Still looking for Japan!


Well, anyone who knows me will already be aware of my interest in working Japan Stations on any mode. I am fortunate that I can work Japan very well from my QTH as and when band conditions are reasonable.

A quick look through my logbook and my JCC/JCG confirmations look quite healthy. I am however still 3 short of the total 47 Japanese Prefectures. Band slots are good for the ones I do have but I really would like to get Saga Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture safely in my log to give me the ‘full house’ of 47 Prefectures.

 Nagasaki Prefecture may not be far away as I am sure somewhere in the log this has been worked and maybe not recorded correctly so more examination of the log needed to confirm that.

So, any JA station reading this, please pass the word around, ”MØOXO needs your Call in his Log, (especially if you are from Nagasaki, Saga or Miyazaki Prefectures hi)”.


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Charles M0OXO