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Another batch of cards sent to RSGB Buro (2.4Kg) & direct to individual World Bureau’s (4.4Kg) this week;

Cards issues this week;

RA3CQ 51, V55A 143, MW0RLJ 7, MW0JZE 3, VK4NM/p OC-142 27, VK4NM 63, JY9ET 33, PX2C 52, PY2MTV 22, M0BZH 21, G4RCG 21, GQ4RCG 11, GR4RCG 26, PW2D 165, CM5FZ 57, DV1UD 73, 2Q0IJK 2, GB0ANT 27, VP8DMN 4, ZD8UW 52, VK5PAS 113, GQ7VJR 3, G7VJR 6, VK3FY/DU8 11, GB0HI 33, GB1HI 42, GB2HI 22, GB0WFF 12, MW0OXO/P 31, MQ0OXO 17, M0OXO 126, GR2HQ 39, GO2HQ 43, II0XMAS 11, VK3HF 32, VK9NI 13.

There were also cards for many other stations but in the main these were typically less than 10 in number. If you require a card please use M0OXO OQRS and remember, please DO NOT request the card more than once, save the planet 😉

Re-printed, delivery awaited;

Re-print of cards have taken place for GB1HI (2000), GB0HI (1000) and GB2HI (1000). Cards have also been printed and I am awaiting delivery of them for VK2012TDF, VK3FY, VK3FGRC, VK3FNIK, VK3FY/DU1 (OC-042), VK3FY/DU8 (OC-130), VK3FY/DU8 (OC-235), VK9NI (OC-005), VK9MR, IRØAAW, 5B4/G3SZU, LU5ER & LW6DFR.

‘G*1ØØC’ event;

Re, G1ØØC. GD1ØØC, GJ1ØØC, GM1ØØC & GW1ØØC, cards are being prepared for this year-long RSGB Centenery event. The guys are currently in VK9 and it is antcipated they will be completed upon their return. Please be patient on this one, unfotunately Ihave no control of design or delivery times of these cards.


For anyone that worked ”VK0HI” on Saturday 29th March 2013, this was a Pirate call (or a Callsign heard and in error posted on DX Cluster) then please do not requests a card. VK0HI was not authorised to be used and the ‘owner’ was certainly NOT on Heard Island!

Any questions about any callsign I am manager for please just drop me an email, keep an eye on this blog for updates.


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I have been licensed for around 20 years after my interest was re-kindled when I retired from my role as a Police Officer within South Yorkshire Police Force. The latter few years were spent as Radio Operator in the Force Operations Control Room at Sheffield, before my career ended.

IOTA chasing is (and always has been) my real passion, as climbing the ladder to reach Honour Roll status was always my main aim. The 1000 Islands Trophy is still out of reach but I am heading in the right direction. I am currently a Board Member of IOTA Ltd and IREF.

In my free time I am a keen Photographer of Wildlife, Aviation, (anything really) but the QSL Manager role is my main passion within Ham Radio.