XT2AW QRT early


Message from Harald XT2AW (D44TWO, DF2WO) regarding his hasty departure from XT2 land;

”Dear Ham-Radio-Fellows,

knowing very well, that many of you are disappointed, not have been able to work Burkina Faso during my stay, please let me try to explain why this happened.

First of all, my equipment got lost on the flight and came several days later.

In Ougadougo I had to overcome many obstacles: The main power failed very often, there was a very strong qrn, the conditions towards Asia VK, ZL and JA were extremly poor and last but not least, the computer very often refused to work, so the planned JT65-traffic couldn’t take place. And finally, I had to leave Ougadougu two weeks earlier than planned at first.
But all is not lost. For coming November, there will be another trip to Bukina Faso.
 I’m looking forward, to meet you all on frequency during this coming stay in XT-country.
So for now, please accept my excuses for this more or less failed expedition and let’s look ahaed to November.
With best regards and 73s,

Harald,  DF2WO/XT2AW”


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