MØOXO…closed until 14th June………see below…


Qsl Managing at MØOXO is now on hold for several days as I will be away at Ramsey Island, Wales with the Strumble Head DX & Contest Group.

The trip will take place from 07th June until 13th June 2011. We will also take part in the WFF GreenDay event from GWFF-072 (also IOTA EU-124).

Please continue to send Qsl Cards as normal and they will be dealt with within 24hours of my return.

If you have any questions. I will have internet access and should be ok to reply but it will be sporadic as Sheep Sheering on the Island are a priority for the Generators this month 😉

RAMSEY – Update;

Almost 24 hours in and we have 2500 q’s logged using two stations. The third Station (FT1K) which should have run 30/40/80M Digimode has had to be removed as the dedicated Yaesu Power Supply failed. A large hole blew in the side of a transistor. It is hoped we will have a third station running again later today although it will most likely be a 100w station with no Digimode facility. May apologies to the Digi chasers and the EPSK Club who would have liked the rare area 🙁
Weather has been OK although a massive hail storm pushed through last night and was pretty terrifying. For the first time I really got the idea of how it must be to be in a Tornado. Everything survived the storm so we were extremely lucky (or not as the case maybe!). More updates later……

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