H44NT – Callsign changes

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Breaking News from EA3NT;

”Hi from Solomon islands guys, the weather here is bad. Seas are rough and even the Maritime Department has launched a note not allowing smaller vessels to sail until it gets better.

I am currently in Honiara. I could find a boat to Russell islands, despite the high price of the charter I have decided to go ahead, so now I am waiting for the boat owner to call me when he is ready to sail. I have no idea when it will happen though.


Please note that my callsign from Russell island (OC-168) will be H41NT !!!!! Also, for Bellona island my callsign will be H42NT (OC-127),….and when I will be operative from Honiara, Gaudalcanal my callsign will be H44NT (OC-047)

My internet connection is very limited. No signal in my telephone, and I doubt I will be able to send you any message again, until I get back to Brisbane on Tuesday 17th…..”


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