Bored?………well here’s a few Dxpedition sites for you to browse!

GS2MP - Yaesu Heritage Year 2010 & Award  01 Jan - 31 Dec 2010  On Air!
HD2M - Contest DXpedition to Nobel, Ecuador  QRT 04 Dec 2010
HI7/OT4R - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (NA-096)  02-20 May 2011
HKØGU - San Andres Island DXpedition (NA-033)  QRT 02 Dec 2010
J28RO - Republic of Djibouti  06 Jul 2010 - 06 Jul 2012  On Air!
J6 - St. Lucia Buddipole Expedition (NA-108)  05-13 Dec 2010  On Air!
K6VVA/VE7 - Quadra Island (NA-091)  02-05 Jun 2011
K6VVA/VE7 - Point Lay Barrier Island (NA-242)  21-24 Jul 2011
KC4AAA - Amundsen-Scott South Pole Base (USA-21)  Temporarily QRT
LU1XR - Tierra del Fuego Province (ARG-23)  On Air!
LU1XS - Tierra del Fuego Province (ARG-23)  On Air!
LU1ZG - General Manuel Belgrano II Base [Army] (ARG-06)  On Air!
LU1ZV - Esperanza Base [Army] (ARG-04)  Temporarily QRT
LU2XT - Tierra del Fuego Province (ARG-23)  On Air!
LU2XZ - Tierra del Fuego Province (ARG-23)  On Air!
LU3XX - Tierra del Fuego Province (ARG-23)  On Air!
LU9XT - Tierra del Fuego Province (ARG-23)  On Air!
LX75ØD - City of Diekirch 750th Anniversary  01 Jul 2010 -30 Jun 2011  On Air!
OJ1ABOA - Aboa Station (FIN-01)  Temporarily QRT
OR4TN - Princess Elisabeth Station (WAP BEL-02)  29 Nov 2010 - 24 Feb 2011  On Air!
PJ5/SP6IXF & PJ5/SP6EQZ - St. Eustatius (NA-145)  QRT 03 Dec 2010
R1ANB - Mirny Base (RUS-07)  Temporarily QRT
R1ANC - Vostok Base (RUS-13)  Temporarily QRT
R1AND - Novolazarevskaya Base (RUS-09)  On Air!
R1ANF - Bellingshausen Base (RUS-01)  Temporarily QRT
R1ANP - Progress Station (RUS-11)  16 Dec 2009 - 30 Dec 2010 (approx)  On Air!
R1ANR - Novo Runway (MNB-06)  Temporarily QRT
R1ANY - Novolazarevskaya Station (RUS-09)  On Air!
S9DX - Sao Tome & Principe DXpedition (AF-023)  04-17 Feb 2011
T31A - Kanton Island DXpedition (OC-043)  Apr 2011 for 9 days
T32C - Kiritimati [Christmas Island] (OC-024)  Sep-Oct 2011
T6PSE - Afghanistan DXpedition  May 2011
TN5SN - Brazzaville, Congo  20 Aug 2008 for 3-4 years  On Air!
TO2Z - Reunion Island (AF-016) [holiday style]  09-22 Apr 2011
V31ME & V31ML - Belize Islands Tour  10-26 Jan 2011
V73QQ & V73RRC - Marshall Islands (OC-087 - OC-278)  30 Nov - 16 Dec 2010  On Air!
VK4LDX/P - Magnetic Island (OC-171), QLD  10-12 Dec 2010
VK9C/G6AY - Cocos-Keeling DXpedition (OC-003)  22 Feb - 05 Mar 2011
VK9NA - Norfolk Island (OC-005)  07-21 Jan 2011
VK9NN - Norfolk Island DXpedition (OC-005)  05-19 Dec 2010  On Air!
VK9X - Christmas Island DX Holiday (OC-002)  14-20 Jan 2011
VP8/O - South Orkney Islands DXpedition (AN-008)  27 Jan - 08 Feb 2011
VP8AWU - Port Stanley, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  On Air!
VP8BKF - Mount Pleasant Airport, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  Temporarily QRT
VP8CMH/mm - RRS James Clark Ross Polar Ship  On Air!
VP8CXV - Mount Pleasant Airport, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  Temporarily QRT
VP8DIF - Husvik, South Georgia Island (GBR-27)  Temporarily QRT
VP8DLB - Mount Pleasant Airport, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  On Air!
VP8DMH - Rothera Base, Adelaide Island (GBR-12)  On Air!
VP8DNA - Mount Pleasant Airport, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  Temporarily QRT
VP8LP - Port Stanley, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  On Air!
VP8ML - Walker Creek, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  Temporarily QRT
VP8NO - Port Stanley, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  On Air!
VP8PTG - Walker Creek, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  Temporarily QRT
VP8ROT - Station "R" Rothera (GBR-12)  Temporarily QRT
W4T - Tangier Island + IOTA Contest (NA-083)  27-31 Jul 2011
XE2JA/XF1 - Alcatraz Island (NA-167)  Postponed
XRØZN - Juan Fernandez Archipelago (SA-005)  Postponed due end of 2010
XR2ØØR - 200yrs Independence of Chile  21 May - 31 Dec 2010  On Air!
XV4SP - Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam (AS-128)  26 Nov - 06 Dec 2010  On Air!
ZD9BCB - Gough Station (ZAF-05)  On Air!
ZD9GI - Gough Island (AF-039)  30 Oct 2010 - 01 Sep 2011  On Air!

tnx to VA3RJ!

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