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***Check the ”NOTES’‘ colum below and for the stations that

DO REQUIRE your card (just request via OQRS and please send your card via the Bureau)……


….and the Stations that  DO NOT REQUIRE your card (just request via OQRS)



I am the Manager   for;


    $manager = “M0OXO”;
    function DBConnect()
        $server = “localhost”; // < enter your MYSQL server address here
        $user = “moxocom_oqrs”; // < enter your user name here
        $password = “-KmO&~l#4#aw”; // < enter your passwod here
        $database = “moxocom_oqrs”; // < enter your MYSQL database name here
        mysql_connect($server, $user, $password) or
            die(“<h3>Unable to connect database server!</h3>“);
        mysql_select_db($database) or
            die(“<h3>Unable to select database!</h3>“);
    echo ‘<table border=”0″ cellpadding=”2″ cellspacing=”1″ width=”1000px”>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘<thead>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘ <tr>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘ <th width=”200px”>Call</th>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘ <th>Entity</th>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘ <th>Notes</th>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘ </tr>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘</thead>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘<tbody>‘.$eol;
    $query = “SELECT `id`, `dx_call`, `country`, `description` “;
    $query .= ” FROM `oqrsmanagers` “;
    $query .= ” WHERE `manager` = ‘”.$manager.”‘ “;
    $query .= ” ORDER BY `dx_call` “;
    $result = mysql_query($query);
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result))
        echo ‘ <tr>‘.$eol;
        echo ‘ <td nowrap>‘.$row[1].’</td>‘.$eol;
        echo ‘ <td nowrap>‘.$row[2].’</td>‘.$eol;
        echo ‘ <td>‘.utf8_decode($row[3]).’</td>‘.$eol;
        echo ‘ </tr>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘</tbody>‘.$eol;
    echo ‘</table>‘.$eol;




Click the Logo to request your card

OQRS request









MØGGR – No longer an RSGB Member, no cards accepted thro buro, you must request via OQRS ONLY or not at all !!!


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