PR0T Trinidade & Martim Vaz Island

PT2IC, PY1ZV and PY6RT plan an operation for 3-4 days in November, callsign PR0T at the PY0T station. Currently planned is CW, SSB andFT8 with a multiband vertical. Operating remote on FT8 will be PY4AZ, PY8WW, PY7RP, PY5EG, PY2XB, PY5KD, PY2WAS and apparently one or two “guests” in addition.

The team, apparently the first three, will be there for 3 days during the change of crew of the Brazilian Navy that are stationed on the island. The bands will be 40-10, and 160 and 80 possible “if conditions allow.” The three ops on the island will do the CW and SSB and the other nine will do FT8 remote. CW and SSB will be at one camp with the FT8 operation as much as 400 meters away. The vertical on CW and SSB will be a BigIR IV or S9. At the FT8 site it’s a DXE-MBVE 5A and a Starlink connection.

The team will stay in place for about 3 days during the change crew of the Brazilian Navy that resides on the island. We will be on the air from 10 to 40m. 80 and 160m only if local conditions allow.


C21TS Nauru

Phill (3D2TS, FK1TS) is now active as C21TS from Yaren, Nauru (IOTA OC-031 – South Pacific Ocean). He is there permanently now for his work and radio operating will be secondary starting this weekend.
He will use his FT891 into wires on FT8 and possibly SSB. He will be using MSHV on secondaries in multi stream mode.
**There will be NO SKED requests**
Further information will be available as Phill settles in. Qsl will be available via M0OXO OQRS.

Argentina QSL Bureau

Argentina QSL Bureau has given us many problems with mail being returned since 2015, this package sent last July was returned in October, re-posted in October and returned in July 2023.

Sadly I am no longer able to continue sending Bureau cards to Argentina

In an email from Argentina QSL Bureau i am informed that there is no communication from the PO that the package is ready for collection when it gets handed from customs to Argentina Post. As this is a long term issue I have asked the team to discuss with the mail centre manager, because we are just not able to get QSL cards to the Bureau in Argentina.

M0OXO OQRS outage

Apologies to everyone trying to access the OQRS over the last 12 hours or so. It seemed there was a problem after an update where everyone (including myself) were locked out.
If you experienced issues with the Capctha, this has now resolved and we are back in business.
Please report any issues you may still have. Thanks….

VP8WA & VP8KCR Falkland Islands

VP8WA is the new Callsign of Bobby (VP8ADR) in the Falkland Islands. His first log has been uploaded to M0OXO OQRS.
New Qsl Cards have been printed for both VP8WA & VP8KCR (King Charles III Coronation). Both will be available in 3 weeks time although OQRS is now open.

MM0UKI Rockall

Qsl Cards for the recent operation on Rockall have now been mailed. I expect they will hit mail boxes in the UK on Tuesday, EU in 3/4 days and internationally in the following days/weeks.
If you still need the 4 sided QSL Card then please see the link below. Please remember all proceeds from the QSL service will be sent to the Charities named on their website details of which will be published once they have been sent.
Thanks for your support!

VI25AREG Australia

The Amateur Radio Experimenter’s Group was formed on the 27th of July 1998, with the intention of promoting experimentation through amateur radio. This year marks the groups’ 25th Anniversary year.
Throughout July and August members of AREG will put the VI25AREG call on the air.

Special achievement certificates will be available for stations who submit an ADIF log to that contains contact with VI25AREG on at least three or more different modes of operation.

A special QSL card is also being designed which will be available via Charles M0OXO’s bespoke QSL Service. You will shortly be able to log requests here:

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OZ/EI9FBB Denmark

Logs for the recent activations of IOTA’s EU-125, EU-171 & EU-172 by Dave EI9FBB have now been added to M0OXO OQRS.
Logs are available to search on the link below. Please remember to select the correct log from the drop down list in OQRS, identified by the IOTA Number.
**LOTW Certificates have been requested but due to issues at ARRL LOTW, it may be a few days before the request can be processed and Certificate issued.