MC0SHL EU-124 – now qrv….


We would like to announce that we are currently in the final planning stages of our regular trip to Ramsey Island – IOTA EU-124. This year we are going to try to have 3 stations on air full time as we are only there for 3 nights.

Arrive on island Friday 19th June
Depart island Monday 22nd June

We will be using 3 of the new “Hexpedition” hexbeams built by Ant, one will be directed to the West to allow us to work as many stations in the USA as possible as we seem to be lacking contacts from there each year. There may be some digi mode operating and again we will be looking on 6m to work as many as possible on there too.

The full team this year are; Rob MW0RLJ, Ant MW0JZE, Tim M0URX, Charles M0OXO, Tony G4LDL, Chris G1VDP, Vinny M0TAV, Laura MW6INK, Glenys G8KWD.

There may be some operating the days from Monday 15th, before and after the Island visit from the farm as we all assemble and get ready to travel. Please also twitter

We look forward to meeting you on the air and again we ask to listen to who we call and just act in a true Ham Spirit and allow us to complete the QSO’s. Please also follow us on Twitter. Click the image to the right…..>>>>>


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Charles M0OXO