‘DXlite” – DX Cluster for Smartphones



We all need access the the Cluster especially when we in those awkward places (shopping with the xyl!). I have been using this app now for over two years and its great. Have a read at what the author Michael G7VJR (of Clublog fame) has to say about it;

clublogI often access the cluster from a Smartphone over 3G. Most of the good DX web sites are advertising and displaying graphics, with filtering tools etc. While this is excellent for regular internet use, it’s not really desirable on a phone interface. Also, page refreshing is often a hinderance!

I have written a very light DX Cluster web site with these problems in mind. It is able to detect common device screens (eg. iPhone) and is specifically designed to be extremely lightweight and simple.

http://dxlite.g7vjr.org/ – The DX Cluster, with unlimited storage

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do !!



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