Anguilla CaysJohn C6ATS will make an attempt to activate Anguilla Keys NA-219 (part of the Cay Sal Bank Group) at some point late next week. It will be 3 days en route to the Islands.
Waters are very shallow and as well has being pretty hazardous to get to, the area is pretty lawless and dangerous. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2598566/Charred-corpses-three-men-one-woman-Anguilla-Cay-burned-tires-set-alight-bodies.html
John will have no internet access as he nears this location but I will advise you as much as I can during next week of how his progress is going and on which date(s) we expect him to be qrv if the landing is at all possible.
Please keep watching this blog for updates or Twitter @charlesm0oxo
 **14th Feb UPDATE**
From John C6ATS - ''I’ve engaged a weather forecaster/weather router who is assisting me with forecasts over SSB to aid decision-making while I don’t have Internet access. At the moment, the weather looks favourable for a trip leaving Georgetown, Bahamas on Tuesday 16th. It’s about 240 nautical miles to the Anguilla Cays so we should be there by first light on Thursday. The wind is due to strengthen from the north east so I’m hoping the anchorage we have been recommended is tenable. 

If all is well, I will scout around for a place to land and operate from. I’m told there may be a small beach and that the rest of the cays are rough rock and scrub vegetation. ( I have this thought in my mind that if the beach we’ve been told about is the only one it might also be the site of this – Anguilla Cays Murders).

If the forecast holds I may be active on Thursday however, if things change and I decide to go the extra 50 NM to Cay Sal itself, it might be Friday. The forecast for the weekend is good so I will try to be QRV as much as I can but bearing in mind that there is bound to be a cold font come from the north sometime that will make the banks untenable.

Expect me on 20m or higher and as close to the IOTA frequencies as I can get. The propagation forecast is not great and I am very unlikely to operate at night due difficulty and safety of landing.

I’ll update here again as I leave if there is time, otherwise Charles, M0OXO will update as required.

73 and see you on the air…''


VE7ACN/7 NA-091 confirmed

K800 img087This paper confirmation arrived yesterday.

Mike VE7ACN/7 was qrv from Bowen Island, IOTA NA-091 back in January and again a very fast dispatch of cards via Clublog OQRS.

Thanks Mike!







YB9Y - OC-276 confirmed

K800 img086

Thanks to several of our YB friends for helping to get this card confirmed.

YB9Y was active from Bras in the Mapia Islands Group (IOTA OC-276) back in 2013. I have tried several times to secure this confirmation and with mail theft and/or undelivered it was proving a lost cause.

Anyway I am pleased to say the card arrived today with many thanks to all those who assisted especially Pri YB0ECT!




6Y5/JA0RQV - NA-097 Jamaica

JA0RQVMasa JA0JQV will be qrv from Jamaica as 6Y5/JA0RQV from the 18th February 2016 for 2 months.

This is a re-scheduled trip having been postponed back in December last year.

He will be on a business trip and his primary location will be a Hotel in the Capital Kingston.


Qsl is via M0OXO Direct or OQRS.

Bureau Cards are NOT required so please use OQRS for ALL bureau requests and do NOT send them via the bureau as they will NOT be received.




Lord HFrom Michael G7VJR - ''I will be visiting Lord Howe island, IOTA OC-004, between 15 April and 20 April 2016. I’ll be on the HF bands, currently planning 100W and CW only, using wire verticals. Baggage allowances on the Dash-8 aircraft are limited so I am probably not going to be able to carry a linear, but I have picked a favourable north-facing QTH for QSOs with Europe and will be focusing on the radio at peak times.

Log search: https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/vk9l/g7vjr

QSLs are handled by Charles, M0OXO. I will upload my log to LoTW. I do not need your QSL card so I would prefer it if you could use OQRS with Charles, to ensure you get your card without incurring any waste. See you on the bands!

See you on the bands 73  Michael G7VJR''


YW5Z SA-059 confirmed

K800 img083YW5Z Qsl Card landed this morning.

Las Testigos IOTA SA-059 was activated back in August 2015 by a large team of the Caracas DX Group from Venezuela, celebrating Venezuelan Navy Day.

Thanks Uli, DM4TI.







A25UK - Botswana 2016

a25uk logo

A team consisting G0VJG, G4FAL, M0TGV, G4DLD and GM0WED will be active from the Tuli Block, Botswana as A25UK between April 13-18, 2016.

QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB/RTTY using beams, verticals and 4SQ. Click here or the Logo to visit their website. You can also follow them on Twitter @A25UK

Logs uploaded daily to Club Log. QSL via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.

Please DO NOT send your Qsl Cards via the Bureau - They are NOT required


PX8K SA-042 confirmed

K1024 img082Latest IOTA card to appear through the door this week was from PX8K.

PX8K activated Caviana Island, Brazil, IOTA SA-042 in July 2015 as part of the IOTA Contest.

Qsl applied for via Clublog OQRS and took 6 months to arrive.

Thanks !





S79C AF-119 - Video released

S79C VIDEORon PA3EWP has just released this video of the recent trip to Coetivy Island, Seychelles IOTA AF-119.

The video gives a great overview of the whole operation to this new IOTA and rare Island off the Coast of the Seytchelles.

Please click here or the image to view the Video.




3W3MD/P AS-162 confirmed

K1024 img081Qsl Card arrived today for the Mediterranean DX Club DXpedition to Cham Island, Vietnam.

The team were active from Vietnam 31 October - 9 November 2015 as 3W3MD. Some members of the
team activated Cham Island (IOTA AS-162) as 3W3MD/P for a few hours during their trip.

QSL via Giuliano IK2VUC - tnx !





BY5YAA - Cards mailed

K1024 BY5YAA QSL card FrontQSL Cards for BY5YAA AS-138 have been mailed today.

Anyone requiring a paper qsl card confirmation for AS-138 Pingtan Island, (activated on the 26/27 July 2014 IOTA Contest as BY5YAA) can now do so via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.


Please note the specific date of the operation as dates outside the IOTA Contest itself for BY5YAA will NOT be valid for AS-138 and the IOTA Program.




VK4NM/P OC-142 - reminder...

VK4NM 2011 Andrew and his team will be QRV from Fraser Island (OC-142) as VK4NM/p from January 29th until the 1st February.                         

''Please listen out for us. We have a special QSL card for the activation which can be requested via my Manager M0OXO''.

This station also valid for WWFF Awards.

QSL via M0OXO or Direct Post Mail.





Bureau Mailing - #1 2016


M0OXO Bureau 1QSL cards have been posted to 85 World Bureaus today, Wednesday 20th January 2016 

This mailing is a joint mailing between Tim M0URX & Charles M0OXO.
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus or received by hams around the world.? This feedback will be added to our data below.

Total amount of QSL cards 17,056
Via M0URX 10,742
Via M0OXO 6,314
Total Weight 67.665 kg

Total Cost £309.00 / per kg £4.71
Average postage cost 1.81 p per QSL card.


Photo - M0OXO, Charles with our bureau mailing



Read more: Bureau Mailing - #1 2016

DS2GOO/2 AS-090 confirmed

K1024 img080This Qsl Card arrived today confirming IOTA AS-090.

Thanks to Han for the card which confirmed his operation from Taeijak Island, AS-090 from back in 2015.








ISS speak with School Pupils

SANDPupils from Sandringham School today spoke with the International Space Station and Astronaut Tim Peake via Ham Radio.


Sandringham School in St Albans has made history by making the first amateur radio call from the UK to a British astronaut on the space station.

The children contacted Major Tim Peake as he flew overhead on Friday morning.

Pupil Jessica, who has recently passed her radio exams, led the conversation.

It took a few minutes for the crackle and hiss to die down and allow the students to put some questions to the astronaut, before the ISS then went over the horizon and out of range. Jessica called it an "amazing experience" to be talking to someone 400km above them. Her head teacher, Alan Gray, said it had been an extraordinary opportunity for the school.

.Well done everyone! See the video link here courtesy of the BBC.



isle of manJohn GW4SKA will be qrv from the Isle Of Man (IOTA EU-116) in March.

He will be active as GD4SKA from March 15-23 with plans to be mainly QRV on RTTY with some PSK when things slow down.  Listen for him on 3.5 through 28 MHz. He'll be using a TS590S, Acom 600S amp, Hexbeam, wires and verticals for the low bands.  John also plans to operate in the BARTG HF RTTY Contest as GD0A on March 19 and 20.

Logs will be on Clkublog daily and traditional Qsl via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.



EG1CWO / EG2CWO now Qrv

CW Ops largeBoth EG1CWO & EG2CWO are now qrv for CW Operators' Club celebrations for their 6th anniversary. The club has the main purpose of the promotion of the use of telegraphy and it is the only one that counts, among many other projects, with a CW Academy and a HF “On The Air” AdvisorsProg ram, both, having much international success.

For that reason, several EA CWops members will be qrv using the Callsign EG1CWO & EG2CWO to commemorate the anniversary. More info can be found at: http//eacwops.es

QSL VIA: M0OXO Online QSL Request Service (OQRS) Your Qsl Cards are NOT required so please do not send any cards via the bureau as they will not be receved.



K1024 BY5YAA QSL card FrontAnyone requiring a paper qsl card confirmation for AS-138 Pingtan Island, (activated on the 26/27 July 2014 IOTA Contest as BY5YAA) can now do so via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.

Full Colour Qsl Cards will be available in the next few weeks.

Please note the specific date of the operation as dates outside the IOTA Contest itself for BY5YAA will NOT be valid for AS-138 and the IOTA Program.

Any questions or log checks please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pingtan [AKA Haitan] Island (IOTA AS-138) is part of the Fujian Province group of Islands in China.


Merry Christmas from M0OXO


Nothing closing here for the holidays, happy to receive any emails ;-)

Hpy Xmas

S79C AF-119 Story

K1024 FRONT QSL S79C FINALCoetivy Island AF-119 NEW was one of the 11 new IOTA groups announced in Windsor at  IOTA's 50th Convention, July 2014. After our activation, only 3 of these 11 new Groups remain un-activated.

Coetivy Island is 180 miles South East of Mahe, the main Island Seychelles, and basically 180 miles from anywhere! Coetivy is strictly controlled by the Islands Development Committee (IDC). This committee consists of several 'high profile' local individuals including the local Lord Mayor, Minister of Tourism, Secretary of Defence etc... They have control over 14 different Islands of which Coetivy has the strictest access regulations. In the 1990's, Coetivy was used intensively for prawn farming....the biggest farm in the world at that time. Remains of the old production plant are still clearly visible as well as the abandoned private dwellings of the 1300 people who once lived and worked on Coetivy. Today, Coetivy still manufactures coconut oil and charcoal, although is mostly known as an active prison and a rehabilitation centre for drug abusers.

Read more: S79C AF-119 Story

Choices for Qsling - VA3QV


Thanks to Bob VA3QV for this blog article;

santa''Well its getting closer to Christmas….  Got your list sent to Santa already???  Figured out what list you are actually on (Naughty or Nice)????

While surfing the www this am I came upon the blog of Charles M0OXO  and found his article on the traditional way of sending QSL cards  really interesting.

As you know I prefer the Electronic methods (Logbook of the World and EQSL ) lotw 2as my favourites for confirming QSOs but the professional way that Charles conducts his services as a QSL manager impresses me greatly.  If there were more like him out there making our QSL experience less painful then perhaps more of us would not be doing things the digital way. 

The link to his actual blog post is here and I would recommend you check it out and then draw your own conclusions…  I enjoyed it and perhaps you will as well…

73 bob''

Check out Bob's blog at https://va3qv.wordpress.com/


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