HF10 Butternut

HF10V Butternut Antenna works but as usual, limited with no radial space so results as expected i guess and a waste of time messing with it in the cold weather. Pretty much an unsightly item according to the XYL so won’t be around very long.

I missed 4 days of trials due to being ill but it works. It handles qro well and SWR wasn’t good (2 radials) I have to say but given the choice, a return to the BigIR from SteppIR would be the antenna of choice for the low bands at my QTH. Who knows, i may invest in the BigIR when the real urge for low bands hits me.                                                

Currently, top band not doing it for me I am afraid, just a personal thing ;-( Thanks for the loan Dave but back to you mate!!


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Charles M0OXO