**Strictly NO IRC’s **

OQRS request

Soon it will be no longer possible to cash IRC’s in the UK. Therefore from the 1st May 2013 I will no longer be accepting IRC’s.

OQRS is by far the most efficient and fastest way for you to receive your card. Please make OQRS your first choice when deciding how to claim your paper qsl card. Many of the DX stations I manage DO NOT NEED your card so simply request your card via OQRS. You can choose OQRS Direct (and pay postage only by Paypal) or OQRS Bureau (and receive your card via your own bureau without having to send a card yourself). How much simpler can it be?

If you still wish to send Card requests Direct by Postmail then thats fine but please only send Bank Notes of either US Dollars or Euro’s. Coins and Postage Stamps are of no use to me whatsoever as I use a Royal mail On-line contract which has no facility for coins or Postage Stamps from ANY Country.

Please accept my apologies but this is beyond my control. Any IRC’s sent after this date will be disposed of and cards returned via the bureau.

If you have any doubt about how to claim yoiur Qsl Card then please check out this link and all will be explained.


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