Latest batch to RSGB Bureau

K800 SAM 0077

Another batch of cards arrived 25th April and processed for the RSGB Buro yesterday. Sadly contents from all 5 packages appeared to be missing so undoubtedly a good amount of cards lost and not arriving here***;

Cards issued;

GB0ANT 76, GBØHI 34, GB1HI 73, GB2HI 66, GBØWSD 23, GB6ØHRH 27, GB2WHL 28, GB75UW 17, 

There were also cards for many other GB stations but in the main these were typically less than 10 in number. If you require a card please use M0OXO OQRS and remember, please DO NOT request the card more than once, save the planet 😉

DX8DX – Update;

Qsl Cards designed and at print shop. I expect delivery within next 14 days and hope to dispatch within 1 month of the operation having finished (before end of May I hope!). Currently processed ;DX8DX OC-174 – 287 Qsl requests, DX8DX OC-225 – 366 Qsl requests.

‘G*1ØØC’ event;

Re, G1ØØC. GD1ØØC, GJ1ØØC, GM1ØØC & GW1ØØC, cards are being prepared for this year-long RSGB Centenery event. Cards in the process of design by G100C team. I should have them with printer very shortly. Sri delay on these, I have no control over these cards.

***Lost cards. The only cards that will have been lost will be ‘GB – Special Event cards’, nothing else at all.

Any questions about any callsign I am manager for please just drop me an email, keep an eye on this blog for updates.


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