IOTA Honour Roll – I made it !!


I am pleased to see that I finally made it onto the IOTA Honour Roll!

I squeezed onto the latest Honour Roll list, just published for 2015 (click here).

My first application for IOTA was around 10 years ago and I hadn’t submitted an update to my score until the RSGB 50th Anniversary IOTA convention in 2014. As well as passing the 600 (granted) Islands, I succeeded in achieving the Asia, British Isles, Europe, North America, Oceana and West Indies Awards, the next challenge being the 750 Islands Shield, a few years away yet. Honour Roll

If you haven’t tried the IOTA programme, give it a go. It’s very addictive but makes a change from DXCC, as well as making you an aficionado in Geography!

It’s just a shame there is no Award for reaching Honour Roll, disappointing 🙁


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