United Kingdom Award

Most Wanted DX have just announced the release of a Plaque for working 24 Territories of the United Kingdom. The list of required entities you can see below by clicking ‘read more’….. ;

01. England G
02. Scotland GM
03. Wales GW
04. Northern Ireland GI
05. Isle of Man GD
06. Guernsey GU
07. Jersey GJ
08. Anguilla VP2E
09. Bermuda VP9
10. Chagos VQ9
11. British Virgin Islands VP2V
12. Gibraltar ZB2
13. Cayman Islands ZF2
14. Montserrat VP2M
15. St. Helena Island ZD7
16. Ascension Island ZD8
17. Tristan Da Cunha ZD9
18. Pitcarn Island VP6P
19. Ducie Island VP6D
20. Turks and Caicos Islands VP5
21. Falkland Islands VP8
22. South Georgia VP8
23. South Sandwich Islands VP8
24. British Overseas Territory on the Island of Cyprus ZC4

You can find all necessary and application information on the ‘W’ Icon below;

All UK

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