MOØOXO Qrv for London 2Ø12

Well I had my first qrv session with the special prefix (MOØ) this weekend. After lots of Shack/Software/Hardware issues I wasn’t sure I would ever get there but by 0720 Friday morning was my first call on 20m SSB as MOØOXO.

Things went OK with good runs into EU and Asia but not much DX initially. I soon moved up to 17m and worked VK and the odd JA but by 0900 I was settled for a good session on 15m. First in the log was WE8A/ KH0 with a real fb signal followed by plenty in RA, UA and a lot of Western Europe. The band opened to JA and a very good number logged with loud sigs plus several HL. I even managed a 10 watts to 10 Watts qso with JR4DFK – 57 reports both ways – amazing!

I tried 40m about midday but it didn’t ‘do it’ for me so pretty quickly moved back to 17m for another JA opening. I wasn’t disappointed and finished at 1330 with 611 q’s, 155 were Japan. Qsl’s are printed and via MØOXO OQRS.


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Charles M0OXO