MØOXO Qsl Service Policy


With the imminent changes in the UK regarding the use of International Reply Coupons and the growth of the OQRS facility I have added a new item to the Qsl Information side bar.

Increasingly the Bureau system as a whole seems to becoming grid-locked with unnecessary and ‘indescriminate Qsl Card requests. Many of you ask for a multitude of cards when you see they are ‘free’ when in fact you don’t really need them. This and the fact that others send Qsl Card requests for every single qso they make (even when an exact duplicate band and Mode Qso) is just simply slowing the Qsl system down resulting in some cases to a 4 year turnaround for bureau requests!

Along with other Qsl managers in the UK I thought it about time that I gave a little more information that may help you in the process of requesting Qsl Cards via MØOXO OQRS option.

Please check out ”My Qsl Policy” and if you have any comments of interest then please share them by contacting me.

Despite having input from other experienced and respected Qsl managers, this advice only relates to M0OXO Qsl Service and no-one else.


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Charles M0OXO