GWFF (Wales) Area List


Below is the current list for ‘GWFF’ (Wales) up to and including :-   08/04/2010


**Areas shown in BLUE are ‘first activated by’
**Areas NOT shown in BLUE are ‘not yet activated’

EU Wales GWFF-001 Allt Rhyd y Groes
EU Wales GWFF-002 Allt y Benglog
EU Wales GWFF-003 Berwyn NNR
EU Wales GWFF-004 Cader Idris NNR
EU Wales GWFF-005 Carmel NNR
EU Wales GWFF-006 Carngafallt NR
EU Wales GWFF-007 Ceunant Llennurch
EU Wales GWFF-008 Claerwen
EU Wales GWFF-009 Clwydian Range
EU Wales GWFF-010 Coed Cymerau
EU Wales GWFF-011 Coed Dolgarrog
EU Wales GWFF-012 Coed Ganllwyd
EU Wales GWFF-013 Coed Gorswen
EU Wales GWFF-014 Coed Llyn Mair NNR
EU Wales GWFF-015 Coed Rheidol
EU Wales GWFF-016 Coed Tremadog
EU Wales GWFF-017 Coed y Rhygen
EU Wales GWFF-018 Coedmor
EU Wales GWFF-019 Coed-y-Cerrig
EU Wales GWFF-020 Coedydd Aber
EU Wales GWFF-021 Coedydd Aber NNR
EU Wales GWFF-022 Coedydd Maentwrog
EU Wales GWFF-023 Conwy NR
EU Wales GWFF-024 Coombe Valley Woods (MW6ADB/p)
EU Wales GWFF-025 Cors Bodeilio
EU Wales GWFF-026 Cors Caron
EU Wales GWFF-027 Cors Caron NNR
EU Wales GWFF-028 Cors Erddreiniog
EU Wales GWFF-029 Cors Geirch
EU Wales GWFF-030 Cors Goch, Llanllwch
EU Wales GWFF-031 Cors y Llyn
EU Wales GWFF-032 Corsydd Llangloffan (MW0OXO/p)
EU Wales GWFF-033 Craig Cerrig Gleisiad a Fran Frynych
EU Wales GWFF-034 Craig y Cilau
EU Wales GWFF-035 Craig-Cerrig-Gleisiag a Fan Frynych NNR
EU Wales GWFF-036 Craig-y-Cilau NNR
EU Wales GWFF-037 Crymlyn Bog and Pant y Sais
EU Wales GWFF-038 Cwm Clydach NNR
EU Wales GWFF-039 Cwm Glas Crafnant
EU Wales GWFF-040 Cwm Idwal NNR
EU Wales GWFF-041 Dan yr Ogof
EU Wales GWFF-042 Dinas NR

EU Wales GWFF-043 Dinefwr Park
EU Wales GWFF-044 Dyfi
EU Wales GWFF-045 Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses NNR (partly in England)
EU Wales GWFF-046 Fiddlers Elbow
EU Wales GWFF-047 Gower Coast NNR
EU Wales GWFF-048 Gower peninsula
EU Wales GWFF-049 Grassholm Island
EU Wales GWFF-050 Hafod Elwy Moor
EU Wales GWFF-051 Hafod Garregog
EU Wales GWFF-052 Isle of Anglesey NP
EU Wales GWFF-053 Kenfig Dunes NNR (MW6ADB)
EU Wales GWFF-054 Kenfig Pool and dunes
EU Wales GWFF-055 Lady Park Wood
EU Wales GWFF-056 Lake Vyrnwy NR
EU Wales GWFF-057 Lleyn Peninsula
EU Wales GWFF-058 Llyn Eiddwen
EU Wales GWFF-059 Maes y Facrell
EU Wales GWFF-060 Mawddach Valley NR
EU Wales GWFF-061 Merthyr Mawr (MW6ADB)
EU Wales GWFF-062 Morfa Harlech & Morfa Dyffryn NNR
EU Wales GWFF-063 Nant Irfon
EU Wales GWFF-064 Newborough Warren
EU Wales GWFF-065 Newborough Warren NNR
EU Wales GWFF-066 Newport Wetlands NNR (MW0OXO/P) (MW6ADB/p)
EU Wales GWFF-067 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu
EU Wales GWFF-068 Oxwich
EU Wales GWFF-069 Pengelli Forest (MW6ADM/P)
EU Wales GWFF-070 Penhow Woodlands (MW6ADB/p)
EU Wales GWFF-071 Point Of Air
EU Wales GWFF-072 Ramsey island NR (MC0SHL/M0OXO)
EU Wales GWFF-073 Brecon Beacons (GW4WSB/p)
EU Wales GWFF-074 Snowdonia (GW1LAT/P)
EU Wales GWFF-075 Rhos Llawr Cwrt
EU Wales GWFF-076 Rounton Hill
EU Wales GWFF-077 Skomer island NNR
EU Wales GWFF-078 South Stack NR
EU Wales GWFF-079 Stackpole
EU Wales GWFF-080 Stanner Rocks
EU Wales GWFF-081 Ty Canol
EU Wales GWFF-082 Valley Wetlands NR
EU Wales GWFF-083 Whiteford
EU Wales GWFF-084 Y Berwyn
EU Wales GWFF-085 Ynys Enlli NNR
EU Wales GWFF-086 Ynyslas NNR
EU Wales GWFF-087 Yr Wyddfa
EU Wales GWFF-088 Flatholme Island NR

remember** re- GFF-015 – Pembrokeshire National Park. This area is in DXCC Wales. When WFF
first launched, GFF was all one entity. However, when the decision was made to split in
to G, GM & GW, ‘GFF-015’ had already been activated several times. In view of that and
the fact that Qsl Cards have been already issued/printed the area at this stage will continue to be
used. If you have or in the future do work ‘Pembrokeshire Coast’ be assured ‘GFF-015’ is still valid
for WFF and the DXCC will be Wales.
For more information on the welsh Countryside pls visit Countryside Council of Wales website.

Any questions email me! ……………73 de Charles

** Many thanks to Steve GW4BKG for his tireless work assisting to prepare this list.


GFF-001 Brecon Beacons 51°53’N/3°27’W GW
GFF-002 Cairngorms GM
GFF-003 Chalk Sound 21°46’N/72°17’W VP5
GFF-004 Dartmoor 50°33’N/3°54’W G
GFF-005 East Bay Islands 21°55’N/71°53’W VP5
GFF-006 Exmoor 51°10’N/4°00’W G
GFF-007 Grand Turk Cays, Land and Sea 21°23’N/71°06’W VP5
GFF-008 Lake District 54°30’N/3°00’W G
GFF-009 Loch Lomond and the Trossachs GM
GFF-010 New Forest G
GFF-011 North West Point Marine 21°51’N/72°20’W VP5
GFF-012 North York Moors 54°22’N/0°52’W G
GFF-013 Northumberland 55°16’N/2°13’W G
GFF-014 Peak District 53°18’N/1°45’W G
GFF-015 Pembrokeshire Coast 51°55’N/4°57’W GW
GFF-016 Princess Alexandra Land and Sea 21°48’N/72°12’W VP5
GFF-017 Snowdonia 52°54’N/3°49’W GW
GFF-018 South Downs G
GFF-019 The Broads 52°35’N/1°40’E G
GFF-020 Yorkshire Dales 54°20’N/1°50’W G
GFF-021 Ferguson Bay Base Camp Antarctica Base VP8
GFF-022 Station “Bl” Bird Island Station 54°00’S 38°03’W VP8
GFF-023 Station “M” King Edward Point 54°17 S 36°30 W VP8
GFF-024 Falkland Islands 51°42′S/ 57°51′W VP8
GFF-025 Husvik, South Georgia isl. 54°10′S/36°42′W VP8
GFF-026 Spenceley Glacier Camp Antarctica Base VP8
GFF-027 Grytviken, , South Georgia isl. VP8
GFF-028 SANAP Weather Station Antarctica Base ZD9
GFF-029 Base «W» Detaille Island 66°52’S/66°48’W VP8
GFF-030 Brabant Station 64°30’S 64°21’W VP8
GFF-031 Smith Base 62°59’S/62°32’W VP8
GFF-032 Station «A» Port Lockroy 64°49’S/63°30’W VP8
GFF-033 Station «B» Deception Island 62°59’S/60°34’W VP8
GFF-034 Station «C» Cape Geddes 60°41’S 44°34’W VP8
GFF-035 Station «D» Hope Bay 63°24’S 56°59’W VP8
GFF-036 Station «E» Stonington Island 68°11’S/67°00’W VP8
GFF-037 Station “F” Faraday (James Wordie House) 65°15’S/64°16’W VP8
GFF-038 Station «F» Faraday Station 65°15’S/64°16’W VP8
GFF-039 Station «G» Admiralty Bay 62°05’S 58°25’W VP8
GFF-040 Station «H» Signy Island 60°43’S 45°36’W VP8
GFF-041 Station «KG» Fossil Bluff 71°20’S/68°17’W VP8
GFF-042 Station «O» Danco Island 64°44’S/62°36’W VP8
GFF-043 Station «R» Rothera 67°34’S/68°08’W VP8
GFF-044 Station «T» Adelaide 67°46’S/68°55’W VP8
GFF-045 Station «Y» Horseshoe Island 67°49’S/67°18’W VP8
GFF-046 Station “Z” Edmond Halley I 75°30’S 26°36’W VP8
GFF-047 Station “Z” Edmond Halley II 75°31’S 26°39’W VP8
GFF-048 Station “Z” Edmond Halley III 75°31’S 26°43’W VP8
GFF-049 Station “Z” Edmond Halley IV 75°36’S 26°46’W VP8
GFF-050 Station “Z” Edmond Halley V 75°35’S 26°34’W VP8
GFF-051 Western Bransfield Strait 63°27’S/62°10’W VP8
GFF-052 Western Shore of Admiralty Bay 62°11’S/58°27’W VP8
GFF-053 Pitcairn island (include Oeno) VP6
GFF-054 Henderson island VP6
GFF-055 Ducie island VP6
GFF-056 Gordano Valley Avon G
GFF-057 Barton Hills Bedfordshire G
GFF-058 Chiltern Hills Bedfordshire G
GFF-059 Kings Wood, Heath & Reach Bedfordshire G
GFF-060 Knocking Hoe Bedfordshire G
GFF-061 The Lodge Bedfordshire G
GFF-062 Leigh Woods Bristol G
GFF-063 Church Wood Buckinghamshire G
GFF-064 Barnack Hills & Hoes Cambridgeshire G
GFF-065 Bedford Purlieus Cambridgeshire G
GFF-066 Castor Hanglands Cambridgeshire G
GFF-067 Chippenham Fen Cambridgeshire G
GFF-068 Fowlemere Cambridgeshire G
GFF-069 Holme Fen Cambridgeshire G
GFF-070 Monks Woods Cambridgeshire G
GFF-071 Nene Washes Cambridgeshire G
GFF-072 Ouse Washes Cambridgeshire G
GFF-073 Upwood Meadows Cambridgeshire G
GFF-074 Wicken Fen Cambridgeshire G
GFF-075 Woddwalton Fen Cambridgeshire G
GFF-076 Gayton Sands Cheshire G
GFF-077 Wybunbury Moss Cheshire G
GFF-078 Golitha Falls Cornwall G
GFF-079 Goss Moor Cornwall G
GFF-080 The Lizard Cornwall G
GFF-081 Hayle Estuary Cornwall G
GFF-082 Marazion Marsh Cornwall G
GFF-083 Campfield marsh Cumbria G
GFF-084 Finglandrigg Woods Cumbria G
GFF-085 Haweswater Cumbria G
GFF-086 Hodbarrow Cumbria G
GFF-087 Hutton Roof Crags Cumbria G
GFF-088 Moor House Upper Teesdale (Cumbria) G

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