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YC9MLL IOTA OC-151 Flores Island


Just a reminder from Leo YC9MLL;

“I have also bought tickets already for Flores Island IOTA OC-151.  I will be on air there most probably on January 18-19 7 21st 2017 and then again on the 22, 24 & 25th January 2017.

I will also be qrv in July 2017 again on the same days 21-22 & 24th.

I will be running 100W mostly on 21 MHz around the IOTA calling freq. or at any clear freq. near it.  I will try to operate split for better results.  I have also 14MHz segment in Indonesia so I may also try that band and 7MHz also if I have a long bamboo pole available.  It was not previously planned to be there but it is a great surprise to be allowed to be back.”

(I am mailing out a 12m Spiderbeam Pole to Leo so I hope this will be better than his ‘bamboo pole’…73 de Charles)

 QSL via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.


Friends of IOTA – End of Year report

friends of iota

Posted on the RSGB IOTA Website here is the latest summary;

As the year ended the appeal approached the GBP 20,500 mark, still some way short of the target GBP 25,000 needed to bring the new IT project to fruition. As has been said several times, please consider joining our Happy Band of Friends of IOTA.

You can make a payment through PayPal to but make sure to add in the comments field “Friends of IOTA” and your callsign to identify you. The end-December update can be found here, and includes the complete list of those who have reached the various levels of support.

G3KMA, 02 Jan 2017



K800 OC-202

Update 05/01/2017

……OC-202 rescheduled until later this year due to heavy seas..

…They will now activate Lubang Island OC-126, qrv 1300 UTC today but this time as DU1UD/p.

 Chris & Dindo hope to get onto Calagua tomorrow morning. As long as they manage to get the early boat and set-up goes according to plan, they aim to be qrv around 12midday tomorrow (5th). Please bear in mind they have been unable to recce this remote Island so things may change 😉   ………

Chris VK3FY, Nik VK3FNIK & Dindo DU1UD  will be active as DX8DX from Luzon Island IOTA OC-042 between 23rd to 29/12/2016 with the possibility of other IOTA’s in the same region (IOTA OC-130, IOTA OC-235 etc).

On the 6th, 7th & 8th January 2017 DX8DX will be qrv from the Calagua Islands IOTA OC-202, one of the Calagua Islands Group.

They will be qrv on 40-10M with limited activity on 80 & 160M using SSB and CW modes with the help of two small PA and Band Pass Filters.

QSL via M0OXO OQRS or M0OXO Direct Post Mail.

**Please DO NOT add cards for other activations (A70X) in the same envelope as this will slow down the processing of these cards for the IOTA January deadline.