support a project like this is much harder to achieve.

To the EME community a huge thank you too for your support and faith that a couple of EME novices could pull off EME from a remote south Pacific nation. It has been a privilege to attempt 6m EME communications for the very first time from Tonga (A3). Thank you for your support of us in attempting this.

Finally, a full report will be prepared shortly. Meanwhile it is dark here already and we have 12 hours to complete tear-down, pack-up and get our equipment to the freight handlers, and ourselves to the airport. Time to go and load the last cases.

73 all from the team at A35JT – Grant VK5GR, Oly VK5XDX, Andy VK5AKH, Steve VK5SFA, Sharon VK5FSAW and Amelia…

IOTA/Clublog Matching - Please read..


IOTAFor those of you that have trouble using the IOTA/Clublog matching system, please check out this new information.

When you have logged in to the IOTA Site and have selected ''Add QSO's from Clublog'', you will see that several questions have now been added. These questions are for you to work through to try and assess why you cannot match your QSO in the Log Matching system. Here is a summary of what you will see;



1) Is your callsign in the Log Search of the operation in question?
2) Is the DX callsign in the Log Search of your own log?
3) Do the frequencies and modes in both Log Searches match?
4) Is the operation listed in the list of 'Accepted Activations?'
5) Have 30 days passed from the time and date of the QSO?
6) Is the IOTA Group you are trying to match, already in your pending QSOs or accepted QSOs list (You can't have it twice)?
7) Did you check the UTC of your QSO? It is not allowed to differ more than 15 minutes from the UTC in the activations log.
8) Are you sure you used the correct credentials to connect to Club Log?
9) If you cannot login to Club Log from the IOTA website then get a one time password from Settings -> App. Password. Use this on the IOTA website to get QSO matches.

I am hopeful these will help you determine the cause of your failure to get the matching credit. Of course it will also help to reduce the ''none matching'' emails to the IOTA Support Desk, hopefully enabling me to give a faster response to other questions on the Support desk and not solely matching enquiries.


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