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DX8DX IOTA OC-119 & OC-188

K800 OC-119 OC-188

Dindo (DV1UD) will be qrv as DX8DX next week from Pangutaran Island IOTA OC-188 (Pangutaran Group) and Tongkil (Tongquil) Island IOTA OC-119 (Jolo Group)

Details are not exact at this stage but it is believed these activations will be around Thursday 25th and Friday 26th September 2014. Dindo has upgraded equipment this time around and will use Icom 706MKIIG (100w) and also K3 and KPA500 into Vertical antennas (SteppIR BigIR etc). CW is his predominant and preferred mode but there is a chance there may be a second operator with him who, if possible, will be able to operate a second station on SSB however this is not confirmed at this stage.
 See Blog updates as I get them by clicking the image above.
 QSL Cards are via M0OXO


M0UKI/p EU-109 Qsl Preview


Qsl Cards for M0UKI/p, Farne Islands, IOTA EU-109 were ordered today.

I’ll keep the blog updated on the progress but I expect them in around 3 weeks time from Gennady UX5UO.

M0UKI ob








MW0JZE 7 Band Hexbeam announced


Great news today for the users of the Hexbeam as Anthony MW0JZE has announced his new version of the antenna and it includes 40M !

”Over the past 9 months I have been planning, designing and developing the new Hexbeam concept. I have done much research on the 40m full size Hexbeam but came to the conclusion it was just too big to erect in an average size garden. The wind load would be so high that any strong gales could cause destruction to the fiberglass arms limiting its life span. The compromise I came to was to design a non-trapped Di-pole antenna with as little loss as possible while maintaining a modest turning radius.”


Read more on this 6M thro 40M antenna by visiting Ant’s site by clicking the image above… Good luck Ant !


Kind comments…..

It’s not that often that people take the time to comment on the Qsl services that Tim M0URX and I offer so I make no apologies for dropping this one on my Blog 😉

”Hello Charles,
Many, many thanks for your QSL cards : 3B9FR, D44TWO, G7VJR, MJ0UOO, GM100C and ZM90DX.

I ‘v got all of this very nice QSL cards on August 20. 2014. via E7 QSL Bureau in Sarajevo.
I was use your very, very quality OQRS. I wish you very good success in your QSL management.

73 from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Samir E73KW” ……….Thanks Samir !


Buyukada Island IOTA AS-201

AS-200 001

Thanks Bodo DF8DX for the confirmation on the new IOTA AS-201 that arrived this week.

Buyukada Island was a brand new IOTA that was announced at the IOTA conference in July
at the IOTA convention in London.

Great activation Bodo, many thanks for the fast turnaround as always.




M0UKI/p EU-109 – Reminder ;-)

K1024 Longstone Lighthouse 2

Just a reminder that myself Charles M0OXO, Nobby G0VJG, Dave EI9FBB, Richard G7GLW & will be qrv from EU-109 (Farne Islands) on the 6th and 7th September 2014.

Callsign will be M0UKI/p.

This short operation may also include participation in the SSB Field Day contest. The team are aiming for Longstone Island, dependant on weather, (keep an eye on links for updates). They will be using multi-band Dipoles & vertical antennas and hope to give this IOTA to as many chasers as possible in the short time frame.

Qsl will be via M0OXO OQRS Direct/Bureau. Your Qsl Cards are NOT required so please use OQRS where possible.

You can find more information by clicking the image.