GBØWFF - Qrv in March from new 'GFF'!

Sri for the short notice on this one!

GFF_LogoCharles MØOXO & Ian MØIAA will be Qrv as GBØWFF on Tuesday 2nd March 2010 from the  Derbyshire Dales Nature Reserve (GFF-091 [new]) and on Wednesday 3rd March 2010 from the Lower Derwent Valley (GFF-010 [new]).

Antennas will be Dipoles at 10M and running barefoot from the Yaesu FT-897D. All being well and pending any disasters on the day we should be qrv around or just before 12.00 UTC.    

**Areas may be subject to change on the day due to Snow and other WX issues.K800_WFF_Award_min1

Qsl as always will be via M3ZYZ / MØOXO and bureau cards can be requested via the On-Line Qsl Request Form (OQRF).

All other Qsl options such as paying via Paypal for Direct Cards can be found by clicking here. Photo's of the trip will also be found in the World Flora Fauna section of this website in the coming days.

73 & 44 de Charles

Earthquake Report from Chile - CE2WZ

Chilean authorities are reporting that at least 122 people had been killed in an 8.8-point earthquake which also inflicted major chile-earthquake-radiusdamage on the South American country early this morning.
As the extent of the damage around the country became more apparent several hours after the quake struck at 3:34 am (0634 GMT) some 90 kilometres north-east of Concepcion, it was feared the toll would go yet higher. Our good friends & fellow Hams David (CE2WZ) and his wife Linda are fortunately both OK.

David tells us:-
''Following the earthquake we´re OK.  It was pretty bad here as well.  It struck about 4.00 and went on for nearly 2 minutes.  We left the house and it was like being in a boat going down the stairs. 
The water in the swimming pool was whipped up with waves and racing back and forward.  There was a minor aftershock but it is now 8.05 am and electricity has been restored here.  It went off all night. 
Some people left Serena Golf - we think they were people from Santiago who had been warned of the risk of a tsunami.  Fortunately there was no tsunami as the two local radio stations only played music and gave no information.
So all is well.  Linda has not rung her mother who also lives in Chile but Valdivia is quite far south of the epicentre.  Imagine we are 600 miles north of the epicentre and the effect it had here.''

We wish you all good luck in the coming days David & Linda, our thoughts with you all.

73 de Charles....

RSGB Qsl Bureau - Status Report

Thanks to Tim M0URX for his tireless efforts in gaining an understanding of how the RSGB Qsl Bureau is currently web-G3UGF-016-inside-vanoperating. He has just published this brief report which I hope puts many Amateurs minds at ease.
He reports :-

'Over the past couple of months the Society has received correspondence and questions from a number of amateurs whose outgoing bureau cards do not appear to have reached the overseas bureau for which they were intended. Checks with some of the key overseas bureau suggested that it had been many months since they had received cards from the RSGB. title header to read full story ..... (tnx Photo G3UGF)

Read more: RSGB Qsl Bureau - Status Report

GBØANT - 2 days in & 550 Q's logged!

GBØANT kicked off on Monday the 15th, a week earlier than Antarctica Activity Week (AAW) officially starts. The good GB0ANT1propagation meant that we were able to devote time to the higher bands for a change and good pile ups were evident this Year.

John (G4RCG) started early Monday morning on CW (his last stint on 40M producing some VK's) and i had a play later that afternoon. The same routine took place yesterday (Tuesday) and CW, SSB and Digital modes were good. We were joined by Ian (M0IAA) in the afternoon and he had a great run on 15m to Asia with many YB stations in the log. I have to say that band conditions took a turn for the worse in the late afternoon and activity was well down on previous days, the SFI numbers not favourable at all. A move to 17 & 20M gave Ian a good run to the USA and then he took a severe beating from EU before calling it a day and having worked over 100 stations in his session.

Three days in and the total stands at just over 550 Q’s, a good start to 2010 with another 10 days of the event still to run. Check out more about the event under 'Special Callsigns' in the menu to the left. Thanks to all operators and callers and please remember, apply for your Bureau Qsl Cards on line to save time.

73 de Charles.....

New Sunspots, New DX, better conditions?

Band condx looking up again with the rare sight of Sunspots? How long will it last?

2010-02-12.22Tnx CDXC & ClubLog Members for several new ones. Michael G7VJR in the log 3 slots as VP8DMN from Port Stanley, Falklands, and Nick G3RWF for two new slots as 5X1NH in Kampala, Uganda.

Nigel G3TXF is travelling again and joining the TX4T team from North of Tahiti Hiti In French Polynesia (IOTA OC-046 new) (Foto left).Their latest Blog tells us:-

''More than 3000 QSOs on february 11th, more than 8000 in total. The rate is good (and our mood, too !) Thanks to all who call us, we look forward to contact you ! QRM is weak here, DO try to call us if you hear us !80 meters worked very well last night, with 900 QSOs. 160m was harder than previous night. 30m works well, opened to EU between 16 and 17Z. We had a good opening to EU on 17m (spiderbeam), at the same time we also were on 15m for EU (with the 40m vertical !) Nigel installed a 12/17m vertical, we’ll be able to operate 3 stations simultaneously, even during the day. We don’t know yet if we will take part in CQ WPX RTTY, as our main goal remains to favor the low bands.''XR0ZA_Fuan_Fernandez_200

Preceding these contacts were several others such as XR0ZA on Robinson Crusoe Island, Juan Fernandez (foto right) and three new slots with the team on Fernando De Noronha off the coast of Brazil. Another new one was Mike R1ANP down in Progress Bay Research Station on Antarctica  (foto left) who is currently qrv on most progress-station-antarctica-300x205bands.

All in all conditions looking up with great openings to Nth & Sth America on 15M and even VK’s again on 12. 40 & 80M have also been good with regular openings to the Pacific.

Have a good weekend and good dx! 73 de Charles.....

Fancy trying an On-line Logbook?

Have you ever thought about uploading your log allowing others to search it on-line? It's now quite a popular tool in the hamlog4hobby of Amateur Radio. Not only is it used for personal logbooks but most of the big DXpeditions now allow the facility to Log Search their logs many within a few hours with regular uploads and others when the Dxpedition or activity has ceased.
There are several availablett to choose and you can either search the logs directly on line or add the facility to your own website where again you personal logs can be seen. Just one example is that of 'Hamlog EU'.

Have a look at the link to find out more and maybe do a more extensive search for other on-line logs and see which is best tailored to your needs!

73 de Charles....

Two new WFF from GM land 'GMFF-046' & 'GMFF-002''

MMØDGR/p will be operating from the Loch Lomond National Nature Reserve (GMFF-046) on Saturday, 6th February, 2010.

The gmff-webportable station will be located at the Shore Wood (southeast corner of Loch Lomond). Equipment: Icom IC-706MKIIG with HLA-300 Plus (300W) HF Power Amplifier. Antenna: 9m high Vertical with CG-5000 Automatic Antenna Coupler.

Grid locator IO76RB, WAB NS48, EU Area SC31 (West Dunbartonshire), IOTA EU-005. Bands, modes and frequencies ± QRM: 20 m (BPSK63 14.072 MHz, CW 14.044 MHz, SSB 14.244 MHz); 30 m (BPSK63 10.142 MHz, CW 10.110 MHz); 40 m (BPSK63 7.044 MHz, CW 7.014 MHz, SSB 7.144 MHz). QSL-cards via MMØDFV (preferably RSGB QSL-bureau).

Loch Lomond National Nature Reserve (GMFF-046) lies in the southeast corner of Loch Lomond, in the southern part of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park (GMFF-002). This portable expedition gives you two WFF reference numbers GMFF-046 and GMFF-002 simultaneously. The Reserve includes some of the woodlands for which Loch Lomond is renowned, including the wooded shores on the mainland and on the islands of Inchcailloch, Clairinsh, Torrinch, Creinch and Aber Isle and the wetlands at the mouth of the River Endrick.

Detailed information & map are available at

XE2JA/XF1 Alcatraz Island coming soon.....

XE2JA/XF1 intend to be qrv from 11th - 14th February 2010. Bahía Kino (Alcatraz Island IOTA NA-167) lies 28.50N - 31.77N / 11.75W - 114.68W IMG_6916and is a town in the Mexican State of Sonora , on the Gulf of California.

The teams website tells us ''It was named aftee Eusebio Kino. The name also applies to the adjacent bay between Alcatraz Island and Punta San-Nicolas, Sonora. The names Bahía de Kino and Bahía Kino are used interchangeably.'' Founded in the 1920s as a small fishing camp, Bahía de Kino is a thriving community of about 7,000 inhabitants The town is administered as part of the municipality of Hermosillo. I

t is located on land that was part of the traditional territory of the Seri people who now live to the north on their communal property. The team will be using Yaesu and Kenwood transceivers and in the main the antennas are verticals, the exception being a Moseley TA-33 beam for 10, 15 & 20 meter bands. They have two amplifiers at their disposal so the UK should be in a good position to work them, the early morning on the lower bands and of course on the higher bands between lunch time and early evening being the better times to catch them.top_xf1_01

Qsl will be via EA5XC, click callsign for details. Good luck to the team, here's hoping I manage to work the new IOTA.

73 de Charles....

Northern Cross Rally 2010 - Postponed

News received this morning is that the Northern Cross Rally 2010 held in Wakefield has been cancelled, the event no WDRS_Rallylonger taking place on the 14th February as previously circulated. It is suggested it may take place later this Year with the month of June being a possibility.

The event is run by the Wakefield & District Radio Society and in recent Years has moved from the old QTH at the Thornes Sports Stadium Wakefield to a new location ¾ mile south of Ossett town centre, in the grounds of Ossett School, on Storrs Hill Road, Ossett, Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

It is disappointing to hear it is cancelled but should you require further information please contact their Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

73 de Charles.........


Who said SWL was a dying part of the hobby?

Having grouped them for together for several months now, I have finally managed to get all the SWL cards i have completed and on 137_swltheir way to the bureau.

In the batch - 137 cards for 15 different stations but in the main they related to GBØANT, GB4IPY, GB1HI, MØOXO, MWØJZE & G4RCG.

Designing a SWL label for use in LogPrint has been the challenge. Setting up the user fields to accept and respond to a wide number of commands from the logging software was the difficulty and took about 7 hours before i was happy that the presentation was up to standard.

If you receive a SWL Card from me in the coming months, please feel free to comment on the label design, I may be able to offer more information should it be required. Keep the SWL reports coming, I can now guarantee you a speedy turn around time. I am totally cleaned out as regards Qsl requests and anxiously awaiting another delivery from the RSGB Bureau Cry

73 and Gud DX! - Charles

Waiheke Island, NZ - first new IOTA of 2010!

As you read above, thanks to Warren ZL1AIX for allowing me the unexpected new IOTA reference OC-201 ( IOTA #461) from zl1aixAwaawaroa Bay, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, on the South-East of the Island.

It was great to have the chat this morning and the opportunity to try the two SteppIR antennas against each other. Warren initially called on the long path as I was working the opposite direction with a Russian Station. Having tried both routes, long path again came up trumps with a signal from Waiheke of 59+10 as opposed to 59 on the short path, really FB sigs from his 3ele SteppIR

Waiheke Island is an island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand, located about 17km  from Auckland. Waiheke Island is an easy-going getaway from the hustle-and-bustle of the city and enjoys a subtropical climate with its 100 km of coastline. The island is the second-largest, after Great Barrier Island, of all the gulf islands. It is also the most populous with just under 8,000 permanent residents plus another estimated 3400 who have second or holiday homes on the island. This makes it New Zealand's most densely populated island, with 83.58 people/km², and the third most populous after the North and South Island. title header to read full story.....

Read more: Waiheke Island, NZ - first new IOTA of 2010!

'Frozen Britain' ..comparing with 1963...

Frozen_Britain_SmallMany of you will have already seen this image but what a scene!

Snow blanketed Great Britain on January 7, 2010, as the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite passed overhead and captured this image.

Snow covers most of England, from the east to the west coast. (The large image shows snow cover over the entire island of Great Britain.) The cities of Manchester, Birmingham, and London form ghostly gray shapes against the white land surface. Immediately east of London, clouds swirl over the island, casting blue-gray shadows toward the north.

Frigid temperatures followed snowfall, leaving roads and sidewalks treacherously icy, according to news reports. As of January 7, overnight temperatures had plunged to -22 degrees Celsius in isolated spots, with more widespread temperatures (including at my QTH) of -10.2 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit). The heavy snowfall downed power lines, leaving several thousand homes in southern England without electricity.

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, transportation difficulties kept an estimated 10 percent of the workforce home on January 5th through 8th, and over 40,000 schools were closed. Forecasters warned that frigid temperatures could linger for another 10 days at least. Eurostar was operating at a reduced capacity and airports remained open although passengers could expect delays.

A contributor to the persistent cold and snow across much of the Northern Hemisphere’s mid-latitudes in December 2009 and January 2010 could be the fact that 'the atmosphere was in an extreme negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation (AO)'. The AO is a seesawing strengthening and weakening of semi-permanent areas of low and high atmospheric pressure in the Arctic and the mid-latitudes. One consequence of the oscillation’s negative phase is cold, snowy weather in Eurasia and North America during the winter months. The extreme negative dip of the Arctic Oscillation Index in December 2009 was the lowest monthly value observed for the past six decades. title header to read full story.....

MØOXO operating statistics

This years statistics are now complete and since I have been only chasing 'band-slots' over the last few months I am pleased with the results. Next Year should be interesting and of course I hope to improve significantly on the 'slots' albeit new DXCC's will no doubt prove as difficult as 2009.
You can clearly see over the last few years how my operating has changed inparticular with the addition to modes such as RTTY and CW which are now showing to be my main modes above Phone.
Another interesting statistic is when you look at 2007. The decrease in qso's is massive which tell me this was the fateful year when i lost antennas due to 'The Storm' in January of that Year.
What did suprise me is that despite dropping down from the top to the bottom of the Sunspot Cycle in the tables below, there seems to still be a marked increase in qso's when i maybe i would have expected to see a marked drop in the amount of q's due to lack of Sunspot/DX activity?

I hope you find the information of Read more (below left) or click title header to see full Statistics.





Read more: MØOXO operating statistics

7th Antarctic Activity Week coming soon

7th_AAWThe 7th AAW is set to arrive pretty soon with dates scheduled for the event between 22nd & 28th February 2010.

The event this year is set to be as good if not better than previous years with many more stations advising the team of their intended participation.

WAP (World Antarctic Programme) is the main body that coordinates all activity as well as being the focus of attention as regards the Awards program.

The only UK station to participate is 'GBØANT' operating in reference number 'WAP-Ø72' and this station will be qrv from the 15th February until 7th March inclusive on SSB, CW and Digital Modes.GB0ANT3

More information on the initiative can be found on the WAP website at and you can read more about the UK participation by viewing the information here.

Email me for further information and please, join in the event and apply for the special Qsl Card on line.

73 & Happy New Year.....Charles

Happy Christmas............. my friends and colleagues.

Looks like the big chill is on its way out later this week as we approach the big day itself. Locally yesterday temperatures went down to a low of -10.7C (yes...minus 10.7C) and with snow still on many roads around here driving conditions were poor.

U.K. travel was severely disrupted as snow and ice led to gridlocked roads, delayed flights and reduced train services. Eurostar Group Ltd., operator of high-speed trains through the Channel Tunnel, resumed a limited service today after its vehicles stopped working in snowy weather, causing four days of cancellations.

Air passengers were warned of possible flight disruptions. EasyJet and Ryanair Holdings canceled flights from London Luton Airport as well as departures from Italy and Germany, where some airports also shut down. A-snowplough-at-work-at-L-001Gatwick and London City airports opened today after closing last night. Heathrow airport is running a “good service,” it said on its Web site.

Snow and low temperatures swept across continental Europe over the last four days and have been blamed for 80 deaths, including 42 people, mostly homeless, who died in Poland last weekend, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported. A coach overturned in Cornwall today killing 2 passengers and injuring over 40 more after the coach slid on ice. title header to read full story.....

Read more: Happy Christmas.............

Snowy morning in the UK

We woke this morning to the sight of the first snowfall this Winter. Locally we had between 1 and 3 cm of Snow on the snow_1812092ground whereas just one mile away from here they saw 6 to 8 cm of snow lying on the ground. Forecasters say it is the heaviest and most widespread snow for six years with more Southern Counties of England seeing considerably more.

Temperature at my QTH dropped to minus 4.6 during the latter part of the night. Snowstorms are expected to hit south-eastern England through Sunday and into Monday morning, bringing the cold temperatures down further.

The authorities warn us that half of the UK's local authorities only have enough road salt for six days of continuous freezing and that roads are likely to become death traps as a result. The motoring organisation AA said it understood councils had 250,000 tonnes less road salt in stock than they would have had a decade ago. Local Government Association said the suggestion councils were not ready was just ‘’scare mongering’’IMG

The Highways Agency, which grits all motorways and some A-roads, said it was doing what it could to assist councils struggling to keep roads gritted. Severe weather warnings were issued for heavy snow in the North East, Yorkshire and Humber and the East Midlands.

Around 12cm of snow fell in parts of East Anglia, making driving treacherous. In past of Cambridgeshire, high winds caused snowdrifts to form. Teachers said they expected many schools to be closed - the last day of term - giving youngsters an extra day of Christmas holiday, fortunately not in Barnsley!

**See more local Photos in 'Gallery' under 'Home QTH'

A Christmas Present from UA4WHX!

Well it’s taken a few years and a lot of help from others behind the scenes but this morning i was pleased to open a A25VBself-addressed envelope which i sent outward bound in 2005. Inside were paper Qsl Card confirmations of 10 DXCC’s and 2 of them being new IOTA. The cards were from World traveller and DXpeditioner Vladimir Bykov UA4WHX, from a trip he did around the Countries of Africa around 2005.

Vlad told us some time ago now :-  ''Hello everyone! You must have been wondering if it is true. And the answer is - it is. It is all history now. For now - no more being on the air from Africa. I leave almost 310,000 QSOs behind me, 21 DXCC entities, almost 26 months of life, two radios gone and one finger missing. But I do have lots of people happy - that is what matters’’.

The Countries visited by Vlad can be seen from this impressive list of Callsigns:-


Thanks to all the team behind the scenes who have managed to get the cards out and thanks once more goes out to Vlad for his excellent DX’

If you would like to see more of the Qsl Cards that have been received from Vladimir then please have a look in the Qsl Card section of the Gallery where most have been uploaded.


73 de Charles...

VE3LYC - Outstanding contribution to IOTA

Cezar_-_VY0OThanks to Cezar VE3LYC for the two new IOTA confirmations, the Qsl Cards arriving this week.

The first was VYØA Fox Island IOTA NA-186 and the second VYØO for Gilmour Island IOTA NA-230. Contacts were 30 & 20m respectively, both CW.

Cezar was born and raised in Romania, and holds a PhD in Physics. He was first licenced back in 1968 and holds the DXCC Honor Roll (335 mix, 334 ssb, 332 cw), 9BDXCC, WAZ (ssb, cw), 5BWAZ, IOTA Plaque of Excellence (969/964), and the Antarctica Award Honour Roll

He is an accomplished and respected IOTA activator and many of which are either all time new activations and/or the very rarest of islands. K800_VY0A_Fox

These include:- Cham Is. (AS-162, 2002), Pamban Is. (AS-173, 2004) and Rennell Is. (SA-094, 2005). Together with Ken (G3OCA), he activated Finger Hill Is. (NA-194 (worked), Aug 2008) and Paul Is. (NA-205, Aug 2008) as VO2A. Of course from the thread of this article we also know that Cezar activated Fox Is. (NA-186, Apr 2009) as VY0A and Gilmour Is. (NA-230 New, Sep 2009). 

In Oct 2009, as a result of his achievements he was awarded the Premier IOTA Plaque for Outstanding Contribution to the IOTA Community.

Congratulations & well done Cezar!! title header to read full story.....

Read more: VE3LYC - Outstanding contribution to IOTA

'G3TXQ Hexbeam' available from MW0JZE

One of the most talked about antennas of the last few years has been the Hexbeam. It has been available for a while but hexbeamnow the broadband version for 6 of the HF Bands is now available in kit form from Anthony MW0JZE.

This version is very easy to erect even for a novice at antenna building and having built two of this particular version for our trip on Ramsey Island earlier in the year, i can personally recommend both their performance and build quality.

Several members of MC0SHL (Strumblehead DX & Contest Group) now use this as their main Station Antenna and they are very impressed with its performance and its ease of construction.

For more information on the Broadband Hexbeam, see the link ''G3TXQ - Hexbeam Kit'' in the Menu to the left where you can be directed to some statistics as well as the contact details for MW0JZE.

73 de Charles.........

G3TXF - 'Pushing the envelope' on Qsl Cards!

I was very pleased this week to hear from Nigel Cawthorne G3TXF. He was placing an order for another batch of qsl cards. This brings Nigels’ total orders from Gennady UX5UO Qsl Printers to 215,000 Qsl cards – an amazing achievement!


Nigel has an extensive list of call signs he has used over the Years from various places and of course he needs to Qsl efficiently. At the home of G3TXF, Nigel has his card collection stored in a purpose-built garden office building (see photo’s). QSL cards are stored in office filing cabinets, his own QSLs being on one side and DX-pedition cards on the other.

How many QSLs? Nigel tells me that he does not know precisely how many QSLs there are in the collection, but there are estimated to be well over 350,000 cards! There will be a more precise indication of the total number of cards stored in the G3TXF QSL Collection once the computerisation of the older logs has been completed and the corresponding QSL card data entered, but by anybody’s standards this is an outstanding and extremely impressive collection.

Nigel has visited over 200 Countries so far and he has operated from many. Here are a sample of the calls he has used:-


Here are some of G3TXF DX-Trip Qsl Statistics:-

Total Qso’s 356,770

Direct qsl’s sent  69,654

Bureau Qsl’s sent 137,514

Email/Buro Qsl’s sent 13,487

Total Qsl’s sent  218,401

Percentage Qsl’s sent against Qso’s made = 62.2%

.click on title header to read full story...

Read more: G3TXF - 'Pushing the envelope' on Qsl Cards!

K9AJ Mike McGirr on SA-062


As mentioned to us at his recent presentation at Silcoates School in Wakefield, Mike McGirr (K9AJ) is now Qrv on the dxpedition to Coroa Vermelha Island in South America as PW6C.coroa_vermelha

The IOTA group SA-062 is composed by two islands: Coroa Vermelha Island and Coroa da Barra Island. These close by islets are situated on the coast of Nova Viçosa, State of Bahia. Coroa Vermelha, the biggest island, is located about 10 nautical miles from the coast.

This island is formed mainly by sand banks which form small beaches in the middle of the atlantic ocean. These sand banks are rounded by coral reefs, and in low tides are formed natural pools with very good places for scuba diving.  The second island is just a small coral reef that only appears above the ocean on certain periods of the year, and is called Coroa da Barra Island or Sebastião Gomes Reefs as known by some natives.

The IOTA SA-062 Group is the actual 6th most wanted IOTA group in South America, and 2nd most wanted in Brazil.

This DXpedition will be qrv until November 17, by a group of 6 operators who will deal with around the clock operations giving the world wide IOTA community the opportunity to confirm this rare IOTA group. 

Good luck to the group and we wish them all well, tnx for the new one Mike (# 461)!

73 de Charles

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