8R Guyana Dxpedtion 2024

Jamie M0SDV and Philipp DK6SP will lead a team of young and enthusiastic operators on an exciting 10-day DXpedition in Guyana 8R (Callsign TBD). The team will consist of four members, including their close friends Sven DJ4MX and Tomi HA8RT, who share their passion for amateur radio and DXing.
The DXpedition will take place between 14th February 2024 and 24th February 2024, during which the team will cover a wide range of bands from 160m to 6m, including WARC bands. However, they will not be operating on 60m due to licensing restrictions. To ensure an effective operation, the team will be using a variety of wire antennas and high power to transmit signals in CW, SSB, FT8, and RTTY modes. This will allow them to reach as many stations as possible and make the most of their time in Guyana.
For QSL management, the team has enlisted the services of Charles Wilmott M0OXO, who will handle all QSL requests through his OQRS system. Upon working the team, operators can expect to receive an LOTW confirmation immediately after the DXpedition has concluded, or even throughout the course of the Dxpedition depending on internet access. The team is dedicated to providing seamless QSL experience and will make every effort to ensure that all contacts are confirmed in a timely manner.
The team is overwhelmed with gratitude for their sponsors, whose unwavering support has made this DXpedition possible. The team recognizes that without the generosity and backing of these sponsors, this adventure would not have been possible. The sponsors have provided crucial resources, including financial support, technical assistance, and equipment, which have enabled the team to embark on this exciting journey. All sponsors will be listed on our website WWW.8R-2024.com once we make it live.
To keep their supporters updated on their progress, the team will be regularly posting updates on their social media platforms. They encourage followers to engage with them and share their experience through these channels. Additionally, a dedicated DXpedition website, containing comprehensive information about the team’s mission, equipment, and operating schedule, will be released soon. This website will act as a hub for all updates and news related to the DXpedition, and the team is excited to share their journey with the world through this platform.
The team believes that communication and transparency are essential to the success of any DXpedition, and they are committed to keeping their supporters informed throughout the duration of the mission. They hope that by sharing their experience, they can inspire others to pursue their passion for amateur radio and DXing and foster a sense of community within the hobby.

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Charles M0OXO

I was born in the 1960’s and have lived all my life in the Coal Mining Town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, Northern England. My parents were all from this area of Yorkshire and my father worked in the main Industry of the local Collieries as a face worker. I have been married to my wife Debbie for 35+ years and we have two children and two grandchildren.

I have been licensed for around 20 years after my interest was re-kindled when I retired from my role as a Police Officer within South Yorkshire Police Force. The latter few years were spent as Radio Operator in the Force Operations Control Room at Sheffield, before my career ended.

IOTA chasing is (and always has been) my real passion, as climbing the ladder to reach Honour Roll status was always my main aim. The 1000 Islands Trophy is still out of reach but I am heading in the right direction. I am currently a Board Member of IOTA Ltd and IREF.

In my free time I am a keen Photographer of Wildlife, Aviation, (anything really) but the QSL Manager role is my main passion within Ham Radio.