European PSK Club


The European PSK Club, or EPC for short, is an informal club of amateur radio operators dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications on PSK modes. Its purpose is to promote activity and good operating practice on the PSK modes on all amateur bands. Membership is FREE for any licensed radio amateur, club or SWL. All of our managers serve on a voluntary basis. A high quality and colorful membership certificate in PDF format is sent via email to new members when membership is granted. Each new member is assigned a unique “EPC Number” which is retained for life. A EPC number is never re-issued and it is listed in the Membership Records forever. All EPC members are eligible to participate in various club’s activities and award programmes. Please pass this information to others you think might be interested in joining our club.

The following questions are most commonly asked by those interested in the EPC or by new members: (Or scroll down to get the PostHeaderIcon EPC General Rules)


What are the benefits in belonging to the European PSK Club?

The EPC is like any other HAM radio organization, a group of HAMs who are interested in promoting the PSK modes. In order to keep interest up on the PSK modes, the idea of collecting “EPC Numbers” has been developed. Personally, each member enjoys the camaraderie of kindred spirits, whether the activity is informal rag chewing or numbers chasing or a more formal EPC Contest. All EPC awards are issued in high quality PDF format and sent via email to the applicants. In an effort to make EPC Award Programme more affordable to PSK enthusiasts, we have provided EPC members the opportunity to get all awards FREE of charge.


How do I join and where do I get my EPC number?

Any licensed amateur or club authorized to operate PSK modes or SWL can join EPC. There are no special requirements. Just fill in our EPC Membership Registration Form. We will assign you a EPC number and email it to you along with your membership certificate.


What do I do with my EPC number now that I have received it?

You can exchange it with other EPC members (on PSK modes, of course) and keep a record of their number. We are issuing numerous awards for collecting EPC numbers. You can just give your number to others when asked for it. It is strictly up to you as to how involved you want to get in EPC and our Award Programme.


What happens to my EPC number if for some reason I lose interest in EPC?

Once you are issued a EPC number, it is yours for life. If you decide to not participate in EPC and our Award Programme, your number is still yours. You can still give it to other EPC members and you can still collect numbers yourself.



What happens to my EPC number if I have changed my callsign?

Each EPC number is assigned to the callsign which you had at the registration process. It is never re-issued to another callsign, even if you have received a new one. Please note that if you have changed your callsign you have to apply for a new EPC number. There are no exceptions!


There are also National Sections on the EPC shown here:-

Link EPC-DE Germany
2 Link EPC-HR Croatia
3 Link EPC-KZ Kazakhstan
4 Link EPC-RU Russia
5 Link EPC-UA Ukraine

PostHeaderIcon EPC Awards General Rules

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EPC Awards General Rules

1. Amateur radio is a hobby. It does not compete in terms of importance with one’s job, one’s safety, one’s health or wellbeing or that of one’s family. These after all are the important things in life. That said, how we spend our leisure time is critical to our happiness and quality of life.

2. The EPC international Award Programme was devised by the European PSK Club on 10th June 2006. The European PSK Club, or EPC for short, is an informal club of amateur radio operators dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications on PSK modes. The EPC Award Programme’s aim is to improve and expand geographical knowledge of the sovereign states world-wide, and to encourage radio amateur activity from various corners of the World on PSK modes.

3. The EPC awards are issued to EPC members only. Any EPC award may be claimed by a licensed radio amateur, club station, or DMS (SWL) eligible under these Rules who can produce evidence in a form of ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format) log of having contacted or monitored amateur radio stations required for certain award on B(Q)PSK31, B(Q)PSK63, and B(Q)PSK125 modes, unless specifically stated otherwise. Credit will be given for contacts made on any of the amateur bands from 1.8 to 52 MHz.

4. Our recommended frequencies for EPC activity are listed in the EPC HF Band Plan. We would suggest to leave first 2 KHz on each band for BPSK31 contacts. The EPC has established this band plan as the way to better organize the use of our activity on PSK modes efficiently. To the extent possible, this band plan is harmonized with the IARU Regions band plans. It is suggested that EPC members promote it widely amongst each other. Please operate in accordance with your licensing conditions.

5. QSL-cards are not required. Awards are issued to the person or club. The person or club can use any legal call sign. Contacts made from club stations or special event stations count to the credit of both the club and the operator. All stations must be operated in accordance with their licensing conditions. Contacts may be made from any location in the same DXCC country.

6. Unless specifically stated otherwise, confirmations from the DMS (SWL) stations are accepted as confirmed contacts. All stations contacted must be «Land Stations». Contacts with ships and boats, anchored or underway, and airborne aircraft, cannot be counted. For the purposes of the EPC Award Programme, remote control operating points must also be land based.

7. The award manager reserves the right to spot call sign for inspection of applied contacts. The purpose of this is not to call into question the integrity of any individual, but rather to ensure the overall integrity of the EPC Award Programme. More difficult attained specialty awards are more likely to be so called. In some cases the award manager may request a QSL-card or its copy to verify a questionable QSO. Failure of the applicant to respond to such spot check will result in non-issuance of the EPC award. The decision of the award manager on this and other matters of dispute will be finals. The submission for credit of any altered or forged log extractions or, equally, bad behaviour on or off the air which is judged by the European PSK Club to bring our award programme into disrepute may result in disqualification of the applicant from the award programme.

8. All claims for the EPC awards should be made using our UltimateEPC Award Management Software written by Heinz Urban, DK5UR. The award applicant should re-submit his application when claiming for higher classes of awards. The award manager will keep all your records in our database. Please make sure before you submit your ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format) log that you have checked it with the appropriate software.

9. All EPC awards are issued free of charge in a high quality PDF format, and can be downloaded from the applicant’s account at the EPC Member Centre. EPC awards can be printed with the highest quality and with optimal performance by applicants themselves. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the EPC executive award manager.

PostHeaderIcon EPC DX Areas Definition

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EPC DX Areas Definition1. Continents. A continent is one of several large landmasses on Earth. In geography, they are identified by convention rather than any strict criterion, with seven regions commonly regarded as continents – they are (from largest to smallest): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Oceania. Accordingly the EPC DX Areas are grouped into seven continental groups – AS Areas, AF Areas, NA Areas, SA Areas, AN Areas, EU Areas, and OC Areas. The boundaries of these continental groups differ form the DXCC or WAC definitions.

2. Sovereign State. A sovereign state is a political association with effective internal and external sovereignty over a geographic area and population which is not dependent on, or subject to any other power or state. The sovereign state must be recognized by the United Nations Organization in respect to be classified for the EPC Award Programme.

3. Administrative Geography. Administrative geography concerns itself with the hierarchy of areas relating to national governments of the sovereign states world-wide. This hierarchy is complicated for not only are there several layers but the structure is different in each sovereign state. In addition the boundaries of many of the layers in the hierarchy are subject to periodic or occasional change.

4. DX Area Codes. The EPC Award Committee has defined a hierarchical set of DX Area Codes. Each DX Code consists of 3 x two-letter sequenced combinations. Be aware that these are not an official standard, sanctioned by any international body. They are intended for internal use within the EPC Award Programme.

4.1 ISO 3166 Standard. The first two-letter combination of the DX Area Code is based on either the two-letter Continent abbreviation or ISO 3166-1 two-letter country code (depends on the size of the Sovereign State and its administrative system). The ISO 3166-1 is part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest. Each Sovereign State has a unique two-letter code, which is the same as its ISO 3166-1 code. Only a few territories with «exceptional» status do not fall under this rule, such as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta or the Spratly Archipelago. Such territories have specially created two-letter combinations instead of the official ISO 3166-1 two-letter country codes.

4.2 Primary Subdivision. The second two-letter combination of the DX Area Code is based on either the ISO 3166-1 two-letter country code or the primary subdivision of a sovereign state (depends on its size and administrative system). Each primary subdivision of a sovereign state has a two-letter code that is unique within its sovereign state. Most DX Areas are based on the primary subdivisions of sovereign states.

4.3 Secondary Subdivision. The third two-letter combination of the DX Area Code is based on the secondary or third subdivision of a sovereign state. Each secondary or third subdivision of a sovereign state has a code that is unique within its primary division. Therefore, by concatenating the codes, you can create a unique code for each subdivision listed. For example, EU.HR.BB represents County of Bjelovar and Bilogora (BB), in the Republic of Croatia (HR), in Europe (EU); DE.BW.RA represents County of Rastatt (RA), in the State of Baden-Württemberg (BW), in the Federal Republic of Germany (DE).

4.4 Artificially Created Subdivisions. Some DX Areas are based on the artificially created primary and/or secondary subdivisions. Most of island-consisted countries or territories fall under this rule, as well as some sovereign states with one level of the official subdivision, or where the second subdivision has too many small territorial units within the single primary subdivision. These arrangements are made entirely by the EPC Award Committee for the purposes of the EPC Award Programme.

4.5 Mnemonics. The two-letter combination codes are mnemonic. They consist of the first letter in the subdivision name, followed by a letter that occurs later in that name, unless it was impossible to assign unique codes by that rule. We intend to provide updates to these two-letter codes whenever geographical changes occur. We will create a new code in each case where a subdivision’s territorial extent changes, except for minor boundary adjustments. We will avoid reusing obsolete codes for as long as possible.

4.6 Exclusive and Exhaustive Concept. Primary divisions are exclusive and exhaustive within their sovereign state; secondary divisions are exclusive and exhaustive within their primary division, and so on. «Exclusive» means that no two divisions overlap; they have only boundary points in common, with an area of zero. «Exhaustive» means that the set of subdivisions completely covers the area being subdivided. For example, all of the townships and counties of the State of Baden-Württemberg, taken together, account for the entire territory of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

4.7 Listed Names. Each DX Area in the list is represented with its full English name along with the name on one or more local languages as well. When Latin or Cyrillic letters are not available the Latinized names are used.

5. DX Areas with «Exceptional» Status. Due to the specific location, special national or international status, some DX Areas have been defined with an «exceptional» status from the standard administrative geography mentioned above.

5.1 Special National Status. If there are cases where the official subdivisions don’t meet the requirements mentioned in the Section 4, we will modify them as needed. For example, the District of Brchko, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is technically not part of any subdivision of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but belongs directly to the nation. We have artificially called it part of the same division as the whole State of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the «exceptional» Code EU.BA.BR.

5.2 Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta. The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta is a Roman Catholic order based in Rome (Italian Republic). The Order is a sovereign subject of international law. It has its own Government, an independent magistracy, bilateral diplomatic relations with 104 countries and is granted the status of Permanent Observer in many international organisations, such as the United Nations. Its two Headquarters in Rome, the Magistral Palace, and the Villa of the Priory of Malta, are granted extraterritoriality. These two headquarters have «exceptional» status in the DX Areas List.

5.3 United Nations Organization. The United Nations Organization (UNO) or simply United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and the achieving of world peace. The United Nations amateur call signs commence with 4U prefix. The DX Areas based on the three Principal Offices of the United Nations Organization and its Headquarters have «exceptional» status.

5.4 Remote Islands. Some «exceptional» DX Areas are based on remotely located islands. They have been assigned with «exceptional» status due to their specific remote location or special status within the sovereign state. A good example is Clipperton Island (French Republic) or Jan Mayen Island (Kingdom of Norway).

5.5 Disputed Territories. Some DX Areas with «exceptional» status are based on the disputed territories. A territorial dispute is a disagreement over the possession or control of land between two or more sovereign states, or over the possession or control of land by one sovereign state after it has conquered it from a former state no longer currently recognized by the occupying power. A good example is the Spratly Archipelago in the South China Sea.

5.6 Antarctica. The DX Areas list of Antarctica is based on the geographical lands, sectors, and islands within the Antarctic Treaty Area, that is all areas between 60° and 90° of latitude South. All Antarctic DX Areas have «exceptional» status. Antarctica has no «permanent population» and hence no citizenship or government. All personnel present on Antarctica at any time are citizens or nationals of some sovereignty outside of Antarctica, as there is no Antarctic sovereignty. The majority of Antarctica is claimed by one or more countries, but most countries do not explicitly recognize those claims. There is a cross-reference table with the most completed list of camps, depots, huts, refuges, research stations, and other man-made permanent or historical facilities.

5.7 Occupied Territories. Occupied territory is a territory under military occupation. Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army. The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised. At the end of a war, usually the victorious side is in possession of territory previously possessed by another sovereign state. This territory is known as occupied territory. Acquisition of occupied territory is incidental to a war, where the military forces of the occupying power come into the possession of territory previously held by another sovereign state. The Occupied Territories are not recognized by the EPC Award Committee, therefore no one DX Area is based on such territory.

5.8 Unrecognized States. Several of the world’s geo-political entities lack general international recognition, but wish to be recognized as sovereign states. The degree of de facto control these entities exert over the territories they claim varies. Most are subnational regions with an ethnic or national identity of their own that have «broken off» (i.e. separated themselves) from their original parent state, and hence they are commonly referred to as «break-away» states. Some of these entities are in effect internally self-governing protectorates that enjoy military protection and informal diplomatic representation abroad through another state to prevent forced reincorporation into their original states. The EPC Award Committee will recognize a new created sovereign state only in case when the sovereign state has been assigned an official call sign prefix bloc by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

6. Deleted Entities. Contacts made to claim DX Areas are considered at the time of application. If the previously worked DX Area became a deleted entity, it will be counted under the new created DX Area depending on the location of the worked station.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
England (Constituent Country)
Region of the East Midlands
County of Derbyshire
G Borough of Amber Valley Borough of Amber Valley UK.DE.AV
G District of Bolsover District of Bolsover UK.DE.BO
G Borough of Chesterfield Borough of Chesterfield UK.DE.CH
G City of Derby (Unitary Authority) City of Derby (Unitary Authority) UK.DE.DE
G District of Derbyshire Dales District of Derbyshire Dales UK.DE.DD
G Borough of Erewash Borough of Erewash UK.DE.ER
G Borough of High Peak Borough of High Peak UK.DE.HP
G District of North East Derbyshire District of North East Derbyshire UK.DE.NE
G District of South Derbyshire District of South Derbyshire UK.DE.SD
County of Leicestershire
G District of Blaby District of Blaby UK.LE.BL
G Borough of Charnwood Borough of Charnwood UK.LE.CH
G District of Harborough District of Harborough UK.LE.HA
G Borough of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough of Hinckley and Bosworth UK.LE.HB
G City of Leicester (Unitary Authority) City of Leicester (Unitary Authority) UK.LE.LE
G Borough of Melton Borough of Melton UK.LE.ME
G District of North West Leicestershire District of North West Leicestershire UK.LE.NL
G Borough of Oadby and Wigston Borough of Oadby and Wigston UK.LE.OW
County of Lincolnshire (Part Only)
G Borough of Boston Borough of Boston UK.LN.BO
G District of East Lindsey District of East Lindsey UK.LN.EL
G City of Lincoln City of Lincoln UK.LN.LN
G District of North Kesteven District of North Kesteven UK.LN.NK
G District of South Holland District of South Holland UK.LN.SH
G District of South Kesteven District of South Kesteven UK.LN.SK
G District of West Lindsey District of West Lindsey UK.LN.WL
County of Northamptonshire
G Borough of Corby Borough of Corby UK.NH.CO
G District of Daventry District of Daventry UK.NH.DA
G District of East Northamptonshire District of East Northamptonshire UK.NH.EN
G Borough of Kettering Borough of Kettering UK.NH.KE
G Borough of Northampton Borough of Northampton UK.NH.NH
G District of South Northamptonshire District of South Northamptonshire UK.NH.SN
G Borough of Wellingborough Borough of Wellingborough UK.NH.WE
County of Nottinghamshire
G District of Ashfield District of Ashfield UK.NT.AS
G District of Bassetlaw District of Bassetlaw UK.NT.BA
G Borough of Broxtowe Borough of Broxtowe UK.NT.BR
G Borough of Gedling Borough of Gedling UK.NT.GE
G District of Mansfield District of Mansfield UK.NT.MA
G District of Newark and Sherwood District of Newark and Sherwood UK.NT.NS
G City of Nottingham (Unitary Authority) City of Nottingham (Unitary Authority) UK.NT.NT
G Borough of Rushcliffe Borough of Rushcliffe UK.NT.RU
County of Rutland
G County of Rutland (Unitary Authority) County of Rutland (Unitary Authority) UK.EM.RU
Region of the East of England
County of Bedfordshire
G Borough of Bedford (Unitary Authority) Borough of Bedford (Unitary Authority) UK.BF.BF
G District of Central Bedfordshire (Unitary Authority) District of Central Bedfordshire (Unitary Authority) UK.BF.CB
G Borough of Luton (Unitary Authority) Borough of Luton (Unitary Authority) UK.BF.LU
County of Cambridgeshire
G City of Cambridge City of Cambridge UK.CA.CA
G District of East Cambridgeshire District of East Cambridgeshire UK.CA.EC
G District of Fenland District of Fenland UK.CA.FE
G District of Huntingdonshire District of Huntingdonshire UK.CA.HU
G City of Peterborough (Unitary Authority) City of Peterborough (Unitary Authority) UK.CA.PE
G District of South Cambridgeshire District of South Cambridgeshire UK.CA.SC
County of Essex
G District of Basildon District of Basildon UK.EX.BA
G District of Braintree District of Braintree UK.EX.BT
G Borough of Brentwood Borough of Brentwood UK.EX.BR
G Borough of Castle Point Borough of Castle Point UK.EX.CP
G Borough of Chelmsford Borough of Chelmsford UK.EX.CH
G Borough of Colchester Borough of Colchester UK.EX.CO
G District of Epping Forest District of Epping Forest UK.EX.EF
G District of Harlow District of Harlow UK.EX.HA
G District of Maldon District of Maldon UK.EX.MA
G District of Rochford District of Rochford UK.EX.RO
G Borough of Southend-on-Sea (Unitary Authority) Borough of Southend-on-Sea (Unitary Authority) UK.EX.SS
G District of Tendring District of Tendring UK.EX.TE
G Borough of Thurrock (Unitary Authority) Borough of Thurrock (Unitary Authority) UK.EX.TH
G District of Uttlesford District of Uttlesford UK.EX.UT
County of Hertfordshire
G Borough of Broxbourne Borough of Broxbourne UK.HT.BR
G Borough of Dacorum Borough of Dacorum UK.HT.DA
G District of East Hertfordshire District of East Hertfordshire UK.HT.EH
G Borough of Hertsmere Borough of Hertsmere UK.HT.HE
G District of North Hertfordshire District of North Hertfordshire UK.HT.NH
G City and District of Saint Albans City and District of Saint Albans UK.HT.SA
G Borough of Stevenage Borough of Stevenage UK.HT.ST
G District of Three Rivers District of Three Rivers UK.HT.TR
G Borough of Watford Borough of Watford UK.HT.WA
G Borough of Welwyn Hatfield Borough of Welwyn Hatfield UK.HT.WH
County of Norfolk
G District of Breckland District of Breckland UK.NO.BK
G District of Broadland District of Broadland UK.NO.BR
G Borough of Great Yarmouth Borough of Great Yarmouth UK.NO.GY
G Borough of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk UK.NO.KL
G District of North Norfolk District of North Norfolk UK.NO.NN
G City of Norwich City of Norwich UK.NO.NR
G District of South Norfolk District of South Norfolk UK.NO.SN
County of Suffolk
G District of Babergh District of Babergh UK.SU.BA
G District of Forest Heath District of Forest Heath UK.SU.FH
G Borough of Ipswich Borough of Ipswich UK.SU.IP
G District of Mid Suffolk District of Mid Suffolk UK.SU.MS
G Borough of Saint Edmundsbury Borough of Saint Edmundsbury UK.SU.SE
G District of Suffolk Coastal District of Suffolk Coastal UK.SU.SC
G District of Waveney District of Waveney UK.SU.WA
Exceptional Territories of the County of Suffolk
G HM Fort Roughs (Roughs Tower) – Principality of Sealand (1SL) HM Fort Roughs (Roughs Tower) – Principality of Sealand (1SL) UK.DX.RT
Administrative Area of Greater London (London Region of England)
G Borough of Barking and Dagenham Borough of Barking and Dagenham UK.LO.BD
G Borough of Barnet Borough of Barnet UK.LO.BA
G Borough of Bexley Borough of Bexley UK.LO.BE
G Borough of Brent Borough of Brent UK.LO.BR
G Borough of Bromley Borough of Bromley UK.LO.BL
G Borough of Camden Borough of Camden UK.LO.CA
G Borough of Croydon Borough of Croydon UK.LO.CR
G Borough of Ealing Borough of Ealing UK.LO.EA
G Borough of Enfield Borough of Enfield UK.LO.EN
G Borough of Greenwich Borough of Greenwich UK.LO.GR
G Borough of Hackney Borough of Hackney UK.LO.HA
G Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham UK.LO.HF
G Borough of Haringey Borough of Haringey UK.LO.HY
G Borough of Harrow Borough of Harrow UK.LO.HR
G Borough of Havering Borough of Havering UK.LO.HV
G Borough of Hillingdon Borough of Hillingdon UK.LO.HI
G Borough of Hounslow Borough of Hounslow UK.LO.HO
G Borough of Islington Borough of Islington UK.LO.IS
G Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea UK.LO.KC
G Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames UK.LO.KT
G Borough of Lambeth Borough of Lambeth UK.LO.LA
G Borough of Lewisham Borough of Lewisham UK.LO.LE
G City of London (Unique Status) City of London (Unique Status) UK.LO.LO
G Borough of Merton Borough of Merton UK.LO.ME
G Borough of Newham Borough of Newham UK.LO.NE
G Borough of Redbridge Borough of Redbridge UK.LO.RE
G Borough of Richmond upon Thames Borough of Richmond upon Thames UK.LO.RT
G Borough of Southwark Borough of Southwark UK.LO.SO
G Borough of Sutton Borough of Sutton UK.LO.SU
G Borough of Tower Hamlets Borough of Tower Hamlets UK.LO.TH
G Borough of Waltham Forest Borough of Waltham Forest UK.LO.WF
G Borough of Wandsworth Borough of Wandsworth UK.LO.WA
G City of Westminster City of Westminster UK.LO.WE
Region of North East England
County of Durham
G Borough of Darlington (Unitary Authority) Borough of Darlington (Unitary Authority) UK.DU.DA
G County of Durham (Unitary Authority) County of Durham (Unitary Authority) UK.DU.DU
G Borough of Hartlepool (Unitary Authority) Borough of Hartlepool (Unitary Authority) UK.DU.HA
G Borough of Stockton-on-Tees (Unitary Authority) (North of River Tees) Borough of Stockton-on-Tees (Unitary Authority) (North of River Tees) UK.DU.ST
County of Northumberland
G County of Northumberland (Unitary Authority) County of Northumberland (Unitary Authority) UK.NE.NU
County of North Yorkshire (Part Only)
G Borough of Stockton-on-Tees (Unitary Authority) (South of River Tees) Borough of Stockton-on-Tees (Unitary Authority) (South of River Tees) UK.NY.ST
G Borough of Redcar and Cleveland (Unitary Authority) Borough of Redcar and Cleveland (Unitary Authority) UK.NY.RC
G Borough of Middlesbrough (Unitary Authority) Borough of Middlesbrough (Unitary Authority) UK.NY.MI
Metropolitan County of Tyne and Wear
G Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead UK.TW.GA
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Newcastle upon Tyne City and Metropolitan Borough of Newcastle upon Tyne UK.TW.NC
G Metropolitan Borough of North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough of North Tyneside UK.TW.NT
G Metropolitan Borough of South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough of South Tyneside UK.TW.ST
G Metropolitan Borough and City of of Sunderland City and Metropolitan Borough of Sunderland UK.TW.SU
Region of North West England
County of Cheshire
G Borough of Cheshire East (Unitary Authority) Borough of Cheshire East (Unitary Authority) UK.CH.CE
G Borough of Cheshire West and Chester (Unitary Authority) Borough of Cheshire West and Chester (Unitary Authority) UK.CH.CW
G Borough of Halton (Unitary Authority) Borough of Halton (Unitary Authority) UK.CH.HA
G Borough of Warrington (Unitary Authority) Borough of Warrington (Unitary Authority) UK.CH.WA
County of Cumbria
G Borough of Allerdale Borough of Allerdale UK.CU.AL
G Borough of Barrow-in-Furness Borough of Barrow-in-Furness UK.CU.BF
G City of Carlisle City of Carlisle UK.CU.CA
G Borough of Copeland Borough of Copeland UK.CU.CO
G District of Eden District of Eden UK.CU.ED
G District of South Lakeland District of South Lakeland UK.CU.SL
Metropolitan County of Greater Manchester
G Metropolitan Borough of Bolton Metropolitan Borough of Bolton UK.GM.BO
G Metropolitan Borough of Bury Metropolitan Borough of Bury UK.GM.BU
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Manchester Metropolitan Borough and City of Manchester UK.GM.MA
G Metropolitan Borough of Oldham Metropolitan Borough of Oldham UK.GM.OL
G Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale UK.GM.RO
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Salford Metropolitan Borough and City of Salford UK.GM.SA
G Metropolitan Borough of Stockport Metropolitan Borough of Stockport UK.GM.ST
G Metropolitan Borough of Tameside Metropolitan Borough of Tameside UK.GM.TA
G Metropolitan Borough of Trafford Metropolitan Borough of Trafford UK.GM.TR
G Metropolitan Borough of Wigan Metropolitan Borough of Wigan UK.GM.WI
County of Lancashire
G Borough of Blackburn with Darwen (Unitary Authority) Borough of Blackburn with Darwen (Unitary Authority) UK.LA.BD
G Borough of Blackpool (Unitary Authority) Borough of Blackpool (Unitary Authority) UK.LA.BL
G Borough of Burnley Borough of Burnley UK.LA.BU
G Borough of Chorley Borough of Chorley UK.LA.CH
G Borough of Fylde Borough of Fylde UK.LA.FY
G Borough of Hyndburn Borough of Hyndburn UK.LA.HY
G City of Lancaster City of Lancaster UK.LA.LA
G Borough of Pendle Borough of Pendle UK.LA.PE
G City of Preston City of Preston UK.LA.PR
G Borough of Ribble Valley Borough of Ribble Valley UK.LA.RV
G Borough of Rossendale Borough of Rossendale UK.LA.RO
G Borough of South Ribble Borough of South Ribble UK.LA.SR
G District of West Lancashire District of West Lancashire UK.LA.WL
G Borough of Wyre Borough of Wyre UK.LA.WY
Metropolitan County of Merseyside
G Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley UK.ME.KN
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Liverpool Metropolitan Borough and City of Liverpool UK.ME.LI
G Metropolitan Borough of Saint Helens Metropolitan Borough of Saint Helens UK.ME.SH
G Metropolitan Borough of Sefton Metropolitan Borough of Sefton UK.ME.SE
G Metropolitan Borough of Wirral Metropolitan Borough of Wirral UK.ME.WI
Region of South East England
County of Berkshire
G Borough of Bracknell Forest (Unitary Authority) Borough of Bracknell Forest (Unitary Authority) UK.BE.BF
G Borough of Reading (Unitary Authority) Borough of Reading (Unitary Authority) UK.BE.RE
G Borough of Slough (Unitary Authority) Borough of Slough (Unitary Authority) UK.BE.SL
G District of West Berkshire (Unitary Authority) District of West Berkshire (Unitary Authority) UK.BE.WB
G Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (Unitary Authority) Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (Unitary Authority) UK.BE.WM
G Borough of Wokingham (Unitary Authority) Borough of Wokingham (Unitary Authority) UK.BE.WO
County of Buckinghamshire
G District of Aylesbury Vale District of Aylesbury Vale UK.BU.AV
G District of Chiltern District of Chiltern UK.BU.CH
G Borough of Milton Keynes (Unitary Authority) Borough of Milton Keynes (Unitary Authority) UK.BU.MK
G District of South Bucks District of South Bucks UK.BU.SB
G District of Wycombe District of Wycombe UK.BU.WY
County of East Sussex
G City of Brighton and Hove (Unitary Authority) City of Brighton and Hove (Unitary Authority) UK.ES.BH
G Borough of Eastbourne Borough of Eastbourne UK.ES.EB
G Borough of Hastings Borough of Hastings UK.ES.HA
G District of Lewes District of Lewes UK.ES.LE
G District of Rother District of Rother UK.ES.RO
G District of Wealden District of Wealden UK.ES.WE
County of Hampshire
G Borough of Basingstoke and Deane Borough of Basingstoke and Deane UK.HA.BD
G District of East Hampshire District of East Hampshire UK.HA.EH
G Borough of Eastleigh Borough of Eastleigh UK.HA.EL
G Borough of Fareham Borough of Fareham UK.HA.FA
G Borough of Gosport Borough of Gosport UK.HA.GO
G District of Hart District of Hart UK.HA.HT
G Borough of Havant Borough of Havant UK.HA.HV
G District of New Forest District of New Forest UK.HA.NF
G City of Portsmouth (Unitary Authority) City of Portsmouth (Unitary Authority) UK.HA.PO
G Borough of Rushmoor Borough of Rushmoor UK.HA.RU
G City of Southampton (Unitary Authority) City of Southampton (Unitary Authority) UK.HA.SO
G Borough of Test Valley Borough of Test Valley UK.HA.TV
G City of Winchester City of Winchester UK.HA.WI
County of the Isle of Wight
G County of the Isle of Wight (Unitary Authority) County of the Isle of Wight (Unitary Authority) UK.SE.IW
County of Kent
G Borough of Ashford Borough of Ashford UK.KE.AS
G City of Canterbury City of Canterbury UK.KE.CA
G Borough of Dartford Borough of Dartford UK.KE.DA
G District of Dover District of Dover UK.KE.DO
G Borough of Gravesham Borough of Gravesham UK.KE.GR
G Borough of Maidstone Borough of Maidstone UK.KE.MA
G Borough of Medway (Unitary Authority) Borough of Medway (Unitary Authority) UK.KE.ME
G District of Sevenoaks District of Sevenoaks UK.KE.SE
G District of Shepway District of Shepway UK.KE.SH
G Borough of Swale Borough of Swale UK.KE.SW
G District of Thanet District of Thanet UK.KE.TH
G Borough of Tonbridge and Malling Borough of Tonbridge and Malling UK.KE.TM
G Borough of Tunbridge Wells Borough of Tunbridge Wells UK.KE.TW
County of Oxfordshire
G District of Cherwell District of Cherwell UK.OX.CH
G City of Oxford City of Oxford UK.OX.OX
G District of South Oxfordshire District of South Oxfordshire UK.OX.SO
G District of the Vale of White Horse District of the Vale of White Horse UK.OX.VH
G District of West Oxfordshire District of West Oxfordshire UK.OX.WO
County of Surrey
G Borough of Elmbridge Borough of Elmbridge UK.SR.EL
G Borough of Epsom and Ewell Borough of Epsom and Ewell UK.SR.EE
G Borough of Guildford Borough of Guildford UK.SR.GU
G District of Mole Valley District of Mole Valley UK.SR.MV
G Borough of Reigate and Banstead Borough of Reigate and Banstead UK.SR.RB
G Borough of Runnymede Borough of Runnymede UK.SR.RU
G Borough of Spelthorne Borough of Spelthorne UK.SR.SP
G Borough of Surrey Heath Borough of Surrey Heath UK.SR.SH
G District of Tandridge District of Tandridge UK.SR.TA
G Borough of Waverley Borough of Waverley UK.SR.WA
G Borough of Woking Borough of Woking UK.SR.WO
County of West Sussex
G District of Adur District of Adur UK.WS.AD
G District of Arun District of Arun UK.WS.AR
G District of Chichester District of Chichester UK.WS.CH
G Borough of Crawley Borough of Crawley UK.WS.CR
G District of Horsham District of Horsham UK.WS.HO
G District of Mid Sussex District of Mid Sussex UK.WS.MS
G Borough of Worthing Borough of Worthing UK.WS.WO
Region of South West England
County of Bristol
G City of Bristol (Unitary Authority) City of Bristol (Unitary Authority) UK.SW.BR
County of Cornwall
G County of Cornwall (Unitary Authority) County of Cornwall (Unitary Authority) UK.CO.CO
G Isles of Scilly (Sui Generis Unitary Authority) Isles of Scilly (Enesek Syllan) (Sui Generis Unitary Authority) UK.CO.IS
Exceptional Territories of the County of Cornwall
G Seven Stones Seven Stones UK.DX.SS
G Wolf Rock Wolf Rock UK.DX.WO
County of Devon
G District of East Devon District of East Devon UK.DV.ED
G City of Exeter City of Exeter UK.DV.EX
G District of Mid Devon District of Mid Devon UK.DV.MD
G District of North Devon District of North Devon UK.DV.ND
G City of Plymouth (Unitary Authority) City of Plymouth (Unitary Authority) UK.DV.PL
G District of South Hams District of South Hams UK.DV.SH
G District of Teignbridge District of Teignbridge UK.DV.TE
G Borough of Torbay (Unitary Authority) Borough of Torbay (Unitary Authority) UK.DV.TO
G District of Torridge District of Torridge UK.DV.TR
G Borough of West Devon Borough of West Devon UK.DV.WD
Exceptional Territories of the County of Devon
G Island of Lundy Island of Lundy UK.DX.LU
County of Dorset
G Borough of Bournemouth (Unitary Authority) Borough of Bournemouth (Unitary Authority) UK.DO.BO
G Borough of Christchurch Borough of Christchurch UK.DO.CH
G District of East Dorset District of East Dorset UK.DO.ED
G District of North Dorset District of North Dorset UK.DO.ND
G Borough of Poole (Unitary Authority) Borough of Poole (Unitary Authority) UK.DO.PO
G District of Purbeck District of Purbeck UK.DO.PU
G District of West Dorset District of West Dorset UK.DO.WD
G Borough of Weymouth and Portland Borough of Weymouth and Portland UK.DO.WP
County of Gloucestershire
G Borough of Cheltenham Borough of Cheltenham UK.GL.CH
G District of Cotswold District of Cotswold UK.GL.CO
G District of Forest of Dean District of Forest of Dean UK.GL.FD
G City of Gloucester City of Gloucester UK.GL.GL
G District of South Gloucestershire (Unitary Authority) District of South Gloucestershire (Unitary Authority) UK.GL.SG
G District of Stroud District of Stroud UK.GL.ST
G Borough of Tewkesbury Borough of Tewkesbury UK.GL.TE
County of Somerset
G District of Bath and North East Somerset (Unitary Authority) District of Bath and North East Somerset (Unitary Authority) UK.SM.BS
G District of Mendip District of Mendip UK.SM.ME
G District of North Somerset (Unitary Authority) District of North Somerset (Unitary Authority) UK.SM.NS
G District of Sedgemoor District of Sedgemoor UK.SM.SE
G District of South Somerset District of South Somerset UK.SM.SS
G Borough of Taunton Deane Borough of Taunton Deane UK.SM.TD
G District of West Somerset District of West Somerset UK.SM.WS
County of Wiltshire
G Borough of Swindon (Unitary Authority) Borough of Swindon (Unitary Authority) UK.WI.SW
G County of Wiltshire (Unitary Authority) County of Wiltshire (Unitary Authority) UK.WI.WI
Region of the West Midlands
County of Herefordshire
G County of Herefordshire (Unitary Authority) County of Herefordshire (Unitary Authority) UK.WE.HE
County of Shropshire
G County of Shropshire (Unitary Authority) County of Shropshire (Unitary Authority) UK.SO.SO
G Borough of Telford and Wrekin (Unitary Authority) Borough of Telford and Wrekin (Unitary Authority) UK.SO.TW
County of Staffordshire
G District of Cannock Chase District of Cannock Chase UK.SF.CC
G Borough of East Staffordshire Borough of East Staffordshire UK.SF.ES
G District of Lichfield District of Lichfield UK.SF.LI
G Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme UK.SF.NL
G District of South Staffordshire District of South Staffordshire UK.SF.SS
G Borough of Stafford Borough of Stafford UK.SF.SF
G District of Staffordshire Moorlands District of Staffordshire Moorlands UK.SF.SM
G City of Stoke-on-Trent (Unitary Authority) City of Stoke-on-Trent (Unitary Authority) UK.SF.ST
G Borough of Tamworth Borough of Tamworth UK.SF.TA
County of Warwickshire
G Borough of North Warwickshire Borough of North Warwickshire UK.WR.NW
G Borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth UK.WR.NB
G Borough of Rugby Borough of Rugby UK.WR.RU
G District of Stratford-on-Avon District of Stratford-on-Avon UK.WR.SA
G District of Warwick District of Warwick UK.WR.WR
Metropolitan County of the West Midlands
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Birmingham Metropolitan Borough and City of Birmingham UK.WM.BI
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Coventry Metropolitan Borough and City of Coventry UK.WM.CO
G Metropolitan Borough of Dudley Metropolitan Borough of Dudley UK.WM.DU
G Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell UK.WM.SA
G Metropolitan Borough of Solihull Metropolitan Borough of Solihull UK.WM.SO
G Metropolitan Borough of Walsall Metropolitan Borough of Walsall UK.WM.WA
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Wolverhampton Metropolitan Borough and City of Wolverhampton UK.WM.WO
County of Worcestershire
G District of Bromsgrove District of Bromsgrove UK.WO.BR
G District of Malvern Hills District of Malvern Hills UK.WO.MH
G Borough of Redditch Borough of Redditch UK.WO.RE
G City of Worcester City of Worcester UK.WO.WO
G District of Wychavon District of Wychavon UK.WO.WY
G District of Wyre Forest District of Wyre Forest UK.WO.WF
Region of Yorkshire and the Humber
County of East Riding of Yorkshire
G County of East Riding of Yorkshire (Unitary Authority) County of East Riding of Yorkshire (Unitary Authority) UK.EY.EY
G City of Kingston upon Hull (Unitary Authority) City of Kingston upon Hull (Unitary Authority) UK.EY.KH
County of Lincolnshire (Part Only)
G Borough of North East Lincolnshire (Unitary Authority) Borough of North East Lincolnshire (Unitary Authority) UK.LN.NE
G Borough of North Lincolnshire (Unitary Authority) Borough of North Lincolnshire (Unitary Authority) UK.LN.NL
County of North Yorkshire (Part Only)
G District of Craven District of Craven UK.NY.CR
G District of Hambleton District of Hambleton UK.NY.HA
G Borough of Harrogate Borough of Harrogate UK.NY.HR
G District of Richmondshire District of Richmondshire UK.NY.RI
G District of Ryedale District of Ryedale UK.NY.RY
G Borough of Scarborough Borough of Scarborough UK.NY.SC
G District of Selby District of Selby UK.NY.SE
G City of York (Unitary Authority) City of York (Unitary Authority) UK.NY.YO
Metropolitan County of South Yorkshire
G Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley UK.SY.BA
G Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster UK.SY.DO
G Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham UK.SY.RO
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Sheffield Metropolitan Borough and City of Sheffield UK.SY.SH
Metropolitan County of West Yorkshire
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Bradford Metropolitan Borough and City of Bradford UK.WY.BR
G Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale UK.WY.CA
G Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees UK.WY.KI
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Leeds Metropolitan Borough and City of Leeds UK.WY.LE
G Metropolitan Borough and City of Wakefield Metropolitan Borough and City of Wakefield UK.WY.WA
Isle of Man ► Ellan Vannin
GD Sheading of Ayre Sheading of Ayre UK.IM.AY
GD Sheading of Garff Sheading of Garff UK.IM.GA
GD Sheading of Glenfaba Sheading of Glenfaba UK.IM.GL
GD Sheading of Michael Sheading of Michael UK.IM.MC
GD Sheading of Middle Sheading of Middle UK.IM.MD
GD Sheading of Rushen (Excluding Chicken Rock) Sheading of Rushen UK.IM.RU
Exceptional Territories of the Sheading of Rushen
GD Chicken Rock Carrick ny Kirkey UK.DX.CR
Northern Ireland (Constituent Country) ► Tuaisceart Éireann (Norlin Airlann)
GI Borough of Antrim Comhairle Baile Aontroma UK.NI.AN
GI Borough of Ards Comhairle Baile na hArda UK.NI.AR
GI City and District of Armagh Comhairle Cathrach agus Ceantair Ard Mhacha UK.NI.AM
GI Borough of Ballymena Comhairle Baile an Bhaile Meánaigh UK.NI.BE
GI Borough of Ballymoney Comhairle Baile Bhaile Monaidh UK.NI.BO
GI District of Banbridge Comhairle Ceantair Dhroichead na Banna UK.NI.BA
GI City of Belfast Comhairle Cathrach Bhéal Feirste UK.NI.BF
GI Borough of Carrickfergus Comhairle Baile Charraig Fheargais UK.NI.CF
GI Borough of Castlereag Comhairle Baile an Chaisleáin Riabhaigh UK.NI.CA
GI Borough of Coleraine Comhairle Baile Chúil Raithin UK.NI.CL
GI District of Cookstown Comhairle Ceantair na Coirre Críochaí UK.NI.CO
GI Borough of Craigavon Comhairle Baile Chreag Abhann UK.NI.CR
GI City of Derry Comhairle Cathrach Dhoire UK.NI.DE
GI District of Down Comhairle Ceantair an Dúin UK.NI.DO
GI Borough of Dungannon and South Tyrone Comhairle Baile Dhún Geanainn agus Thír Eoghain Theas UK.NI.DU
GI District of Fermanagh Comhairle Ceantair Fhear Manach UK.NI.FE
GI Borough of Larne Comhairle Baile Latharna UK.NI.LA
GI Borough of Limavady Comhairle Baile Léim an Mhadaidh UK.NI.LI
GI City of Lisburn Comhairle Cathrach Lios na gCearrbhach UK.NI.LS
GI District of Magherafelt Comhairle Ceantair Mhacaire Fíolta UK.NI.MA
GI District of Moyle (Excluding Rathlin Island) Comhairle Ceantair Shruth na Maoile UK.NI.MO
GI District of Newry and Mourne Comhairle an Iúir agus Mhúrn UK.NI.NM
GI Borough of Newtownabbey Comhairle Baile Bhaile na Mainistreach UK.NI.NA
GI Borough of North Down Comhairle Baile Dúin Thuaidh UK.NI.ND
GI District of Omagh Comhairle Ceantair na hÓmaí UK.NI.OM
GI District of Strabane Comhairle Ceantair an tSratha Báin UK.NI.ST
Exceptional Territories of Northern Ireland
GI Rathlin Island Oileán é Reachlainn UK.DX.RA
Bailiwick of Jersey ► Bailliage dé Jèrri
GJ Parish of Grouville Pâraisse dé Grouville UK.JE.GR
GJ Parish of Saint Brélade Pâraisse dé Saint Brélade UK.JE.BR
GJ Parish of Saint Clément Pâraisse dé Saint Cliément UK.JE.CL
GJ Parish of Saint Helier Pâraisse dé Saint Hélyi UK.JE.HE
GJ Parish of Saint John Pâraisse dé Saint Jean UK.JE.JO
GJ Parish of Saint Lawrence Pâraisse dé Saint Louothains UK.JE.LA
GJ Parish of Saint Martin Pâraisse dé Saint Martîn UK.JE.MT
GJ Parish of Saint Mary Pâraisse dé Sainte Mathie UK.JE.MR
GJ Parish of Saint Ouen Pâraisse dé Saint Ouën UK.JE.OU
GJ Parish of Saint Peter Pâraisse dé Saint Pièrre UK.JE.PE
GJ Parish of Saint Saviour Pâraisse dé Saint Saûveux UK.JE.SA
GJ Parish of Trinity Pâraisse dé La Trinneté UK.JE.TR
Exceptional Territories of the Bailiwick of Jersey
GJ Dirouille Rocks (The Dirouilles) Les Dirouilles (Les Dithouïl’yes) UK.DX.DI
GJ Écréhou Rocks (The Écréhous) Les Écréhous (Les Êcréhos) UK.DX.EC
GJ Minquier Rocks (The Minquiers) Les Minquiers (Les Mîntchièrs) UK.DX.MI
GJ Paternoster Rocks (The Paternosters) Les Pierres de Lecq (Les Pièrres dé Lé) UK.DX.LE
Scotland (Constituent Country) ► Alba
GM Council Area of Aberdeen City Comhairle Cathair Obar Dheathain UK.SC.AC
GM Council Area of Aberdeenshire Comhairle Siorrachd Obar Dheathain UK.SC.AS
GM Council Area of Angus Comhairle Siorrachd Aonghais UK.SC.AN
GM Council Area of Argyll and Bute Comhairle Earra-Ghaidheal is Bhòid UK.SC.AB
GM Council Area of Clackmannanshire Comhairle Siorrachd Chlach Mhanainn UK.SC.CL
GM Council Area of Dumfries and Galloway Comhairle Dhùn Phris is Ghall-Ghaidhealaibh UK.SC.DG
GM Council Area of Dundee City Comhairle Cathair Dhùn Deagh UK.SC.DU
GM Council Area of East Ayrshire Comhairle Siorrachd Àir an Ear UK.SC.EA
GM Council Area of East Dunbartonshire Comhairle Siorrachd Dhùn Bhreatainn an Ear UK.SC.ED
GM Council Area of East Lothian Comhairle Lodainn an Ear UK.SC.EL
GM Council Area of East Renfrewshire Comhairle Siorrachd Rinn Friù an Ear UK.SC.ER
GM Council Area of the City of Edinburgh Comhairle Cathair Dhùn Èideann UK.SC.EB
GM Council Area of Falkirk Comhairle na h-Eaglaise Brice UK.SC.FA
GM Council Area of Fife Comhairle Fìobha UK.SC.FI
GM Council Area of Glasgow City Comhairle Cathair Ghlaschu UK.SC.GL
GM Council Area of Inverclyde Comhairle Inbhir Chluaidh UK.SC.IN
GM Council Area of Midlothian Comhairle Mheadhan Lodainn UK.SC.ML
GM Council Area of Moray Comhairle Mhoireibh UK.SC.MO
GM Council Area of North Ayrshire Comhairle Siorrachd Àir a Tuath UK.SC.NA
GM Council Area of North Lanarkshire Comhairle Siorrachd Lannraig a Tuath UK.SC.NL
GM Council Area of Orkney Islands Comhairle Eileanan Àrcaibh UK.SC.OR
GM Council Area of Perth and Kinross Comhairle Pheairt is Cheann Rois UK.SC.PK
GM Council Area of Renfrewshire Comhairle Siorrachd Rinn Friù UK.SC.RE
GM Council Area of Shetland Islands Comhairle Eileanan Shealltainn UK.SC.SH
GM Council Area of South Ayrshire Comhairle Siorrachd Àir a Deas UK.SC.SA
GM Council Area of South Lanarkshire Comhairle Siorrachd Lannraig a Deas UK.SC.SL
GM Council Area of Stirling Comhairle Shruighlea UK.SC.ST
GM Council Area of the Highland Comhairle na Gaidhealtachd UK.SC.HL
GM Council Area of the Scottish Borders Comhairle nan Crìochan na h-Alba UK.SC.SB
GM Council Area of the Western Isles Comhairle nan Eilean Siar UK.SC.ES
GM Council Area of West Dunbartonshire Comhairle Siorrachd Dhùn Bhreatainn an Iar UK.SC.WD
GM Council Area of West Lothian Comhairle Lodainn an Iar UK.SC.WL
Exceptional Territories of Scotland
GM Fair Isle Eilean Fara UK.DX.FA
GM Flannan Isles Na h-Eileanan Flannach UK.DX.FL
GM Foula Island Eilean Fughlaigh UK.DX.FO
GM Haskeir Island (Including Haskeir Eagach) Eilean Hasgeir UK.DX.HA
GM Monach Islands Na h-Eileanan Heisgeir UK.DX.MO
GM North Rona Island Eilean Rònaigh UK.DX.NR
GM Rockall Island Sgeir Rocail UK.DX.RO
GM Saint Kilda Islands Na h-Eileanan Hiort UK.DX.SK
GM Shiant Isles Na h-Eileanan Mòra UK.DX.SH
GM Sula Sgeir Sula Sgeir UK.DX.SG
GM Sule Skerry and Sule Stack Sule Skerry and Sule Stack UK.DX.SU
Bailiwick of Guernsey ► Bailliage dé Guernési
GU Parish of Castel Pâraisse dé Lé Casté UK.GU.CA
GU Parish of Forest Pâraisse dé La Fouarêt UK.GU.FO
GU Parish of Saint Andrew Pâraisse dé Saint Andri UK.GU.AN
GU Parish of Saint Martin Pâraisse dé Saint Martin UK.GU.MA
GU Parish of Saint Peter Port Pâraisse dé Saint Pierre Port UK.GU.PP
GU Parish of Saint Pierre du Bois Pâraisse dé Saint Pierre UK.GU.PB
GU Parish of Saint Sampson Pâraisse dé Saint Samsaon UK.GU.SA
GU Parish of Saint Saviour Pâraisse dé Saint Sauveux UK.GU.SV
GU Parish of Torteval Pâraisse dé Tortévas UK.GU.TO
GU Parish of Vale Pâraisse dé Lé Vale UK.GU.VA
Exceptional Territories of the Bailiwick of Guernsey
GU Alderney Island (Including Adjacent Rocks) Île d’Aurigny (Âorgny, Aoeur’gny) UK.DX.AL
GU Amfroque Rocks (The Amfroques) Les Amfroques UK.DX.AM
GU Brechou Island Île de Brecqhou UK.DX.BR
GU Burhou Islet Îlot de Burhou UK.DX.BU
GU Casquet Rocks (The Casquets) Les Casquets UK.DX.CQ
GU Coque Lihou Islet Îlot de Coque Lihou UK.DX.CL
GU Crevichon Islet Îlot de Crevichon UK.DX.CV
GU Etac Rock L’Etac de Serk UK.DX.ES
GU Étac Rocks (The Garden Rocks) Les Étacs UK.DX.ET
GU Herm Island Île d’Herm (Haerme) UK.DX.HE
GU Houmet Rocks (The Houmets) Les Houmets UK.DX.HO
GU Jethou Island Île de Jéthou (Jétho) UK.DX.JE
GU Lihou Islet Îlot de Lihou UK.DX.LI
GU Little Burhou Islet Îlot de Peu Burhou UK.DX.LB
GU Ortac Islet Îlot d’Ortac UK.DX.OR
GU Red Rock Renonquet UK.DX.RQ
GU Sark Island Île de Sercq (Sèr, Ser) UK.DX.SA
Wales (Constituent Country) ► Cymru
GW County of the Isle of Anglesey Sir Ynys Mon UK.WA.AN
GW County Borough of Blaenau Gwent Bwrdeistref Sirol Blaenau Gwent UK.WA.BG
GW County Borough of Bridgend Bwrdeistref Sirol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr UK.WA.BR
GW County Borough of Caerphilly Bwrdeistref Sirol Caerffili UK.WA.CA
GW City and County of Cardiff Dinas a Sir Caerdydd UK.WA.CF
GW County of Carmarthenshire Sir Gaerfyrddin UK.WA.CM
GW County of Ceredigion Sir Ceredigion UK.WA.CE
GW County Borough of Conwy Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy UK.WA.CO
GW County of Denbighshire Sir Ddinbych UK.WA.DE
GW County of Flintshire Sir y Fflint UK.WA.FL
GW County of Gwynedd Sir Gwynedd UK.WA.GW
GW County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil Bwrdeistref Sirol Merthyr Tudful UK.WA.MT
GW County of Monmouthshire Sir Fynwy UK.WA.MO
GW County Borough of Neath Port Talbot Bwrdeistref Sirol Castell-nedd Port Talbot UK.WA.NP
GW City of Newport Dinas Casnewydd UK.WA.NE
GW County of Pembrokeshire Sir Benfro UK.WA.PE
GW County of Powys Sir Powys UK.WA.PO
GW County Borough of Rhondda Cynon Taff Bwrdeistref Sirol Rhondda Cynon Taf UK.WA.RC
GW City and County of Swansea Dinas a Sir Abertawe UK.WA.SW
GW County Borough of Torfaen Bwrdeistref Sirol Torfaen UK.WA.TO
GW County Borough of the Vale of Glamorgan Bwrdeistref Sirol Bro Morgannwg UK.WA.VG
GW County Borough of Wrexham Bwrdeistref Sirol Wrecsam UK.WA.WR
Exceptional Territories of Wales
GW Bardsey Island (Gwynedd) Ynys Enlli UK.DX.BA
GW Bishops and Clerks Islands (Pembrokeshire) Bishops and Clerks Islands UK.DX.BC
GW Flat Holm Island (Cardiff) Ynys Echni UK.DX.FH
GW Grassholm Island (Pembrokeshire) Ynys Gwales UK.DX.GH
GW Puffin Island (Anglesey) Ynys Seiriol UK.DX.PU
GW Ramsey Island (Pembrokeshire) Ynys Dewi UK.DX.RM
GW Skokholm Island (Pembrokeshire) Ynys Sgoc-holm UK.DX.SO
GW Skomer Island (Pembrokeshire) Ynys Skomer UK.DX.SM
British Overseas Territories
ZB Gibraltar Gibraltar EU.UK.GI

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I have been licensed for around 20 years after my interest was re-kindled when I retired from my role as a Police Officer within South Yorkshire Police Force. The latter few years were spent as Radio Operator in the Force Operations Control Room at Sheffield, before my career ended.

IOTA chasing is (and always has been) my real passion, as climbing the ladder to reach Honour Roll status was always my main aim. The 1000 Islands Trophy is still out of reach but I am heading in the right direction. I am currently a Board Member of IOTA Ltd and IREF.

In my free time I am a keen Photographer of Wildlife, Aviation, (anything really) but the QSL Manager role is my main passion within Ham Radio.